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A seriously cool smartphone. Putting social values first. Students for Social Entrepreneurship. The Students for Social Entrepreneurship on-campus internship program provides teams of students with the opportunity to apprentice under leaders in social entrepreneurship to develop key entrepreneurial skills through collaboration and experiential, team-learning projects.

Students for Social Entrepreneurship  

Results: Since Students for Social Entrepreneurship won the innovation award we have replicated this on our own campus in four other classes, initiatives, and even one competition. Over 250 students are participating this school year with marquee social innovators such as: Ashoka, Acumen Fund, Teach for America, Kiva, Solutions Journalism Network, Benetech, Ayuda, Youth Ventures, Vittana, New Development Solutions Group, Fundación Paraguaya, and Dowser. Ways To Get Involved / Replicate The Innovation / Contact Us: We welcome talking to any highly recognized social ventures on future projects. We would also be happy to talk to any university interested in replicating this effort.

DIY Solar Panels. Mike Davis is an astronomer.

DIY Solar Panels

To practice his hobby away from the light pollution of cities, he bought some land in a remote part of Arizona. But there was a problem: No electricity. But he's a resourceful fellow. He built some solar panels using inexpensive blemished and damaged solar cells from eBay! Read on for more photos and some technical details to give you an idea of how he did it.

I bought a couple of bricks of 3 X 6 mono-crystalline solar cells. A solar panel is really just a shallow box. Next I cut two pieces of masonite pegboard to fit inside the wells. I laid out the cells on that grid pattern upside-down so I could solder them together. I used a low-wattage soldering iron and fine rosen-core solder. Here's what the solar panel looks like from the front. Here I am testing first half panel outside in the sun. I drilled a hole in the back of the panel near the top for the wires to exit. [...] Here is the finished product, producing 18.8 volts and 3.05 amps in the sun. 5 Education Hacks - Get Educated For Free ← Love My Life Right Now. How To Get A Degree Education, Learn A New Language, Teach Your Children Calculus, and Read Thousands of Books for Free Long gone are the days of Encarta Thesaurus and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

5 Education Hacks - Get Educated For Free ← Love My Life Right Now

Wikipedia has all but obliterated the need for a hard copy of any information. The Internet has changed the face of education and the new generation are going through school with an unprecedented amount of information at their fingertips. How I built an electricity producing Solar Panel. Several years ago I bought some remote property in Arizona.

How I built an electricity producing Solar Panel

I am an astronomer and wanted a place to practice my hobby far away from the sky-wrecking light pollution found near cities of any real size. In my attempt to escape city slicker yuppies (you know the kind, the ones that like to blab loudly on their cell phone while they work on some business administration degree in a cyber cafe somewhere in Trendyland.) and their light pollution, I found a great piece of remote property. The problem is, it's so remote that there is no electric service available.

Art & Entrepreneurship: Trill - Arts at MIT. As part of our ongoing series on art and entrepreneurship at MIT, we spotlight new start-up Trill founded by MIT student Kathleen Stetson.

Art & Entrepreneurship: Trill - Arts at MIT

What do you do on a Friday night when the choices are endless? Enter Trill, a new tech start-up out of MIT’s Sloan School of Management that brings to your fingertips all the most current information on Boston’s performing arts events — from music to theater to dance. The goal, says founder Kathleen Stetson, “is to be the Kayak for live shows.” In other words, Trill speedily aggregates a host of information from a variety of sources — all so users are spared sifting through innumerable listings to find a fun thing to do over the weekend. Stetson, a former opera singer and acoustical engineer, began developing the site when she realized that a single platform didn’t exist for people to find good shows of all genres in the area. uINOV8x Course Info. With SPOCs, HarvardX tries making MOOCs smaller. In May 2012, edX president Anant Agarwal introduced Harvard and MIT’s joint venture in massive open online courses (MOOCs)with a bold promise: “Online education will change the world.”

With SPOCs, HarvardX tries making MOOCs smaller

In the years since, the hype surrounding MOOCs has oscillated between outsized optimism and declarations of fast failure. There were early signals of hope: more than 180,000 students registered for CS50x, the MOOC version of Harvard’s popular introductory computer science course, after it launched in October 2012. The next month, The New York Times declared 2012 “The Year of the MOOC.” But there were reasons for concern as well.

Less than 1 percent of those original CS50x registrants—1,439 students—completed enough of the course to earn a certificate. This quickly churning cycle of excitement and disappointment makes it difficult to evaluate the true promise of Harvard’s educational experiment. Beyond the “Guru on a Mountaintop” The course was designed to be demanding across the board. Choosing Scale. Northwestern University.