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Cella Energy is an advanced materials and technologies company with first-mover advantage in safe, low-cost hydrogen storage technology. Cella’s long term goal is to produce a new source of low-emission transport fuel whose ease of use and cost is competitive with fossil fuels. In the near term, Cella’s technology will add hydrogen to diesel engines to enable them to meet strict emissions standards, and provide power packs for small unmanned aircraft with three times the energy for a given weight compared to batteries. In the mid-term Cella is targeting applications such as forklifts and hybrid battery / fuel cell buses. Hydrogen is the future of clean power and transport. Fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity and pure water, allowing cars and trucks to run with improved range but no harmful emissions. Cella Energy - Home Cella Energy - Home
AFC Energy - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
BRAIN – Biotechnology Research And Information Network AG, Zwingenberg, Bergstraße
kit de diagnostic de la qualité de l'air intérieur (QAI) - Ethera Les kits Profil’air® facilitent un diagnostic rapide et précis de la pollution de l’air intérieur grâce à la détection fiable de faibles teneurs en polluants chimiques, de certains Composés Organiques Volatils de l’air intérieur tels que le Formaldéhyde, Benzène,…. Basés sur une technologie brevetée de capteurs ultra-sensibles développée en partenariat avec le CEA et le CNRS, les kits de mesure Profil’air quantifient très finement et de manière extrêmement sélective les teneurs en polluants dans l’air intérieur. En savoir plus kit de diagnostic de la qualité de l'air intérieur (QAI) - Ethera
BT³ Technologies | Chimie verte appliquée aux matériaux à base de cellulose
SP3H – La technologie au service de l’environnement
Pure Water
Protéus - Accueil
Overview Phononic develops advanced thermoelectric devices that efficiently manage and monetize heat. Impacting almost every segment of the economy heat presents a unique thermal challenge to end-users and a multi-billion dollar opportunity for Phononic and our partners: Effective thermal management of new electronic products is the leading impediment to Moore's Law Almost 40% of home energy use in the U.S. is dedicated to refrigeration and climate control US energy consumption is inefficient... 60% is wasted as heat Phononic's approach introduces advanced materials and devices designed to significantly increase the efficiency of Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs) that use electricity to remove heat for electronics cooling and refrigeration, and conversely, Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) that harvest low grade waste heat for power generation. Phononic Devices | Advanced Thermoelectric Devices Phononic Devices | Advanced Thermoelectric Devices
McPhy Ce qu'il faut savoir sur... L'électrolyse de l'eau L'hydrogène décarboné Nous contacter Recevoir nos actualités Nos partenaires McPhy
GreatPoint Energy GreatPoint Energy GreatPoint Energy produces clean, low cost natural gas from coal, petroleum coke, and biomass utilizing its bluegas™ catalytic hydromethanation process. Bluegas™ operates at significantly higher efficiency than competing technologies and benefits from lower capital intensity, a superior environmental footprint, nearly complete carbon capture, and ultimately a much lower cost of production. The natural gas produced is far less expensive than liquefied natural gas (LNG) and can be transported through the existing pipeline infrastructure. It is interchangeable with drilled natural gas for all applications, including power generation, residential and commercial heating, and the production of chemicals.
Bio UV
Biomiscanthus France Holding
Jeremy Rifkin sera à Paris du 6 au 9 février pour la promotion de son nouveau livre, "La Troisième Révolution industrielle".