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NDMAR14. Rihanna "The Illuminati Princess": Pushing the Satanic Agenda. Was Rihanna looking to get out of her deal? R&B superstar Rihanna, the self-proclaimed “Princess of the Illuminati” sent a bizarre tweet in which she cursed out Satan. The tweet, (which can be seen here) states: “F– YOU SATAN! F— RIGHT OFF!!” What makes this bizarre rant even more interesting is that Rihanna has been a promoter of satanic and occult ideas and imagery in her music and videos since the onset of her career. As will be shown, whether an official member or not, Rihanna has been of the biggest stars pushing the Illuminati satanic agenda for years. Good Girl Gone Bad – Rihanna’s Entrance into Satanic Illuminati Entertainment With a unique voice, Caribbean influenced sound and overt sexuality, Rihanna has catapulted to the top of the music industry. Rihanna’s album Good Girl Gone Bad, chronicles just what the title states: Rihanna’s transformation from a good, morally inclined young girl, to a bad girl, who promotes sexual immorality, lust and violence.

Rihanna posing in pyramid. Illuminati & The Music Industry 2013 (PART 1 and 2) Canonbury Tower: Tour guide reveals secret history of borough’s oldest building - Heritage. 07:00 03 March 2016 Sophie Inge Canonbury Tower in Islington. . Tour guide Mary Bond Archant Clerkenwell and Islington guide Mary Bond gives the Gazette a sneak preview of her tour of Canonbury Tower, which has only just been reopened to the public Views from the top of Canonbury Tower Tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of Upper Street stands one of Islington’s best-kept secrets. Built between 1509 and 1532, the remarkably well-preserved Canonbury Tower has been home to some of the most fascinating figures in English history – including Thomas Cromwell and Francis Bacon. Now the property of the Marquess of Northampton – whose ancestors have owned it since the 1600s – the Tudor tower has only just been reopened to the public after a two-year gap.

“It’s a rare place because there aren’t any big Tudor domestic houses left – they were either burnt down by the Fire of London or torn down by town planners,” says Clerkenwell and Islington guide Mary Bond, who leads tours around the property. Got Hemp Milk? The Benefits Of Hemp Milk. One thing has become very clear over the past couple of years regarding the value of cow’s milk, particularly pasteurized, in our diets.

And unfortunately, it’s not good news. A very seizable study came out late last year in the British Medical Journal which revealed a truth many of us had been speculating about (and perhaps fearing) for decades: Milk does not do a body good, and in fact contributes to a greater risk of mortality in men and women as well as bone fracture in women. The search for palatable and sustainable alternatives to milk has been going on for years now, with more people becoming conscious of how their food is produced and what effect it has on their bodies. As we learn more about the practices involved in the unnatural mass production of milk, the choice to step away from purchasing cow’s milk is increasingly becoming an ethical one.

The market shows this sentiment as well, as almond milk sales have soared to $700 million in 2015, up 40% over 2014. [2] Nutrition. Quantum Physicists: "Time" Doesn't Exist As We Think It Does. ( “We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate of the twentieth century (Radin, Dean. Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences In A Quantum Reality. New York, Paraview Pocket Books, 2006) The concept of “time” is a weird one, and the world of quantum physics is even weirder. There is no shortage of observed phenomena which defy our understanding of logic, bringing into play thoughts, feelings, emotions – consciousness itself, and a post-materialist view of the universe.

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. There is another groundbreaking, weird experiment that also has tremendous implications for understanding the nature of our reality, more specifically, the nature of what we call “time.” Delayed Choice/Quantum Eraser/Time Cosmic Scale Explanation. Researchers discover what was located on top of the Great Pyramid | Paranormal. (Before It's News) The investigations of renowned Spanish architect Miguel Pérez-Sánchez that lasted over ten years, allowed him to rebuild via computer models and with great accuracy, the pyramid of Cheops and determine that it was “crowned” by a sphere of 2 meters in diameter. Pérez Sánchez announced his discovery in a publication of the book containing his doctoral thesis where he explained that “the pyramid of Cheops, according to analysis, demonstrates that it was an encyclopedia of knowledge.” The Great Pyramid is the most important building of the Old Kingdom, it is one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the only one that remains standing today.

