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Week 4 Curation

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Bb Collaborate - From Standards to Standouts! Putting the New AASL Standards for School Librarians into Action - recording_1. Hanging out with the HyperDoc Girls. - Save bookmarks and favorite websites online. OER Portals. Curation Tools and Platforms. Sketchnotes in the Classroom: 10 Ideas to Get Started. What if taking notes could put a smile on your students’ faces? Just imagine if you could get your kids excited about an exercise in higher-order thinking. Picture your students begging to take notes because it involves gel pens and doodles. Enter, sketchnotes in the classroom. The sketchnotes phenomenon is the brainchild of designer Mike Rohde, and it is rapidly spreading beyond the design world. Now we’re seeing sketchnotes in the classroom on a regular basis. 1. You’ll see a whole new level of engagement if you assign students to take sketchnotes when you have a guest speaker or your class attends an event. 2.

Invite students to sketchnote personal experiences prior to writing about them or discussing them in class. 3. When approaching a difficult learning concept, doodle it yourself on the board as you talk students through it. 4. 5. 6. This could relate to many lessons and classroom ideas. 7. 8. 9. This teacher simply explored meaning with color. Does reading fiction make us better people? - BBC Future. Of course, experiments are one thing.

Does reading fiction make us better people? - BBC Future

Before we extrapolate to wider society we need to be careful about the direction of causality. There is always the possibility that in real life, people who are more empathic in the first place are more interested in other people’s interior lives and that this interest draws them towards reading fiction. It’s not an easy topic to research: the ideal study would involving measuring people’s empathy levels, randomly allocating them either to read numerous novels or none at all for many years, and then measuring their empathy levels again to see whether reading novels had made any difference. Instead, short-term studies have been done. For example, Dutch researchers arranged for students to read either newspaper articles about riots in Greece and liberation day in the Netherlands or the first chapter from Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago’s novel Blindness. Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) *YALSA has launched the new Teen Book Finder Database, which is a one-stop shop for finding selected lists and award winners.

Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

Users can search this free resource by award, list name, year, author, genre and more, as well as print customizable lists. This new resource will replace the individual award and list web pages currently on YALSA’s site that are not searchable and that are organized only by year. YALSA honors the best teen literature each year with its six literary awards, announced each year at the ALA Midwinter Meeting. Alex Awards This award, sponsored by the Margaret A. Edwards Award. [PDF] Comic Book Reading, Reading Enjoyment, and Pleasure Reading among Middle Class and Chapter 1 Middle School Students. Graphic Novels: Gateways To Literacy by Jennifer LaGarde - Book Creator. 207 white en. The Decolonize Issue - Yes! Magazine. Things I Never Learned in Library School: Decolonizing Our Public Libraries. I am a big advocate of being engaged in ongoing professional development, which is why I try and stay engaged on social media with my professional peers.

Things I Never Learned in Library School: Decolonizing Our Public Libraries

Lately, I have seen a lot of librarians talk about “decolonizing your library”, a phrase that is very new to me. So I have been starting to do some research about this concept. This is me just dipping my toe into this topic and trying to find out what it means, how to go about it, and sharing this concept with you because it may be new to you as well. If it’s not, I would love to know you’re thoughts on the topic in the comments. Let me begin by saying, I have no idea where this expression started or who all is advocating for it, so I feel like a failure as a librarian because I can’t give proper credit where credit is due here.

Let’s begin with the basics. Before we can talk about what it means to decolonize something, we need to have a basic understanding of what it means when we say something is colonized. The Decolonize Issue - Yes! Magazine. Open educational resources. UNESCO Global Open Educational Resources Logo Open educational resources (OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other digital assets that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes.

Open educational resources

The term OER describes publicly accessible materials and resources for any user to use, re-mix, improve and redistribute under some licenses.[1] The development and promotion of open educational resources is often motivated by a desire to provide an alternate or enhanced educational paradigm.[2] How can I learn in open education Definition and scope[edit] Often cited is the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation term which used to define OER as: OER are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. The Hewlett Foundation updated its definition to: HyperDocs Academy. OER Platforms. Week 5: Curation (*=Key reading)