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What's the news in March?

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Glogin?URI= 4 Ways to Make Middle Managers Better Leaders. When middle managers fall short, senior leadership may be to blame.

4 Ways to Make Middle Managers Better Leaders

In fact, a January study by Vanderbilt University discovered poor senior-level managers can influence middle managers to become poor managers, as well. When senior managers treat middle managers poorly, there’s a chain reaction. Middle managers then treat their employees poorly, leading unhappy employees to leave the company. Don’t treat middle managers like forgotten middle children. Here are some ways to improve middle leadership, engagement and satisfaction: Related: 5 Ways to Foster Learning in Your Workplace 1.

When it comes to leadership training, middle managers are often left out. In a survey of 600 U.S. employees conducted by SHRM in August 2013, middle-management employees were less satisfied with professional development programs provided by their employers than executive management employees. Mentorship programs can also help improve leadership development. 2. JPMorgan Q1 profit beats analyst expectations, shares trading near peak levels. Comcast debuts 2 gigabit Internet service in Atlanta. Comcast's new broadband service is twice as fast as Google Fiber. Bloomberg Business - Business, Financial & Economic News, Stock Quotes. Starbucks to Expand Online College Tuition Program.

Starbucks says its workers can now have four years of tuition covered for an online college degree from Arizona State University instead of just two, marking the latest sign that companies are rethinking their treatment of low-wage workers.

Starbucks to Expand Online College Tuition Program

The Seattle-based coffee chain says the decision is part of its commitment to "redefine the role and responsibility of a public company. " The expansion of the program comes as employers increasingly seek to win favor with customers by cultivating their images for being socially responsible. Last week, McDonald's also announced it was expanding a college tuition assistance program to workers at its more than 14,300 U.S. stores. At its company-owned stores, McDonald's said workers would get a pay bump and be able to earn paid time off as well. Among the other major employers that have announced wage hikes recently are Wal-Mart Stores and Gap Inc.

In Movie Piracy Case, Australian ISPs Are Ordered To Share Customers' Info. The producers of Dallas Buyers Club want to contact people who have viewed pirated copies of the film.

In Movie Piracy Case, Australian ISPs Are Ordered To Share Customers' Info

Here, actor Jared Leto accepts an award for his work in the film at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption itoggle caption Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images The producers of Dallas Buyers Club want to contact people who have viewed pirated copies of the film. Here, actor Jared Leto accepts an award for his work in the film at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards. U.S. Economy Gained 126,000 Jobs in March, an Abrupt Slowdown in Hiring. Photo The yearlong streak of robust monthly job creation was broken on Friday with the Labor Department’s report that employers added just 126,000 workers in March, a marked slowdown in hiring that echoed earlier signs that sluggish business investment and punishing weather were exacting a toll on the economy.

U.S. Economy Gained 126,000 Jobs in March, an Abrupt Slowdown in Hiring

Analysts blamed the plunge in oil prices as well as the pall cast by a difficult winter across the Northeast and Midwest, a combination that put a crimp on spending in the energy patch and held back consumer spending and construction. Still, this new report presents only a limited snapshot, and many said they expected the economy to regain at least some of its momentum later this year. “The American energy industry is adjusting very quickly to low oil prices, and we’ve seen this in the counts of the number of rigs that are active,” said Carl R. Tannenbaum, chief economist at the Northern Trust Company. Maryland, D.C. officials seek Metro management overhaul. Metro must improve its management and accountability before local governments have the confidence to invest billions of dollars in expanding the transit system to handle the region’s expected growth, top transportation officials from Maryland and the District said.

Maryland, D.C. officials seek Metro management overhaul

The two officials described in separate interviews the kind of “turnaround expert” they want Metro to pick as its new chief executive. They say that continuing problems with finances and safety show that Metro is poorly run from top to bottom. How CEO Marissa Mayer turned around Yahoo. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Not much had been going right for Yahoo until it lured Marissa Mayer away from Google to become its CEO last summer.

