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Wikipedia. Taliban Seeks Vengeance in Wake of WikiLeaks. Brain Training, Brain Exercise, Brain Fitness by Brain Training 101. Cypherpunks: Episode Eight, pt.1. Rap News 7: #Revolution. How Attorney General Eric Holder Colluded With Bank Of America To Destroy Wikileaks And Silence Unfriendly Journalists, Including Glenn Greenwald.

Note: This story was published by Wikileaks via Twitter to their 800,000 followers.

How Attorney General Eric Holder Colluded With Bank Of America To Destroy Wikileaks And Silence Unfriendly Journalists, Including Glenn Greenwald

In light of the Assange speech this weekend, we are reposting several Wikileaks stories. When we wrote a few weeks ago about Eric Holder, Wikileaks and Bank of America, we focused on the irony of the U.S. Attorney General threatening to prosecute an organization (Wikileaks) that possibly holds the very information on which he might draw up his very first indictment of a major bank or Wall Street executive. Why hasn't Eric Holder asked to see the evidence, which Wikileaks claims to have, that executives at one of our largest banks may have committed serious crimes?

Let's be honest, Holder doesn't really give a rip about financial crimes, but the media should at least be asking him why he doesn't want to see the evidence. However, new information has surfaced that shines a whole new light on the situation. Wikileaks Mirror Network. Wikileaks team "cloned" version of. Pro-WikiLeaks DDoS reprisals overrated, says expert.

News December 17, 2010 06:36 AM ET Computerworld - Headlines to the contrary, the WikiLeaks hacktivist attacks against Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and others last week were relatively small and disorganized, a security expert said.

Pro-WikiLeaks DDoS reprisals overrated, says expert

"Despite the press the attacks received, they were small potatoes," said Craig Labovitz, chief scientist at Arbor Networks in Chelmsford, Mass., and an authority on the security of the Internet's infrastructure. Julian Assange : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News. Julian Assange. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Vice President Joe Biden has called him a “high tech terrorist.”

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says his work “tears at the fabric of responsible governments.” His supporters include the hacker group Anonymous, which brought down the websites of Visa, Mastercard and PayPal in his name. We’re talking about Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks and one of the most controversial figures of our time. Whether you agree with him or not, Assange’s work grows out of a strong commitment to using information technology to foster democracy. Anne Strainchamps reached Assange in England, where he’s under house arrest. Wikileaks : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News. Some Shit I’m Sick of Hearing Regarding Rape and Assange « Kate Harding. The Creepy, Lovesick Emails of Julian Assange.

@truthtellah: Gotta disagree with you.

The Creepy, Lovesick Emails of Julian Assange

Yes, there's a concerted effort to destroy his personal reputation, no question. But that doesn't mean he's NOT an ass. And being an ass doesn't mean you haven't done anything worthwhile. Lots of people who've come up with things like insulin and the telephone and such have been assholes. Assange Remains Behind Bars But Pro-WikiLeaks Hackers Continue Attacks. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will remain behind bars until he returns to a London courtroom Thursday to hear the appeal against his being released on bail.

Assange Remains Behind Bars But Pro-WikiLeaks Hackers Continue Attacks

Lawyers acting for Swedish prosecutors have challenged a London judge's decision to free Assange on strict bail conditions, claiming the website founder is a flight risk. Assange is wanted in Sweden to answer to allegations of rape. But even as he sits in jail, Assange's online supporters continue to punish those they see as persecuting the WikiLeaks chief, and his website continues to distribute classified U.S. cables. Hackers late Tuesday caused the Swedish Prosecution Authority's website to crash, pulling it down for almost 11 hours. In the United States, the Berkeley City Council in California considered a vote on whether to declare a hero the soldier who allegedly released the classified information to WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning. Julian Assange Bail GRANTED; WikiLeaks Founder Back In Court (LIVE UPDATES) Share + According to a recently released cable, a facility in Yemen holding nuclear material was left unsecured after its one guard was removed and a security camera broke, according to the AP.

Julian Assange Bail GRANTED; WikiLeaks Founder Back In Court (LIVE UPDATES)

The cable quoted one official as saying, "Very little now stands between the bad guys and Yemen's nuclear material. " The Lion's Den: Pouring cold water on WikiLeaks. Of all the WikiLeaks revelations, the most captivating may be learning that several Arab leaders have urged the US government to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Lion's Den: Pouring cold water on WikiLeaks

Most notoriously, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called on Washington to “cut off the head of the snake.” According to nearly universal consensus, these statements unmask the real feelings of Saudi and other politicians. But is that necessarily so? There are two reasons for doubt. First, as Lee Smith astutely notes, the Arabs could merely be telling Americans what they think they want to hear: “We know what the Arabs tell diplomats and journalists about Iran,” he writes, “but we don’t know what they really think about their Persian neighbor.” Their appeals could be part of a process of diplomacy which involves mirroring one’s allies’ fears and desires. WikiLeaks' Assange runner-up as Time Person of the Year. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has finished as a runner-up to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as Time's 2010 Person of the Year. The recognition, of course, is the least of the hacker-turned-whistleblower's concerns right now given that he's under house arrest in England following an arrest warrant issued by Swedish officials who want to question him regarding two rape allegations.

