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COREMAH (Corpus Español Multimodal de Actos de Habla) Some Tips for Using Video in Teaching & Learning - Kaltura Blog. 20 Tips On How To Work With Students Who Have a Hard Time Collaborating. MsE-Mentor sur Twitter : ".@PoppletonUni has appointed a Head of Teaching Excellence. Rest of #HigherEd sector will follow: @timeshighered" Teresa MacKinnon sur Twitter : "Vital in ingredients for change in education, taken from Creative Schools by @SirKenRobinson #teaching #wihea.

Blackboard Collaborate. Start Session Optionally, you can pre-configure your computer and test your audio using one of our Configuration Rooms prior to your session.

Blackboard Collaborate

As Diego Stands Trial, Show Your Support for Open Access. UPDATE 06/30/2015: The hearing has been postponed and will proceed in October.

As Diego Stands Trial, Show Your Support for Open Access

Thanks to everyone who helped us raise awareness today. "Access to knowledge is a global right. " These are the words of student Diego Gomez, who begins his trial in Colombia today, and faces eight years in prison for posting a scientific paper online to share with his colleagues. Next steps: Where is the silliness in education? Unleashing Greatness in Teachers. Dissatisfied students want more contact time with teaching staff. Students who get limited contact time with university staff are less likely to enjoy the student experience – and those who don’t work hard enough don’t have a good time either.

Dissatisfied students want more contact time with teaching staff

A survey of more than 15,000 full-time UK undergraduates found that on average students spent more time studying independently than they did with teaching staff, leaving some feeling unsatisfied with their experience of university. The research, carried out by Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) and the Higher Education Academy (HEA), found that students were less satisfied when they had fewer than 10 contact hours a week and class sizes of more than 50 students. On average, students had 12 hours of contact time and 14 hours of independent study a week.

Only 57% of students who spent fewer than 10 hours a week on their studies felt satisfied, compared with 77% of students who spent between 30-39 hours a week studying. Best practices: Leveraging the Lesson Module for Differentiated Learning. The Moodle Lesson module has massive potential to assess understanding, and help differentiate the delivery of content within Moodle.

Best practices: Leveraging the Lesson Module for Differentiated Learning

In today’s blog, I want to remind you why we differentiate, present the potential benefits and possible pitfalls with implementing this module, focusing on ways to maximize the benefits and minimize the impact of these pitfalls, address several best practices for using Lesson, highlight some tricks and tips, and finally leave you with some thoughtful ways to use Lesson! Why should I differentiate content anyway? Differentiation is a philosophy of teaching that involves providing students with different avenues for acquiring content, processing ideas, and demonstrating understanding; in this way, all students within a class can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability.

Liam Printer sur Twitter : "Student #teachers! 'Ministers' from our embassy #teaching #studentcentred #spanish #langchat #edchat. Seminaari 4.2.2015. Universities need to be transparent about how they allocate teaching hours. It’s well known that graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) get a raw deal: our pay compares miserably with other staff members, as is often pointed out.

Universities need to be transparent about how they allocate teaching hours

But it’s not just about money, the nature and quality of teaching opportunities are also a factor – and they’re not discussed often enough. My PhD peers weigh success and our relative importance within the department by the number of teaching hours, and the breadth and variety of the courses on which they are invited to teach. At the Russell Group university where I study, the allocation of teaching remains a mystery.

Games in the Foreign Language Classroom. 10 Best Image Sources For Creative Projects. Life At Home Report. Classroom observations: what’s the best fix for a good but not perfect measure? Imagine having someone follow you around, observing you for just a fraction of a day, to assess your capability on the job.

Classroom observations: what’s the best fix for a good but not perfect measure?

Sounds nerve wracking. This is how many teachers are evaluated, and new research suggests that these observations are not altogether reliable. Although observations as a means of teacher assessment may be favoured over other methods such as gains in pupil standardised test score, we should be wary of relying too heavily on observations as they currently stand. A new paper out by the Brookings Institute reports that an assessment of teachers via observations is biased based on the existing ability level of the pupils in the class.

That is, if the same teacher was dropped into in a better-performing class, he would be rated more favourably than if he had been dropped into a group of lower-performing pupils. Best Practice Hints and Tips: Video in learning and teaching. Best Practice Hints and Tips: Video in learning and teaching.

Best Practice Hints and Tips: Video in learning and teaching

Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia. This page is intended for those who wish to reuse material (text and/or graphics) from Wikimedia Commons — on their own website, in print, or otherwise. The Wikimedia Foundation owns almost none of the content on Wikimedia sites — it is owned by the individual creators.However, almost all content hosted on Wikimedia Commons may be freely reused subject to certain restrictions in many cases. You do not need to obtain a specific statement of permission from the licensor unless you wish to use the work under different terms than the license states.

