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[Guide] Install OS X 10.9 Mavericks on VMware Workstation with Windows 7 or Windows 8. This guide shows how to install fresh OS X 10.9 Mavericks on VMware workstation with Windows 7 or Windows 8. Mavericks is the latest desktop & laptop OS from Apple with full of new features. After it has been release officially, it can be download from Apple site (or from any torrent sites).

By any chance you like to try latest OS X 10.9 on VMware virtual machine with Windows 7 or Windows 8 host, you can follow these steps. Basically the OS is available as an app. Latest Update: Upgrading this 10.9 version to Yosemite 10.10 works fine on VMware workstation. To continue our normal steps, we will be making a virtual bootable hard disk from OS X 10.9 DMG, and boot the new virtual machine from it.

Earlier this guide was made with DP version of Mavericks, but you can follow the same steps to do the installation of final retail version. What you Need to Make Bootable OS X 10.9 VMDK in VMware 1) Running OS X (10.8 or 10.7) in VMware 2) OS X 10.9 Mavericks DMG file 3) Sysprobs Lion Files 8.) EPUB File (What It Is & How To Open One) Did you find an EPUB file on your computer and wonder what program should open it? Maybe someone emailed you an EPUB file but you're not sure how to use it.

Perhaps you tried to open the EPUB file but Windows told you that it could not open it. Before you can open an EPUB file (assuming it's even a file format that's intended to be viewed or edited), you'll need to determine what kind of file the .EPUB file extension refers to. "What is an EPUB File? " A file with the EPUB file extension is an Open Publication Structure eBook file. The Open Publication Structure eBook format is a popular and freely available eBook standard so most EPUB files you find will probably be of this format.

Other types of files may also use the EPUB file extension. How To Open an EPUB File The easiest way to open an EPUB file is to double-click on it and let your PC decide which default application should open the file. EPUB files can be opened in most eBook readers, like the B&N Nook and Kobo eReader. How to reinstall drivers in the correct order. 3 Ways to Save Flash Animation from Website. Steps Method 1 of 4: Viewing Page Info in Firefox 1Open the video site in Firefox. Navigate to the Flash animation that you want to watch. Firefox is the easiest browser to use when downloading a Flash file directly from a website. This method will not work with YouTube, Vimeo, and other streaming sites. This is for Flash animations and games on sites such as Newgrounds. Method 2 of 4: Copying SWF Files from the Browser Cache 1Open Internet Explorer. Method 3 of 4: Viewing the Page Source In Chrome 1Visit the website with the animation you want. Method 4 of 4: Using A Download Manager 1Install a download manager extension.

Tips Once you've saved your file, you can open it with a web browser or with a program made for running flash animation (such as Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Shock Wave).Flash animation usually ends in the file extension .swf or .flv, though this can vary. Ad. Using Windows 8′s “hidden” backup to clone and recover your whole PC. When it comes to backing up and restoring your PC, Windows 8 took a few steps forward and a few steps back. Your settings and apps in the new tablet-y interface (yeah, we're still calling it Metro) are automatically backed up if you use a Microsoft account.

That means when you restore your PC, all of the Metro stuff comes back exactly the way you remember it. This has limitations—your desktop applications, anything that wasn't downloaded from the Windows Store, are wiped when performing the most easily accessible type of restore in Windows 8. Beyond Metro, all you get is a file on your desktop listing the applications you've lost. There's also a new backup tool on the desktop side of things, but this has its limits too. One problem is neither File History nor the Metro restore feature are complete backup tools. Oh, there it is The System Image functionality seems hidden at first, and it will likely go unnoticed by the majority of Windows 8 users.

You start from here: Fragmentary backup. How to Export Your Outlook Contacts to a CSV File. If you move from one email program to the next, you don't want to leave your contacts behind. While Outlook stores everything including mail and contacts in a horrendously complicated file, exporting your contacts to a format that most other email programs and services can understand is pretty easy. Export Your Outlook Contacts to a CSV File To save your contacts from Outlook to a CSV file: ›› Step by Step Screenshot WalkthroughSelect File | Import and Export... from the menu. Make sure Export to a file is highlighted. Click Next >. Now make sure Comma Separated Values (Windows) is selected. You can now import your Outlook contacts into other email programs such as Mac OS X Mail, for example.

