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Colossal | A blog about art and visual ingenuity. Remember Summertime Scrap Tires Sailing Hay Bales Summer Toboggan Run Isar Nuclear Power Plant Stock of Wood
I love this girl. She came through for me again. She is a part of me; my teenage self. andrea joseph's sketchblog

andrea joseph's sketchblog

ALIEN INVASION illustrations ALIEN INVASION illustrations Mould Map 3 — Comics for THIS present. The hippies had their utopia mags. Now what can WE make? Mould Map is a Comics & Narrative Art anthology series, with a focus on precise editing and art direction paired with high material production values.
Dan Hillier : News News, upcoming shows, new work, interesting interweb ultralinks, gobshite.Please, have a look with your eye-holes... Newsletter 10/12/2013 - Dan Hillier Hnnh... THUNK. Dan Hillier : News