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Interview: Media Molecule’s grand ambitions for Dreams. Dreams: Critical Consensus. Sony paid $229 million for Insomniac. God of War - Raising Kratos: Full Length Feature. Sony's Jim Ryan: We had to make changes to deliver our PlayStation 5 dream. God of War - Raising Kratos: Full Length Feature.

Naughty Dog

Guerrilla. How Santa Monica Studio Nailed Exploration in God of War. God of War was built around three core pillars that would influence all design decisions for the project: Combat, Father/Son, and Exploration.

How Santa Monica Studio Nailed Exploration in God of War

When I started at Santa Monica Studio in May 2015, the Exploration pillar was the least defined. The franchise had traditionally been a solely linear experience, but the team was hoping to add ten additional hours of optional content outside of the critical path. To accomplish that goal, a team focused on the “Exploration” portion of the game was formed. I was tasked with helping them define what the content would be, and ultimately, to design the quests that would help entice the player into participating in these optional activities. WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Establishing Constraints One of the first challenges we faced when thinking about quests was that we had a game world devoid of friendly NPCs. As the project moved forward, we started defining buckets in which these quests would fit. “A” Quests “B” Quests “C” Quests. Insomniac's Ted Price On Why The Game Industry Must Continue To Confront Difficult Topics.

Insomniac's 25 years of excellence, Spider-Man, and leadership. Ted Price is basking in the glow of the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which has sold more than 9 million copies since it debuted last fall.

Insomniac's 25 years of excellence, Spider-Man, and leadership

But the CEO of Insomniac Games had very humble beginnings in the video game industry. Universal published Disruptor. It didn’t do well, but it led to more projects. The next game was Spyro the Dragon, which was a family-friendly platformer with a larger audience target audience than Disruptor. Spyro became a hit, and it’s still around today. XXI SINFO - Jason Gregory - Dogged Determination. The Art of Journey. CHRONIQUE : L’Histoire de Psygnosis. Comme je l’avais promis sur les réseaux sociaux ou lors d’un récent podcast, voici ma traduction de l’eBook de Paul Driscoll consacré à l’éditeur britannique Psygnosis.

CHRONIQUE : L’Histoire de Psygnosis

Cela tombait sous le sens après mes chroniques dédiées à Sensible Software et Ocean, d’autant que Psygnosis est sans aucun doute encore plus populaire, comme en témoigne l’accueil qui a été fait aux différents articles le concernant sur le Mag. Et beaucoup d’entre vous attendaient ma traduction avec impatience, se disant parfois prêts à payer pour une version française ! Ainsi, rapidement après avoir mis en ligne la chronique de sseb22 sur la Dreamcast, j’ai contacté l’équipe de Retro Asylum afin de leur demander l’autorisation de traduire ce livret réalisé à l’origine pour préparer leur 92ème podcast – ils ont de l’avance sur nous ! Ils ont accepté à condition que je crédite bien entendu l’auteur original et que je communique l’adresse de leur site, qui constitue une véritable mine d’information pour les anglophones.

Shawn Layden and Mark Cerny: from Icarus moment to managing 3,000 devs. Shawn Layden and Mark Cerny deserve a lot of the credit for why Sony’s PlayStation 4 is sitting at the top of the console war.

Shawn Layden and Mark Cerny: from Icarus moment to managing 3,000 devs

While the Nintendo Switch is giving them a run for their money now, it went on sale much later, and it is still making up for Nintendo’s failure with the Wii U. The PS4 has sold more than 80 million units, and it is beating Microsoft’s Xbox One family by two-to-one. That success was years in the making. Cerny was the architect of the PS4, a leader among developers who took back control of the console business. And Cerny has also led the development of Knack and Knack 2, two games that were meant to show off the PS4’s capabilities. Layden is chairman of the worldwide studios for Sony’s first-party game development — or titles that are internally produced as exclusives for the PS4. Above: Shawn Layden is chairman of Sony Worldwide Studios.

Image Credit: Gamelab Shawn’s been at Sony for more than 30 years. Shawn Layden: Yes, it was, the last century. Layden: Right.