Assange, an Australian, has been granted bail but remains in custody pending an appeal by Swedish authorities. Global Economy - UK police investigate WikiLeaks supporters. Journalist or Terrorist? Why it really matters now. Lost in all the noise of the WikiLeaks circus of the past few weeks was the emerging debate about how to characterize Julian Assange.

Journalist or Terrorist? Why it really matters now.

Is he a Journalist or a Terrorist--and why does it matter? The first suggestion that he was a terrorist came from New York Republican Peter King, has asked the State Department to consider designating WikiLeaks a terrorist group. What does that mean? Would that make Daniel Ellsberg a terrorist for releasing the Pentagon Papers? Certainly the military could have claimed back in 1971 that that leak, and subsequent publishing of them by The New York Times "endangered American lives.

" Swiss Freeze WikiLeaks Bank Account. On Monday, as Mr.

Swiss Freeze WikiLeaks Bank Account

Assange’s lawyers said he would meet with the British police about criminal charges involving sexual encounters in Sweden, Attorney General said the Justice Department had “a very serious, active, ongoing investigation that is criminal in nature” into the WikiLeaks matter. “I authorized just last week a number of things to be done so that we can hopefully get to the bottom of this and hold people accountable,” he said at a news conference, declining to elaborate.

Mr. Holder’s statement followed Mr. Assange’s assertion that “over 100,000 people” had been given the entire archive of 251,287 cables “in encrypted form.” “If something happens to us, the key parts will be released automatically,” Mr. Operation Payback (Anon_Operation) Gregg Housh on Anonymous. World War 3.0 - Omar Wasow - The Colbert Report - 12/15/10. Media Diary Blog. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange wrote this Op-Ed for The Australian today: Key lines: * WikiLeaks is fearlessly publishing facts that need to be made public. * The dark days of corruption in the Queensland government before the Fitzgerald inquiry are testimony to what happens when the politicians gag the media from reporting the truth. * (My idea is) to use internet technologies in new ways to report the truth. * People have said I am anti-war: for the record, I am not.

Media Diary Blog

Wikileaks Hacked By “Very Skilled” Attackers Prior To Iraq Doc Release - Andy Greenberg - The Firewall. Wikileaks Iraq and Afghan War Diaries. Arianna Huffington: The WikiLeaks Cables: Small Revelations That May Cause a Big Idea to Take Hold. Let's start with what the U.S. embassy cables released by WikiLeaks this weekend are not. They are not, as Hillary Clinton claimed, "an attack on America's foreign policy interests" that have endangered "innocent people. " And they are not, as Robert Gibbs put it, a "reckless and dangerous action" that puts at risk "the cause of human rights.

" And they do not amount to what the Italian foreign minister, in one of the sorrier moments in the history of hyperbole (or is it hysteria?) , deemed the "September 11 of world diplomacy. " They are also not "top secret" since between 2 and 3 million government employees are cleared to see this level of "secret" document, and some 500,000 people have access to the Secret Internet Protocol Network (SIPRnet) where the cables were stored. WikiLeaks and the Diplomats. Bank Of America Stock Takes Hit After WikiLeaks Rumors, Then Rebounds. UPDATE: Bank of America's stock rebounded in early trading Wednesday, rising .50 percent. ORIGINAL POST: Bank of America's stock took a hit on Tuesday, as rumors circulated that WikiLeaks could release a trove of the bank's secret -- and potentially "unethical" -- documents next year.

As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cooly contemplates how best to "present" the data he says he has, investors in Bank of America are nervous: The bank's share price dropped 3.18 percent on Tuesday. The information-leaking organization is sitting on a massive pile of internal documents from one of the big U.S. banks, Assange told Forbes, and an interview he gave last year suggests the big bank could be the country's biggest, Bank of America. According to Assange, his organization had five gigabytes of Bank of America documents in 2009, which the New York Times notes is roughly equivalent to 600,000 pages of information. Bank of America released a statement that expressed skepticism.

News 1. WikiLeaks cables: Bradley Manning faces 52 years in jail. Bradley Manning will wake up tomorrow, at a military base in Virginia, to his 189th day in custody for the alleged leak of more than 250,000 diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks. Manning, 23, a US army intelligence analyst brought up in the Oklahoma Bible belt and west Wales, is locked up with about half a dozen others in the marine-run facility in Quantico. He has had access to TV news and briefings from his lawyer, but little can have prepared him for the fury of the government he served about the impact of the cables leak. Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, said it "tore at the fabric of government" and pledged "aggressive steps to hold responsible those who stole this information".