How CEO Marissa Mayer turned around Yahoo

The move is shaping up as the best thing to happen to Yahoo since 2005 when it invested $1 billion in what was then a little-known Internet company in China, Alibaba. Mayer's magnetism and Alibaba's prosperity are now combining to transform Yahoo from a tale of woe into a comeback story that is winning over Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

Comcast debuts 2 gigabit Internet service in Atlanta. How 300 Emails Led to a Summer Job on Wall Street. To land a summer job on Wall Street this year, Fairfield University junior Matthew Edgar sent 300 emails, made dozens of phone calls and several networking trips to New York banks from the Connecticut campus.

How 300 Emails Led to a Summer Job on Wall Street

Darwin Li had a more direct route: The Princeton University junior applied online for positions and attended campus information sessions where company recruiters walked him through the application process and the firm’s culture. A growing number of employers say a degree from a prestigious college counts less than it once did. But among elite finance and management-consulting firms—which offer some of the highest starting salaries for new graduates—an alma mater still matters. That puts students from less-selective schools at a disadvantage, career-services officers and students say.

Voices: Why Amazon Dash is brilliant. Amazon Dash doesn't make us lazy.

Voices: Why Amazon Dash is brilliant

It makes us smarter. It's easy to mistake simplicity for laziness. The Wi-Fi-enabled Dash strips are about the size of a pack of gum and feature a brand logo, a single button and an adhesive strip to stick it where you'll use it. Wear your social network. What if your likes and interests on social media were broadcast to the world offline?

Wear your social network

Would that make it easier for you to make real-world connections with people? That’s the idea behind Social Textiles, a wearable social network created by Media Lab students Viirj Kan, Katsuya Fujii, Judith Amores, and Chang Long Zhu Jin — members of the Fluid Interfaces and Tangible Media groups. A Social Network Designed to Combat Depression. Social networks aspire to connect people, which is a noble but naive goal.

A Social Network Designed to Combat Depression

When we uncritically accept connection as a good thing, we overlook difficult, important questions: Are some forms of virtual communication more nourishing than others? Might some in fact be harmful? Is it possible that Facebook, for instance, leaves some people feeling more lonely? No one knows for sure. We tend to build things first and worry about the effects they have on us later. Salesforce CEO: We're helping employees move out of Indiana - Apr. 1, 2015. Benioff told CNN's Poppy Harlow on Wednesday that several employees have asked for transfers -- and he has agreed, even supplying relocation packages. "I just got an email on the way to studio from another employee who said, 'look I don't feel comfortable living in this state anymore, you have to move me out,' and I gave him a $50,000 relocation package and said, 'great, you're clear to go.' " Benioff acknowledged that Salesforce (CRM, Tech30) won't be able to completely pull out of Indiana, given the size of the company's operations there.

But the company is helping individual employees who feel oppressed to leave. The Key Habit Of Highly Effective Teams. In Silicon Valley, where I work, teams are obsessed with crossing the divide between having great dreams and actually achieving them. It’s the difference between world-shaking impact and dreaded obscurity. I’ve personally been on teams that have experienced both, and I’ve observed many more in action. I’ve learned teams that achieve great things share one key habit—they are committed to clarity. Clarity is their hidden, often unspoken advantage. Teams armed with clarity know exactly what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and who’s responsible.

Ronda Rousey loses... in marshmallow challenge (video) Ronda Rousey finally lost at something. She lost in a marshmallow challenge to Mike Golic. Ronda Rousey finally lost.

Target's CEO encourages teamwork.

Team Leaders Need Better Data, Faster. Study performance inside any organization and one finding leaps out at you. It’s one of those revelations that is at once obvious and surprising, the sort of discovery that’s as clear as day, and yet makes you realize that you’ve never seen it written about in the business press. This discovery is range—that is, variation in performance between two teams in the same organization doing precisely the same kind of work. Whether that performance is measured as per-person productivity, quality, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, accidents on the job, or lost workdays—and even if you study highly controlled environments, such as retail or manufacturing, in which each “team” has been carefully constructed to do exactly the same job in exactly the same way—you still find significant range in the performance metrics.

Your team leader is the one who makes the difference. Instabrand raises $2.5 million in venture funding. Instabrand, a Los Angeles start-up that helps strike deals between advertisers and individuals with large social media followings, announced Tuesday that it has raised $2.5 million in venture capital. The investment is the latest sign that advertisers are looking to spend more money on campaigns in which they are promoted by celebrities whose fame comes from what they post on Instagram, Twitter or other social media apps. Instabrand says it’s fielding more demand from advertisers such as Calvin Klein, Kia and McDonald’s than it can handle, and the cash is expected to allow nine months of hiring and product development in the span of two months.

