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Transforming into an Agile company. Technology is not new as a disruptive force – but it is accelerating change like never before today.

Transforming into an Agile company

Every single service is accessed digitally, in real time by the customer. To do so and stay competitive while meeting changing customers’ expectations, companies are moving towards Agile transformation which is now a competitive lever to: Help business & IT to be more customer centric.Break with the rigid long-term plans & improve IT project quality and efficiency: Large V-cycle programs are often risky and costly. They are risky because they take time to deliver and often meet partially their versatile objectives. Agile approaches enable teams to reduce costs by 15 to 20% with less documentation, faster collaboration, better integration and earlier detection of defects.

Capgemini Invent 4s framework for Agile industrialization. To enable this shift, Capgemini Invent has developed a 4s framework, Sprints, Strategy, Structure and Staff. The Japanese art principle that teaches how to work with failure. Like a favorite cup or plate, people sometimes crack.

The Japanese art principle that teaches how to work with failure

We may even break. Obviously, we cannot and ought not throw ourselves away when this happens. Instead, we can relish the blemishes and learn to turn these scars into art—like kintsugi (金継ぎ), an ancient Japanese practice that beautifies broken pottery. Kintsugi, or gold splicing, is a physical manifestation of resilience. Instead of discarding marred vessels, practitioners of the art repair broken items with a golden adhesive that enhances the break lines, making the piece unique. Notes from “Good Strategy / Bad Strategy” by Jeff Zych. Posted on Jun 27, 2018 by Jeff Zych Strategy has always been a fuzzy concept in my mind.

Notes from “Good Strategy / Bad Strategy” by Jeff Zych

Estrategias creativas. 21 metaforas. The Greiner Curve - Strategy Tools training from Understanding the Crises That Come With Growth © VeerAlliance Fast-growing companies can often be chaotic places to work. As workloads increase exponentially, approaches which have worked well in the past start failing. Teams and people get overwhelmed with work. Previously-effective managers start making mistakes as their span of control expands. While growth is fun when things are going well, when things go wrong, this chaos can be intensely stressful. The "Greiner Curve" is a useful way of thinking about the crises that organizations experience as they grow. By understanding it, you can quickly understand the root cause of many of the problems you're likely to experience in a fast growing business. Understanding the Theory Greiner's Growth Model describes phases that organizations go through as they grow.

Merrifield Consulting Group. 1.

Merrifield Consulting Group

Crafting a Good Strategy, Part II 2. 4 Guidelines for Great "Service Encounters" 3. La teoría del caos o el desafío de gerenciar con reglas inestables. Por lo tanto, además de anticiparse y responder al nuevo escenario, las empresas tienen otra opción, más poderosa.

La teoría del caos o el desafío de gerenciar con reglas inestables

CyTA. La Teoría del Caos y la estrategia en los sistemas complejos.


Templates and Worksheets from Mind Tools. BAIN GUIDE Management Tools 2015 executives guide. How to Win With Your Innovative Tech Product or Service. Innovation Performance Framework. Robert G. Cooper - Best Practices in New-Product Development – The Success Drivers. New Products – What Separates The Winners From The Losers and What Drives Success Provides a complete overview of the most important best practices and drivers of success in product innovation.

Robert G. Cooper - Best Practices in New-Product Development – The Success Drivers

In this article (Chapter 1 from the PDMA handbook), Cooper looks at success factors both at the project level – what makes new products succeed – and also at the company level – why are some businesses so much more successful than others. Integrates years of studies into a conclusive and compelling set of success drivers and best practices. PDF Download Winning at New Products: Pathways to Profitable Innovation Written for Microsoft’s webpage, in this article, Cooper focuses on the four major themes or forces that drive positive outcomes in product innovation for businesses.

PDF Download. La estrategia del océano azul. ¿En qué consiste el análisis PESTEL de entornos empresariales? Diez tendencias para entender la revolución digital. Las claves de la era que ha encumbrado a gigantes tecnológicos como Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify o Alibaba.

Diez tendencias para entender la revolución digital

Cada año, la prestigiosa analista estadounidense Mary Meeker analiza en el informe Internet Trends de Kleiner Perkins las grandes tendencias que marcan el desarrollo digital. Analizamos las diez claves más destacadas de la última edición del estudio. LOBOS: Cómo los lobos son capaces de cambiar el curso del río. Michael Porter: Why business can be good at solving social problems. B Corp Ambassador — Chanelle Sladics. B Corp Anthem - B The Change. Harmony Point of View Karün - Practice on roadmapping 1265908167. Architecting — cambridge roadmapping. It's not critical to get the roadmap design perfect first time (good enough will do), as testing it with content through several iterations may be necessary to stabilise the structure and language.

Architecting — cambridge roadmapping

Also, remember that any diagram (including those on this page) is just a representation and not the underlying conceptual framework itself. When structuring a roadmap diagram one has choices about what to show, where to put it, and how much space and emphasis to give it, based on judgements relating to purpose and context. The underlying architectural elements that one considers as part of the design need not all be shown on the roadmap diagram - some may be implicit, used as organising principles but not explicitly depicted. Special interface layers may be be inserted for good reason - e.g. to highlight enablers and barriers to transferring new technologies to production.

Master Thesis Steffen Lanfer s1037862. Solución de modelo operativo integrado. Sabemos qué es lo que se necesita para crear y ejecutar un modelo de servicios compartidos avanzado y distintivo, que nosotros denominamos modelo de servicios de negocio integrado.

Solución de modelo operativo integrado

Modelo operativo para un Centro de investigación y desarrollo tecnoló… Cadena integral 0508.