Republicans branded it terrorism. He is said by friends to be on antidepressants and only a limited list of visitors are able to see him, yet one who saw him in recent weeks told the Guardian he was "doing surprisingly well, he is in high spirits". But who is Bradley Manning, and what motivated him? WikiLeaks sets sights on major U.S. bank, founder says.

News November 30, 2010 02:57 PM ET Computerworld - The next target of WikiLeaks could be a major U.S. bank. WikiLeaks Will Unveil Major Bank Scandal. WikiLeaks Hit By Another DDoS Attack. WikiLeaks Prompts Orgy Of Media Self-Abnegation. My blunt-force trauma takeaway from the most recent WikiLeaks document dump of diplomatic cables is that our diplomats seem to be very sharp and candid and detailed in their reporting, and that people of great stature seem to have mean things to say about other people of great stature when their backs are turned. WikiLeaks Cablegate LIVE Updates. Share + According to a recently released cable, a facility in Yemen holding nuclear material was left unsecured after its one guard was removed and a security camera broke, according to the AP. WikiLeaks U.S. Embassy Cables: New Documents Released. This article is being updated.

Answers to Readers’ Questions About State’s Secrets. Alan Dershowitz: There Will Never Be Peace if Iran Gets the Bomb. Now that the WikiLeaks reveal widespread Arab support for the military option against Iran's nuclear facilities to be put on the table, the time has come to reassess United States policy toward the Ahmadinejad regime. Even if Israel freezes settlement building, the Palestinians come to the negotiating table and an agreement is reached about borders, refugees and Jerusalem, there will still be no real peace in the Middle East -- if Iran continues on its determined path toward developing deliverable nuclear weapons. Staunching the WikiLeaks bleeding? - The Arena.

WikiLeaks harm: Severe or marginal? - The Arena. WikiLeaks Founder on the Run, Chased by Turmoil. Christopher Alessi: WikiLeaks Founder Lashes out at New York Times. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg, a former Pentagon analyst best known for leaking key memos about the Vietnam War 40 years ago, led a packed forum at London's Frontline Club last night to discuss the fallout over the non-profit group's disclosure of approximately 400,000 US Army files documenting the Iraq War. More on the media's Pentagon-subservient WikiLeaks coverage - Glenn Greenwald. This is really good to hear: quite encouraging. Wikileaks.

Iraq Veterans Against the War. Services The Salsa Client Services team handles all new client set-ups as well as custom projects such as data clean-up, large-scale content and campaign migration, webpage customization and custom reporting. WikiLeaks May Release 400,000 Iraq War Documents. WikiLeaks and 9/11: What if? - Could WikiLeaks Have Stopped 9/11? - FishbowlLA. Gates Weighs Afghanistan and Leaks. Wikileaks Soldier Reveals Orders for "360 Rotational Fire" Against Civilians in Iraq. WikiLeaks says funding has been blocked after government blacklisting.

Wikileaks' Hot New Iraq War Leak Drops Monday. Iraq Veterans Against the War. US soldier in WikiLeaks massacre video: “I relive this every day” WikiLeaks Iraq Documents Dump To Happen Early Next Week: Superbombs And Secret Jails. Superbombs and Secret Jails: What to Look for in WikiLeaks’ Iraq Docs. Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. WikiLeaks Interview: 'We Will Keep Publishing Documents' Wikileaks asked to edit Afghan names from US files. WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Could Face Criminal Charges from U.S. Allies. Gates: 'Guilty' Verdict on Wikileaks' 'Moral Culpability' Aug. 1: Mullen, Bloomberg, Greenspan, Rendell - Meet the Press - Transcripts. Meet the Press. Wikileaks draws criticism, censorship threats. Collateral Murder. United States Code: Title 18,793. Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information.

Taliban seeks vengeance on Afghans named in WikiLeaks documents. Marc A. Thiessen - WikiLeaks must be stopped. Pentagon investigates MIT Wikileaks links. Daniel Ellsberg's WikiLeaks wish list. Wikileaks - Cablegate / Statelogs. Wikileaks. Wikileaks. Afghan War Diary. Valerie plame scandal. Valerie Plame. Valerie Plame, the Spy Who Got Shoved Out Into the Cold - Times' Judy Miller, In Contempt, Says She Won't Budge.

WikiLeaks Takes a Breather. Where's the Call to Action Against WikiLeaks? - Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld - #Niemanleaks on Thursday: After WikiLeaks, a flood of new questions. Secrecy and Journalism in the New Media Age. Wikileaks Mirror Network.

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