Devoid of its original coating blocks of white limestone, the great Pyramid lacks its summit which gave the pyramid another 9 meters in height. Now, researchers know the exact shape of the object that was placed on top of the pyramid. Source: ufothetruthisoutthere. David Bowie before releasing Blackstar | Photos. X-ray reveals Elizabethan magician John Dee's hidden halo of skulls. A famous painting of Elizabethan court philosopher, mathematician and alchemist John Dee (1527-1609) has been revealed to contain secrets, just like its subject. An X-ray analysis of the work has revealed that Dee, performing an experiment for Queen Elizabeth I, was originally depicted surrounded by a halo of skulls.

The painting, on display as part of a free exhibition on the life of Dee at the Royal College of Physicians in London, does not have an exact date. It was painted by Henry Gillard Glindoni, who lived from 1852 to 1913, and is generally placed sometime in the Victorian era. The Victorians had a particular fascination with death, and death imagery, including skulls, can be found in much of their art. Why the skulls were removed from this particular image is not known, although The Guardian posits that they were too weird an addition to the image, which is otherwise realistic. Dee is one of history's most fascinating figures. Remote Viewing Reveals Treasure of Oak Island! (Before It's News) Glenn Canady (Friend me!)

LIKE my, Truth Warriors Page , Twitter , Tsu , Pinterest and LinkedIn! Watch the first video on to open a Doorway to God! If you can click a mouse you can make money 24 hours per day! Join my money making team here and email me at or text me at (727) 412-5559 and say “I want to make money!” And I’ll share with you the best programs making our team money! History Channel’s: The Curse of Oak Island The Curse of Oak Island, which centers around the money pit on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, airs on the History Channel Tuesday nights at 9/8c. There have been numerous differing theories as to which group of people were behind all of this, those theories including the Spaniards, the Knights Templars, the Free Masons, Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians, the Aztecs, and Christopher Columbus. In Season 2, Episode 3 “Pulitzer Reveals Theory”, it is theorized that the Ark of the Covenant is buried there. Six Degrees of Francis Bacon.

Preparing the Chessboard for the “Clash of Civilizations”: Divide, Conquer and Rule the “New Middle East” This article was first published by Global Research in November 2011 The name “Arab Spring” is a catch phrase concocted in distant offices in Washington, London, Paris, and Brussels by individuals and groups who, other than having some superficial knowledge of the region, know very little about the Arabs. What is unfolding amongst the Arab peoples is naturally a mixed package. Insurgency is part of this package as is opportunism. Where there is revolution, there is always counter-revolution. The upheavals in the Arab World are not an Arab “awakening” either; such a term implies that the Arabs have always been sleeping while dictatorship and injustice has been surrounding them. Divide and Conquer: How the First “Arab Spring” was Manipulated The plans for reconfiguring the Middle East started several years before the First World War. In reality, the Ottoman Empire was a multi-ethnic empire.

The Yinon Plan: Order from Chaos… Securing the Realm: The Israeli Blueprints to Destabilize Damascus. The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government. This is a bold and profoundly important book, not only for the portrait of the evil spymaster Allen Dulles, but even more so for its examination of the legacy he spawned – the creation of a cabal hidden behind the public face of the United States government that secretly runs the country today on behalf of wealthy elites.

The psychopathic Allen Dulles was the enforcer for this group, called “the power elite” by C. Wright Mills in the 1950s. In recent years, especially since September 11, 2001, as its power has expanded, it has been given different names – the deep state, the national security state, deep politics,etc. – but that has not diminished its power one jot. Like a patient who goes to a doctor seeking a label for vague yet disturbing symptoms, people may feel relief from the naming, but the dis-ease continues until the root cause is eliminated. Talbot is a gifted writer whose narrative style quickly engrosses the reader.