Importing CSV files - Gmail Help. To import contacts to Gmail: Create a custom CSV file, or export the address book from your other webmail provider or email client as a CSV file. Sign in to Gmail. Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Contacts. Click the More button above the contacts list and select Import.... Click the Choose File button. When it's done, Gmail will display the number of contacts imported. If you receive any error messages during the import, you might need to edit your CSV file. Note: These CSV files work with Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! About the notes field: Google Contacts doesn't support rich text formatting, or unlimited length in the “notes” field. Merge CSV Files Into One CSV File. If you regularly download CSV files from a database, or receive a number of CSV files containing similar information, you might need to combine all of those files into one larger file.

The ability to merge CSV files automatically can be a big time and sanity saver. I recently encountered a situation where I had a large amount of data that was split up into about 100 different CSV files, each of which contained the same number of rows with the same type of data in each row. Each CSV file represented an order from a company, and my company needed to be able to quickly sort all of that data into one file. The combined data could then be organized into a pivot table so that our production team knew how much of each product they needed to make.

Your reasons for doing this may vary, but it can be the simplest solution if you need to combine and sort a lot of data. Step 1: Move all of the CSV files into one folder. Step 5: Open the folder to see the new file that you just created. Elevated Command Prompt - Open in Windows 8. How to Open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8 InformationThis tutorial will show you how to open an elevated command prompt that will run as administrator with full administrator rights in Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT 8.1.You must be signed in as an administrator to be able to open an elevated command prompt.

EXAMPLE: Elevated Command Prompt OPTION ONE Open Elevated Command Prompt from Win+X Power Users Tasks Menu OPTION TWO To "Open Command Prompt Here as administrator" NOTE: This option allows you to open a command prompt that opens to the location of the selected folder or drive. 1. In File Explorer, select or open a folder or drive that you want to open the command prompt at that location for, click/tap on the File tab on the Ribbon, and click/tap on Open command prompt as administrator. That's it, Shawn. Uninstall and Remove Software in Safe Mode. After following this tutorial, you will be able to uninstall and remove softwares when you started your Windows PC in Safe Mode.

If you have installed software on your computer and for any reason it gives you issues, the best thing to do is to uninstall it. But what happen if such a piece of software keeps restarting your Windows operating system or worst, disables certain services so that you won’t be able to performs some important operation anymore ? In this case Windows will help you with a special feature called Safe Mode. Basically, in Safe Mode you will be able to troubleshoot your computer in order to fix issues. However, if you need to uninstall and remove some software, you have to know that this kind of “limited state” Mode has the Windows Installer Service completely disabled. Windows Installation Service is responsible for the installation and uninstallation procedure.

Step 1 Click the Start button. Step 2 Locate the following registry key: Step 3 1. 2. …and Restore : Managing Backup: Three Software Solutions Compared. Of course, we tried to restore our backup to see how well it works. First, you have to select the backup set you want to restore. Then you can browse within your backup set if you want to recover individual files. This is what you will probably need most frequently if you, say, modified and overwrote a document. Windows creates and maintains file versions automatically.

If you want to restore your entire system, you will have to boot from the Windows 7 install disc or create a system restore disc, which you can use to boot if you don’t have an installation disc. How to Repair a Corrupt Windows 7 Installation. Every operating system needs an occasional repair job, and Windows 7 is no exception. Whether the source of the problem is corrupt data, a particularly brutal piece of malware, or some other serious issue, you'll occasionally have to reinstall your copy of Windows. Wiping your hard drive and performing a fresh installation can be a huge headache; but fortunately there's a way to repair a corrupt Windows 7 installation while keeping all your programs, personal data, and user accounts intact. With Windows 7 you can perform an in-place upgrade installation to repair a flaky existing install.

Though technically designed to upgrade older Windows operating systems like Vista, the in-place upgrade installation option can also be used to repair an existing installation of Windows 7. Note that you must perform the in-place upgrade process from within Windows; if your PC can't fully boot to the Windows desktop, this repair guide is not for you. Prepare Your PC for Windows 7. Dell - Windows driver install order for desktops and laptops. The following list is an overview of the correct order to install drivers on Dell desktops and portables.

