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Incrementals - From Zero to Hero (part 1) From Zero to Hero is a set of weekly posts taking you through the steps of setting up an incremental game.

Incrementals - From Zero to Hero (part 1)

I'll begin with the basics and get into advanced features such as html5, canvas, multi-player and social functions. Making an incremental game Playing rewarding video games trigger the brain's pleasure centers. The more addictive games trigger it even more. Essentially, incremental games exploit this fact by boiling down a game to it's more basic elements. The side affect is that these games are often very easy to make. There are other important factors to a successful clicker though, it needs to be balanced on an exponential curve, you always need to give players a sense of progress, and it needs to be presented properly and intuitively. Setting up We'll be creating everything within JSfiddle, but if you have your own hosting or want to host the files locally those are also good options. <button id="click">click me! That is a button tag. Making it a game Ok, so that's cool and all.

Burger Clicker by Orteil. Image Selector. Seed Game Engine. Passionné de jeux vidéo et de programmation. Désolé, j’ai pris quelques jours pour vous pondre cet article, mais je mène une vie de dingue en ce moment… Vivement les vacances… non même pas, j’aime trop ce que je fais mais il me faudrait en faire moins Trêve de plaisanterie (Chris!)

Passionné de jeux vidéo et de programmation

, cette version comprend 189 grands changements tous plus ou moins commandités par l’incroyable communauté de développeurs de Unreal Engine. Cela a du bon d’être Open Source, même si la grande majorité doit venir d’Epic quand même. Free SpeedTree® Model Bundle for UE4 Subscription. Comprising a sample broadleaf, palm and conifer, these high-end sample trees may be immediately dropped into any UE4.3 project.

Free SpeedTree® Model Bundle for UE4 Subscription

Note that these are the same tree models already bundled with the Modeler subscription installer. What’s Included? Substance Plugin by Allegorithmic in FX - UE4 Marketplace. GDC 2015: Creating the Open World Kite Real-Time Demo in Unreal Engine 4. Character Customization System for Unreal Engine 4. Hi guys , I wanted to have a system through which you can customize your character , with only one base model , without having to model every time for a new NPC.

Character Customization System for Unreal Engine 4

So I created one base model and several morph targets, and using that you can customize your character's face , including height and width of nose , eyes and mouth , and body shapes , like waist , hips , belly , arms and legs. One drawback though, changing the body proportion , like increasing the height of the character , will not be consistent with the character's skeleton structure, so you might need to add additional blueprint logic to change the value of the corresponding bone location based on the value of the respective morph, or you can create a separate rig and switch between rigs in runtime, though I am unsure how that would be possible. With my current implementation , you can give a random value to any morph target in the blueprint , to create a character with different look. Setting Up a Character. Overview No matter your game project or genre, it is likely that at some point you are going to need some kind of animated character to move around in your environment.

Setting Up a Character

This may be a character that the player controls, or may be some AI-driven entity that interacts with the world in some way. Regardless, you are going to need to know how to set such characters up so that they can properly animate in your world. The purpose of this document is to give you a very high-level overview of how this is done, while guiding you to dedicated documents and examples for specific details.

Making MMORPG with Unreal 4 Engine? MMO Starter Kit. MMO Starter Kit is available for purchase on Sellfy!

MMO Starter Kit

Online documentation | older documentation: 1.0Update 01/03: Equipment and better security, 4.7 port linkUpdate 24/12: Inventory and loot linkUpdate 6/12: 140+ active players confirmed running smoothly! LinkDownload demo client (330 MB download, 1.5 GB free space required for the install)Note: if you downloaded the launcher before 2015, please delete the old folder and download the latest version of the launcherDemo controls: I - inventory, C - equipmentHi everyone,I would like to present the project that I've been working on for quite some time already - MMO Starter Kit.

Tululoo HTML5 Game Maker. oRPG Creator - Online RPG Creator (Create Browser Games) Flowlab Game Creator - Make games online. Make. Carte aléatoire - quel algorithme pour un tracé correct ? iRiO studios » Projects. Polygonal Map Generation for Games. I wanted to generate interesting game maps that weren’t constrained to be realistic, and I wanted to try some techniques I hadn’t tried before.

Polygonal Map Generation for Games

I usually make tile maps but instead used a different structure. SDK Installation:fr. Les bases d'Unity 3D - Tutoriel : Créer un jeu complet sur Unity – 1ère partie. Dans le domaine des moteurs de jeu, il y en a un, sans prétention qui commence à sérieusement prendre des parts de marchés depuis des années : il s’agit de Unity.

Tutoriel : Créer un jeu complet sur Unity – 1ère partie

Utilisé pour de petites et moyennes productions, il est surtout très sollicité pour le prototypage de jeux. En effet, son fonctionnement WYSWYG (What you see is what you get), lui permet de se placer parmi les logiciels les plus simples à utiliser, par rapport notamment aux mastodontes que sont UDK et CryEngine. De ce fait, il peut être très intéressant de travailler sur Unity afin de bien comprendre le fonctionnement d’un moteur de jeu, et de se casser les dents sur des problèmes de conception plutôt que sur des questions d’ergonomie, ou d’utilisation des kits – bien plus “usines à gaz”.