Enter Senator John F. Selected Articles: False Narratives and Corrupt “Backroom Deals” Sustain the New World Order. Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article. The Center of Research on Globalization grants permission to cross-post original Global Research articles on community internet sites as long as the text & title are not modified. The source and the author's copyright must be displayed. For publication of Global Research articles in print or other forms including commercial internet sites, contact: contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

For media inquiries: Bretagne des légendes: Sur les traces de Merlin, en forêt de Brocéliande. Le Graal apparaît pour la première fois au XIIe siècle dans un roman de Chrétien de Troyes. Objet légendaire de tous les fantasmes, coupe de la Cène qui a recueilli le sang du Christ ou pierre précieuse tombée du Ciel, il donne la Vie, l'immortalité, il est source de tous les bienfaits. Son mythe est intemporel et sujet à toutes les interprétations. Il est au cœur de la légende arthurienne, celle des Chevaliers de la Table Ronde, des amours coupables de Lancelot et de Guenièvre, magnifiées par la présence d'un être surnaturel: l'enchanteur Merlin.

Brocéliande, la forêt enchanteresse Dans la cartographie administrative, Brocéliande n’existe pas. Pays des arbres, châtaigniers, hêtres, bouleaux et résineux… 90% des 7.000 hectares de la forêt sont domaine privé. Le Val sans Retour, entaillé dans le schiste rouge, où Morgane transformait ses amants en pierre, avant que Lancelot, par la pureté de son amour pour Guenièvre n'en brise l’enchantement. Le pays de l'Ankou A découvrir : The truth about 9/11 SCIENTIST WHO PROVED THERMITE WAS INVOLVED IN DEMOLITION OF WORLD TRADE CENTER.

Christopher Bollyn, 17 September 2006Like a modern-day Galileo or Socrates, the highly respected physicist, who has challenged with logic and scientific evidence the official explanation for the "collapse" of the World Trade Center , has been banned from teaching classes at his university. On September 7, the third day of the new fall semester at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, Steven E. Jones, professor of physics and 9/11 researcher, was suddenly banned by university authorities from teaching the physics classes he has taught for the past 21 years. Jones was unexpectedly suspended with pay after participating in a radio show in which he had been cunningly lured to comment on a subject outside of his field – the "motivation" of "the Neo-Conservatives" blamed for the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 . Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition, Inc.

"Yes," Loizeaux said, "hot spots of molten steel in the basements. " "The data doesn't lie," Jones said. 10 Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web. Not everything on the web will show up in a list of search results on Google or Bing; there are lots of places that their web crawlers cannot access. To explore the invisible web, you need to use specialist search engines.

Here are our top 12 services to perform a deep internet search. What Is the Invisible Web? Before we begin, let's establish what does the term "invisible web" refer to? Simply, it's a catch-all term for online content that will not appear in search results or web directories. There are no official data available, but most experts agree that the invisible web is several times larger than the visible web. Given that Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook alone store approximately 1,200 petabytes between them, the numbers quickly become mind-boggling. The content on the invisible web can be roughly divided into the deep web and the dark web. The Deep Web The deep web made up of content that typically needs some form of accreditation to access. The Dark Web 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Extraterrestrial life. The official U.S. government position on extraterrestrial life and the three major efforts to search for it.

Clockwise from top left: The development and testing of hypotheses on extraterrestrial life is known as "exobiology" or "astrobiology", although astrobiology also considers Earth-based life in its astronomical context. Many scientists consider extraterrestrial life plausible, but there is no direct evidence of its existence.[2] Since the mid-20th century, there has been an ongoing search for signs of extraterrestrial life, from radios used to detect possible extraterrestrial signals, to telescopes used to search for potentially habitable extrasolar planets.[3] It has also played a major role in works of science fiction.

Science fiction works, especially Hollywood's involvement, has increased over the years the public's interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. §Background §Possible basis §Biochemistry All life on Earth is based upon 26 chemical elements. Declaration of Reasonable Doubt. Download a copy of the declaration Click play to hear Michael York read the Declaration as you read along → To Shakespeare lovers everywhere, as well as to those who are encountering him for the first time: know that a great mystery lies before you. How could William “Shakspere” of Stratford have been the author, William Shakespeare, and leave no definitive evidence of it that dates from his lifetime? And why is there an enormous gulf between the alleged author's life and the contents of his works? In the annals of world literature, William Shakespeare is an icon of towering greatness. Present-day doubters include many more prominent individuals, numerous leading Shakespearean actors, and growing numbers of English professors.