In particular, Instabrand wants to find ways to understand the characteristics of the people who follow a certain influencer, or social media celebrity. Steve Nash: Never Above Us, But Easy To Look Up To. This writer was about 11 years old when he started becoming a sports fan. Teamwork is at heart of apprentices’ bid for title.

How Timberland, Levi's Use Teamwork to Advance Sustainability. Businesses can't take on complex environmental and social issues without input from the full spectrum of stakeholders ranging from NGOs and community groups to their suppliers, employees and investors. Google names Ruth Porat its next finance chief. March Madness Teamwork Lessons We Can Use In Business.

Great teams (the Fab Four)

Self-awareness at work leads to greater efficiency, better teamwork - The Daily Item: Lifestyles. Wallendas' history one of greatness and tragedy. How Target's CEO Inspires Teamwork At A Massive Scale. Teamwork exercise. Enterprises need to embrace ‘spend optimisation’ TAG Team: Swiss Watch Giant Partners With Google, Intel. Germanwings Co-Pilot Sought to Destroy Plane in French Crash. Institute 'Spring Training' for Your Business. The annual ritual of Major League baseball’s spring training has begun. And every major league baseball team starts spring training with the same goal: winning the World Series. Yet only two of the 30 teams will make it to the title series -- and only one will win. Related: 4 Ways to Successfully Develop Employees Year-Round.

March Madness Teamwork Lessons We Can Use In Business. Zappos to Ditch Job Titles, Bosses for Self-Managed Teams.

Kobe doesn't need team mates

Fresh and easy closing? The Power of Asking Your Team for Feedback  Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team. Christophe Lemaire Says Cohesion and Teamwork Are Most Important - The Business of Fashion. How teamwork, trust and improved communication reduce mistakes in the ER. NFL banning illegal formation Patriots used in playoffs. How To Stop Groupthink And Make Meetings More Productive.

How teamwork can prevent patient falls. Why Group Brainstorming Is a Waste of Time. Robert Wallace named to lead Stanford Management Company. Kraft and Heinz merging to form food and beverage giant. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Business groups dominate in lobbying the Legislature. Managers Need to Make Time for Face Time. How to keep employees motivated. Janet Yellen Opposes Changes to Fed Structure.

Few Companies Actually Succeed at Going Global. Positive Teams Are More Productive. Changes to Intercollegiate Athletics organizational structure announced. 10 Principles of Organization Design. Monica Lewinsky Breaks Her Public Silence With a TED Talk. Weintraub Tobin changes management structure to handle growth - Sacramento Business Journal. Fear of Failure and Lack of Speed In a Large Corporation. The Walt Disney Co. using hierarchical levels for their organization's design.

Morgan Stanley: Tesla is the world's most important car company. Verizon Is Trying Streaming Video—Again. Damn the Org Chart. 5 Leadership Lessons From Being a Student Again. As Amazon Stumbles in China, India Rises as Its Biggest Overseas Opportunity. Pittsburgh Set to Become First City Run by Google. Human heart on a chip could replace animal drug testing - CNET. Why IBM’s CEO thinks in threes.

Uk.businessinsider. Uk.businessinsider. A strategy for clean water: Set deadlines and measure results. The Morning Download: Apple Watch Debuts With Business Apps. Why prisons need prison gangs. How Big Spaceship fosters creativity through organizational design. City commission candidates differ on pro-business environment in Lawrence. Here Are The Secrets Of HP, Unilever And Other Highly Sustainable Companies. Zynga Inc Looks Weak When Analyzed Through Porter's 5 Forces.

Business Management: Generic strategies to achieve a competitive advantage. Female Company President: "I'm sorry to all the mothers I worked with" Welcome to Forbes. Almond growers consider beekeeping. Netflix Accelerates Ambitious Global Expansion as U.S. Growth Slows. Sprint Is Slaying The Oligopoly: Verizon And AT&T Should Be Concerned - Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S) Netflix in China: company hopes to enter market without local partner.

Sling TV to take on Netflix and Amazon with new movie streaming channels from Epix.