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Sons et Ambiances sonores

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OWOW - A new breed of musical instruments. by OWOW. About this project Risks and challenges Over the last three years we have been working extremely hard to ensure our instruments are high quality.

OWOW - A new breed of musical instruments. by OWOW

However, there is always a risk when producing a product which is new to the market. We combine music and design, technology and engineering, all to make cool stuff for you. The DVC series is built to perform and has a high quality casing. Typedrummer. Bruitages sons et loops gratuits. 8 Great Background Noise Generators. When it comes to working and getting things done, traditional belief leads most people to think that silence is key.

8 Great Background Noise Generators

Noises are what distract individuals from their work and prevent them from accomplishing the things they need to accomplish. However, more and more tests reveal truths quite opposite to this conventional way of thinking. Although too much noise can certainly be distracting, silence is not the answer either. So where does the answer lie?