After reinstalling Microsoft® Windows®, follow the order listed when reinstalling drivers. It is recommended that you print this list for reference when installing drivers. Note: Some devices may not function properly if the drivers are installed out of order. 1. Desktop System Software (DSS) or Notebook System Software (NSS) - A vital utility that provides critical updates and patches for the operating system. If you are reinstalling Windows or updating all drivers, it is important that this software be installed first. Note : NSS and DSS may not be available for all desktop and notebook products. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Inspiron 15R Laptop Details. 1 year, 11 months ago by mom british columbia Closed to new answers +1point 2out of 3found this question helpful. Was this question helpful? Answers Answer: Hi Mom! Yes, the Inspiron R Series laptops have HDMI 1.4, which can support 1080p for HD output to a TV.

I hope this information was helpful! 1 year, 10 months ago GinaVforDell Round Rock, Tx 1out of 1found this answer helpful. Was this answer helpful? Yes there is hdmi..only 1 port though and supports full hd output too(if it has graphics card installed) adityawaghmare pune Additional information about adityawaghmare could not be loaded. Was this answer helpful? Yes it does. it's on the left side of the computer. locutus1023 New York Additional information about locutus1023 could not be loaded. Was this answer helpful?

Yes and it works very well DavidKW Seattle Additional information about DavidKW could not be loaded. Was this answer helpful? Dear Additional information about dear could not be loaded. Was this answer helpful? Level of expertise: Expert midwestei Yes. How to use Navifirm to download firmware. Navifirm is one of the best utility that helps you to download Nokia firmware on your computer. Here, we are going to talk about it along with how to use it. Navifirm is a free utility created by Symbian Toys. 1. Download and Install download and install .NET Framework v4.0 on your computer. 2. Now, Download Navifirm on your computer, and extract the file. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. If you want to download all filenames then click on the Mark All button, it will select all files. 8.

Once firmware downlaoding is finished, you can see the download files under Navifirm PlusFw folder. Now, you have downloaded the firmware to flash your Nokia Phone, you have to place it in the C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenix (for Windows 32 bit users)C:Program Files (x86)NokiaPhoenixProducts (for Windows 64 bit users) Once you have located the files, you can use Phoenix and JAF tool to flash your phone. We are hoping the above tutorial will guide you how to download firmware using the Navifirm tool. Related posts. Forcing the Windows Phone 7.8 update: Camera button not required but patience is. If you've checked your Windows Phone 7.5 device for the 7.8 update with no success, you may want to try to force the process, just as we did with other Windows Phone updates like Mango.

This is a little different than downloading and installing Windows Phone 7.8 manually, which we reported on earlier. With this method you're basically tricking the Microsoft servers to recognize your Windows Phone and initiating the update early. Think of it as cutting in line (and Microsoft is okay with this, no worries). The other benefit with this method (versus the CAB one) is it means you are getting the official carrier/OEM update that usually includes the firmware too. How to Forcing requires patience and the ability to disconnect your computer from the internet. Let Zune come back and tell you that it can't check for an update right now, reconnect to the internet and you should see that an update is now available.

Step by step instructions to force the Windows Phone 7.8 update. Lumia 710 Jailbreak LumiaBreak « Easy Lenovo Modifications. 12 Best iPad Applications for Designers. CHKDSK - Check a Drive for Errors in Windows 8. Integrate your Box.Net account into Windows Explorer. How to import contacts (vcf) Do I have to own a website to use AdSense? - AdSense Help - AdSense Help.

Enabling AdSense on your blog - Blogger Help. How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order. 5 PC Upgrades Almost Everyone Does Wrong (and How to Do Them Right) Five tools for getting rid of duplicate files. Bios-boot-usb-stick - Howto: BIOS-Update per bootable USB-Stick - The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Building a Hackintosh [OS X 10.7.3 UniBeast] How do you -really- ground yourself? - static electricity ground. Avoid Static Damage to Your PC. Chapter 4. Guest Additions. Installing Guest Additions on Ubuntu « VirtualBoxes – Free VirtualBox® Images. How To Install Fully Functional Mac OS X Lion Virtual Machine inside Windows 7 [UPDATE: 10.7.3] Ubuntu install guest additions - VMLite. Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a PC using VMware. How to Dual Boot Mac OS X and Windows 7 – A Complete Walkthrough.

[How-To] Run Snow Leopard in VMware Workstation | GumballTech.