While the copyright and licensing information supplied for each image is believed to be accurate, the Wikimedia Foundation does not provide any warranty regarding the copyright status or correctness of licensing terms. If you decide to reuse files from Commons, you should verify the copyright status of each image just as you would when obtaining images from other sources. Other restrictions may apply. To reuse a Wikimedia Commons file: The Swallow's Nest castle on the Aurora cliffs of cape Ai-Todor (2005-09-229) Launching Blackboard Collaborate. » The Giant Storymaker – Ideas for a Hundred Million Stories TEFL Matters.

Storytelling is one of the most important acts of communication.

» The Giant Storymaker – Ideas for a Hundred Million Stories TEFL Matters

Every day, in our contacts with friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances we share stories, anecdotes – things that happened to use, stories we read about in the news, on social media, stories we heard through others. _______________________________ In class, story building and storytelling can get somewhat neglected. Most modern coursebooks have little by way of getting learners to narrate.

Photo Credit: Gisela Giardino via Compfight And yet storytelling for fun, storymaking and sharing can be serious or playful, and learners can be given the opportunity to practise producing sustained talk/long turns or write imaginative fiction producing their own stories or story episodes. Home. 10 reasons to use games in language teaching. Great games for the language classroom: Blockbusters. I‘m a gamer: I love using games in the language classroom.

Great games for the language classroom: Blockbusters

I find them such a great and versatile tool and, if used well, something that always goes down well with learners. I’ve discussed the role of games before on this blog and have probably summed up everything I want to say about the use of games in an article I wrote for Humanising Language Teaching back in April, 2011 (by which I mean I’m not going to go into great detail about the how and the why of using games in this post; please click on the HLT link for my huge article on this subject, OK!).

So, why am I returning to this subject? Well, last night saw the triumphant return of EAP Chat, our bi-weekly discussion on Twitter relating to a subject of interest to EAP practitioners. Our first discussion of 2013 focused on the appropriacy of games in Academic English classes. Running of the Bulls (Corrida de Toros) 7th/8th graders’ extension activity. By guest blogger Alicia Alicia Quintero is a teacher from Chicago, USA, with years of experience teaching Spanish utilizing the International Baccalaureate model.

Running of the Bulls (Corrida de Toros) 7th/8th graders’ extension activity

She sent us this extension activity she did about the ‘Corrida de toros’ tradition and we just had to share it with you! Word 2010 Menus - English and German. Open Learning Initiative. OER Search Engines for Best Educational Content. World Digital Library Home. Portraits made out of everyday objects. Follow Bob on Tapiture Starting from a photograph, Bernard Pras takes ordinary objects like used toys, tools, pieces of rubber, or whatever else you can think of and turns them into masterpieces.

From up-close his works look like nothing more than random stacks of stuff, but from a certain angle and distance, they reveal their true beauty. This method of art is known an anamorphosis. More amazing art at Bernard Pras’ website HERE. Teresa MacKinnon. MrMacPE : @TeacherToolkit here is the... Consumers given more copyright freedom - News. It has previously been illegal in the UK to move copyrighted works from one device to another, such as from a CD to an MP3 player or an iPod. The new measures announed by government are designed to create a modern, robust and flexible copyright framework, whilst also protect the interests of authors and right owners.

The changes could contribute at least £500m to the UK economy over 10 years, and perhaps much more from reduced costs, increased competition and by making copyright works more valuable. It will also be easier to create parodies of copyrighted works and for the purposes of quotation. They will also bring up to date existing exceptions for education, research and the preservation of materials.

Business Secretary, Vince Cable said: “Making the intellectual property framework fit for the 21st century is not only common sense but good business sense. Changes to copyright law. 11 ways can supercharge your teaching. Image-based Language Lessons. Textivate. Histoire de la Langue française - 27 minutes sur France Inter. Histoire de la langue française Revivons l’Histoire de la Langue française !

Septembre - C'est arrivé le... The Media Network Monitor: How to watch Internet TV across borders. French Work Culture. Memrise - the fun way to learn anything. GOOGLE. 2010-02-20_1120 how to use masher - JMWebb. Aggregate, Curate and Create Your Own Textbook. Prevent Bullying Using Collaborate Part 1. Tag Galaxy. 8 Social Media Strategies for Your Classroom. Are you ready to bring social networking to your classroom? Projet Phonologie du Français contemporain - Présentation du français oral. Tous les francophones, de France et du monde, n'ont pas le même parler, pas la même prononciation: en voici ci-dessous quelques exemples. Cliquez sur les points pour afficher et écouter un extrait. Vitrine réalisée par Dr David Le Gac Pour davantage d'illustrations, consulter la rubrique Le français illustré !

Vocabulaire de l'ordinateur et de l'Informatique.