The Problematic Case for Stratford's Mr. Many people think that Mr. There are four main reasons to identify Mr. 1. 2. 3. 4. Why We Say the Evidence Does Not Fit If the case for Mr. Not one play, not one poem, not one letter in Mr. Mr. The gap between Mr. Baconplay. Bacon, Buried Treasure and a Burning Desire to Help Humanity | Francis Bacon Society. Bacon and Spiritual Consciousness | Francis Bacon Society. Sir Francis and the New Temple of God | Francis Bacon Society. The Australian news. Secret clue on 400-year-old map may solve mystery of lost colony of Roanoke.

The world as you've never seen it before. Magnetic and electric effects on water. The Illusion Of Matter: Our Physical Reality Isn’t Really Physical At All. New Data Suggests Earth-Like Planets Lie Throughout the Galaxy - Futurism | Futurism. Toward a Type 1 civilization. The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots. Technology of War. Top 10 Reasons We Should NOT Fear The Singularity. Bill Gates: We Should All Be Afraid of AI Wiping Out Humanity.

10 Reasons an Artificial Intelligence Wouldn't Turn Evil. The 150 Things the World's Smartest People Are Afraid Of. According To A Nasa Funded Study, We're Pretty Much Screwed. The Unique Challenges of Exponential Leadership. THE DOOMSDAY clock has been moved to three minutes to midnight. Artificial Intelligence will not kill us all | WISDOMINATION. Controversy Brews Over Role Of ‘Killer Robots’ In Theater of War. Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering thinks so… | Technology | The Observer. Robot Revolution: Will machines surpass humans? Fear artificial stupidity, not artificial intelligence. 7 Best-Case Scenarios for the Future of Humanity. The 150 Things the World's Smartest People Are Afraid Of.

The Five Biggest Threats To Human Existence. 5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed. The sixth mass extinction is here, say Stanford researchers. Artificial intelligence and nanotechnology 'threaten civilisation' - Futurism. Could Bitcoin Be The Key to Truly Autonomous Robots? A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries: Eugenics movement reaches its height. Did Shakespeare really write his own plays? — Ask HISTORY — History Q&A. Bacon Shaker. Megans2010hovanec7 - Culture.

Freemasonry & Esoterica. The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history. Mish Shedlock Blog | Robots About To Take Away 18 Million German Jobs, 59 Percent Of Germany's Work Force? | Talkmarkets. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ida Craddock. The Insider Trading Behind the Housing Crash: Bilderberg-linked Economic Collapse. Killuminati The Movie. High-Frequency Insider Trading. Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to? Life. How "SuperAger" Brains Are Different Than Everyone Else's. Mysterious Engravings Question Authorship of Shakespeare’s Works. Interests. The Royal Secret - A thrilling mystery novel of the occult. 13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati.

What Happens When We All Live to 100? The Occult Magic of the Jewish Cabala -by Texe Marrs. The Horrific New World Order Master Plan that has full UN approval | Eyre International - Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You. Ebola Virus - The Global Elite’s Bio-Weapon Scheme for 90 Percent Depopulation. Depopulation of Planet Earth - Despoblación del Planeta Tierra. Pew Research Center | Nonpartisan, non-advocacy public opinion polling and demographic research.

Malthusian Theory of Population. Creation Versus Evolution. Daemon est Deus inversus. -Folger Shakespeare Library. In less than 9 minutes Dean Radin breaks it all down. What I like in particular… Pew Research Center | Nonpartisan, non-advocacy public opinion polling and demographic research. The cartoon that came in from the cold. Spear of Destiny, Holy Lance. Vision of Britain | The travels of Daniel Defoe | Full text plus mapping. Sinister Sites - Israel Supreme Court. ROTHSCHILD ISRAELI SUPREME COURT Rockefeller Dupont Knesset. Da Vinci Code Location Photos. "Before The Battle" (Prima della Battaglia) Templar Medieval Music with Templar Knights pictures.

1.618 Phi, The Golden Ratio, God Creator of Heaven and Earth. Baphomet. The Aquarian Conspiracy. The Holy Grail trail pilgrimage sites around the world Telegraph. Elizabethan Hair Styles. Albigensian Crusade. The First American Flag Was Very British Looking. Greatest Danger to the World. The rats are on the move - and nowhere is safe. Black Death. Washington D.C. and its Satanist Ties.