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The Tiger Lillies "JACK" Official Music Video. Barry the biscuit boy. France Gall - Le temps du tempo (1968) Dumb-Sounding Birds Of North America.


ALAIN GORAGUER / LA PLANETE SAUVAGE (FULL ÀLBUM) SOUND TRACK. Media in History/Other. Ambiences sonores. Öxarfjörður (Islande), environs de Kópasker, juillet 2012.

Ambiences sonores

Reflets cuivrés et coulées d'or. Ligne pure de l'horizon. Ciel de cendres. Sur une plage de sable noir, l'océan Arctique joue une musique plutôt paisible. Des sternes arctiques (Sterna paradisæa) s'introduisent sur la scène. Photos : © Marc Namblard, tous droits réservés. Sound Of Robotic Transformation by Aleksei Kazantcev. Nuit de la Phaune #6 – Bestiaire cosmique & explorations spatiales » Nuits de la phaune. Teaser Phaune #6 Invitation à un voyage astral, sonore et musical dans la constellation de la grenouille : radiotourisme, trek rétrofuturiste, créatures intersidérales, galaxies cannibales et space chips à volonté. 6 heures de radiotransportation entre l’infiniment petit et l’infiniment grand, lounge 5 étoiles avec vue sur planètes exotiques, bal cosmique dans la 4ème dimension, rencontres du 3ème type, stars peu académiques, 2 en 1 pour une escapade sur Mars et à Marseille. 1.

Nuit de la Phaune #6 – Bestiaire cosmique & explorations spatiales » Nuits de la phaune

Space ChipsNuit de la Phaune #6 Ready Space Chips [67'30] SAS de décontraction [24'26] Sas de décontraction musicale: cocktails in space“Neptune”, Gustav HolstHubert Reeves, Apparition“Recette” de Roger Caillois. Rétrofuturisme [35'42] “Enchanted farm”, Forbidden Five“Summertime”, au theremine, Clara Rockmore“Life without gravity”, Space Heads & Max Eastley“Radio stime”, Konstantin RaudiveMoondog, sa musique et ses secrets au sujet de l’univers“Ramadan in space time”Débris spatiauxAfrofuturisme, approche. Dial Up Modem Sound Effects - Wav Mp3 Download. · SilenceRadio · Les sons de la lettre P - Ousopo. Space: 1999 MP3's Page 2. Page 2 To download MP3s, right click on the title and choose "save target as" from the menu, then download to your selected directory.

Space: 1999 MP3's Page 2

Previews of new additions to the MP3 page can be heard in the Real Media section. Second SeasonAll tracks composed by Derek Wadsworth except where noted. Season 2 Opening Theme Season 2 Closing Theme Commercial Break Sting 1 Commercial Break Sting 2 The Metamorph: Strange Light Rendezvous in Space Welcome to Psychon Directive Four The Death of Psychon We're All Aliens The Exiles: A Swarm of Space Bees The First Capsule The Exiles A Kiss from Helena/ The Power Room Golos Make Me a Pretty Nose One Moment of Humanity: Immobilised Vega Alone On Alpha The Strongest Passion A New Desdemona One Moment of Humanity The Taybor: Alpha Ahoy!

The Emporium Fair Trade Transaction Complete Sore Loser Space Warp: What's Happened to Alpha? Light Years Away Space Animal on the Loose Message from the Dead Showdown at Copernicus Perfectly Relaxed Pop Source The Rules of Luton: Memories of Psychon New Adam, New Eve: 20 Great Songs from Movie Trailers. Top 10 des meilleures bandes-annonces de films de tous les temps, selon l’IFC. How to Use the Super Locrian Scale. In my previous lesson, we explored the concept of generating musical tension and resolution by playing the Super Locrian (or altered scale) over altered dominant 7 chords.

How to Use the Super Locrian Scale

Now, let’s continue working with this tonality and investigate some effective ways to reach beyond the typical ascending-and-descending ideas you hear guitarists play when they’re not 100-percent comfortable with a scale. At this point, some of you may run away with cries of “This is a bit beyond blues for my liking!” While I understand your concerns, I urge you to push on for three reasons: First, this is about as “beyond” as I’m going to take you (unless you really want to get complicated). Second, these ideas can be applied to any scale, from the major scale to the double-harmonic super-Indian pugglebob scale (if such a scale existed). Third, sticking to this tonality for one more lesson will drill it into your ears a little more. What we’re going for here is a sense of melody, shape, or contour in our lines. Rencontre: Marion Vernoux et Fanny Ardant.