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The Neuroscience Behind Increasing Your Intellect. I did then what I knew how to do.

The Neuroscience Behind Increasing Your Intellect

Back to Basics: Perfect Your Note-Taking Techniques. CVs, cover letters and application forms - The University of Auckland. Tailoring your CV Employers receive dozens, if not hundreds of applications from job seekers, so they are looking for individuals that stand out from the crowd.

CVs, cover letters and application forms - The University of Auckland

The most effective way to do this is to research the employer’s requirements and match them as closely as possible. Research each employer and their field carefully: refer to the job advertisement, job description, company website etc. Find out what the employer is looking for. This could include qualifications, experience and skills. Skills in your CV Identify your skillsGive relevant evidence of your skills (i.e. practical examples)Choose action words carefully to provide clear information to the employerEmphasise your achievements CV formatting. Relaxing Instrumental Music by relaxdaily - Thank You & Long Mixes - 9 Hours Playlist.

Free Video Lectures, Video tutorials and Online Video Courses. Neo K-12. Teaching with Ted. 26 Teacher Tools To Create Online Assessments. 10 Signs You're A Critical Thinker. Critical thinkers are able to analyze issues from a wide variety of angles, resulting in more success in business and life.

10 Signs You're A Critical Thinker

Discover your ability to think critically today with these ten signs you’re a critical thinker. 1. You get your news from a wide variety of sources. Resources and Downloads for Teaching Critical Thinking. Tips for downloading: PDF files can be viewed on a wide variety of platforms -- both as a browser plug-in or a stand-alone application -- with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program.

Resources and Downloads for Teaching Critical Thinking

Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Click on any title link below to view or download that file. Resources On This Page: Lesson Plans & Rubrics KIPP King Curriculum Planning Guide <img height="12" width="11" class="media-image media-element file-content-image" src="/sites/default/files/styles/content_image_breakpoints_theme_edutopia_desktop_1x/public/content/08/pdficon.gif? How To Teach Critical Thinking Using Bloom's Taxonomy. The various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy are well known to teachers, students, and the rest of the education world at this point.

How To Teach Critical Thinking Using Bloom's Taxonomy

Elements_of_reason_circle.png (PNG Image, 720 × 576 pixels) Tech That Spurs Critical Thinking. CriticalThinking.pdf. Mind mapping.pdf. Critical Thinking Rubric. Next Gen Assessments. Rubrics for Assessment. A collection of rubrics for assessing portfolios, group work/cooperative learning, concept map, research process/ report, PowerPoint, oral presentation, web page, blog, wiki, and other social media projects.

Rubrics for Assessment

Quick Links to Rubrics Social Media Project Rubrics Wiki RubricCriteria for assessing individual and group Wiki contributions. Blog RubricAssess individual blog entries, including comments on peers' blogs. Twitter RubricAssess learning during social networking instructional assignments. Discussion, Teamwork, and Group Work Rubrics Online Discussion Board RubricAssessing ability to share perspectives, refine thoughts through the writing process, and participate in meaningful discussionPrimary Grade Self-Evaluation Teamwork Rubric (PDF)Features of a sandwich to graphically show the criteria Upper Elementary Teamwork RubricKaren Franker's rubric includes six defined criteria for assessing team and individual responsibility PowerPoint and Podcast Rubrics.

Teams_thinking_hats-1. The Inquiry Process Explained Visually for Teachers. The Challenges and Realities of Inquiry-Based Learning. Inquiry Learning Teaching Strategies Getty By Thom Markham Teachers in a rural southeast Michigan high school were recently discussing the odd behavior of the senior class.

The Challenges and Realities of Inquiry-Based Learning

SNewco: RT @califone: 50 Useful Apps For Students With Reading Disabilities. Whether you’re the parent of a child with a reading disability or an educator that works with learning disabled students on a daily basis, you’re undoubtedly always looking for new tools to help these bright young kids meet their potential and work through their disability. While there are numerous technologies out there that can help, perhaps one of the richest is the iPad, which offers dozens of applications designed to meet the needs of learning disabled kids and beginning readers alike. Here, we highlight just a few of the amazing apps out there that can help students with a reading disability improve their skills not only in reading, writing, and spelling, but also get a boost in confidence and learn to see school as a fun, engaging activity, not a struggle.

Helpful Tools These tools are useful for both educators and students with reading disabilities alike, aiding in everything from looking up a correct spelling to reading text out loud. 21st Century Skills Definitions. The IMLS Project Team and Task Force considered the list of skills commonly referred to as "21st Century Skills" and modified it slightly to better align with library and museum priorities.1 The resulting list includes the following additions: Basic Literacy, Scientific & Numerical Literacy, Visual Literacy, Cross-Disciplinary Skills, and Environmental Literacy.

21st Century Skills Definitions

Not every skill on this list will be aligned with every institution’s vision and mission. Further, not every community will prioritize the same skills. YA Highway: Homophones, or, See Those People Over There? They're Their Worst Nightmare. Nothing drives the Grammar Groupie more crazy than improper apostrophe usage.

YA Highway: Homophones, or, See Those People Over There? They're Their Worst Nightmare

Coming in a close second place, however is misuse of homophones. Perhaps that’s because the two are often related, as in the case of the unholy trinity of homophones, their, there and they’re. Nutty non-rules of grammar.