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The Shift in Consciousness from Enterprise Silos to Ecosystem Wholeness #FoW. Which is the best mindmapping software? I track discussions about mind mapping on Twitter and in blogs, and I often hear or read the question "Which is the best mindmapping software?

Which is the best mindmapping software?

" Anyone who gives you a single, immediate answer either knows you and your mindmapping activities very well, or is likely recommending the one that they've become familiar with themselves. Sharing economy. Reid Hoffman’s Big Dreams for LinkedIn. We’ll send you a reminder.

Reid Hoffman’s Big Dreams for LinkedIn

Your reminder will be sent Early on a Monday evening in June, Reid Hoffman, the founder and executive chairman of the business-oriented networking site LinkedIn, met Mark Pincus, the founder and chief executive of the gaming site Zynga, for dinner at a casual restaurant in Portola Valley, California, a wealthy residential town at the western edge of Silicon Valley.

The New Leader's Playbook - Tips for onboarding/on-boarding. Moving into new roles are crucible events of leadership and some of the toughest challenges people face.

The New Leader's Playbook - Tips for onboarding/on-boarding

Nearly half of new le aders fail in their first 18 months*. Avoid that problem by getting a head start, managing your message, setting direction and building momentum and then following through to sustain momentum and deliver results. 150 Buyer Persona Questions You Must Ask - While my business partner Colin Mathews has been working on building (my latest project), I’ve been hard at work building buzz and recruiting beta users.

150 Buyer Persona Questions You Must Ask -

So far, we’ve had more than 3,500 people request access to the system, but only a few hundred of those really got the product and were successfully able to leverage it. Along the way, I’ve learned – relearned, actually – the importance of understanding your customers on a deep level. One of my favorite tools for understanding my customers is the buyer persona, but what I’ve found is that most people who use this strategy don’t take it far enough.

Simply knowing someone’s age, gender and geographic location isn’t enough – you’ve got to go deeper. The other day my co-founder, Dan Carroll, asked me a number of questions about Venture Capital returns because he was stunned by the valuations of some recently announced deals.

After I answered the question, Dan and a few colleagues who were within earshot encouraged me to share my perspective on the subject because it is so poorly understood. Much has been written about the financial performance of the companies backed by venture capitalists, but very little has been written about the economics of the venture capital industry itself. With this post we open the kimono on who funds VCs, what returns they expect and how the best VCs consistently succeed in outperforming those expectations. Who Funds VCs? The primary providers of funding to the venture capital industry are managers of large pools of capital.

Why Do Institutions Fund VCs? These 20 firms don’t change much over time and are so oversubscribed that they are very hard for new limited partners to access. The Fearless Heart. I have not found a word that captures the exact line that I am looking for.

The Fearless Heart

Commitment may be a bit too strong, and tends to connote “should,” thus invoking the non-choiceful energy of obligation and duty. “Intention” is not strong enough, in my mind, to carry the unwavering force of staying the course even when the going gets hard. Somewhere I also want to capture the unpredictability of life. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) What Is a MOOC? A massive open online course (MOOC) is a model for delivering learning content online to any person who wants to take a course, with no limit on attendance. This updated ELI 7 Things You Should Know About MOOCs II (June 2013) provides additional key facts about MOOCs. A short video about MOOCs and the connected age.

MOOC Resources How Students Engage with a Remedial English Writing MOOC: A Case Study in Learning Analytics with Big Data, ELI Brief, March 2015. Previous Events EDUCAUSE Sprint 2013, July 30–August 1. Bloomberg Briefs. Harvesting intangible assets: Andrew Sherman at TEDxUniversityofNevada. A change management checklist - Leading change. To improve your odds, use this change management checklist Organizations must become increasingly able to change quickly and easily.

A change management checklist - Leading change

Mehowey.leadpages. My team and I value your time, we take it very seriously, and we give you our very best.


It is our personal goal and mission to help everyone who attends any of our trainings to... 100 Amazing Creativity Interviews / Creative Careers in the Arts Interviews / Molly Childers : 100 Amazing Creativity Interviews W ith hundreds of interviews published on the Creativity Portal® Web site through the years, none are more insightful, encouraging, and inspiring than this special series of Creative Careers In the Arts interviews published between 2006 and 2011.

100 Amazing Creativity Interviews / Creative Careers in the Arts Interviews /

During this five-year span, Molly Anderson-Childers, Chris Dunmire, and Kristi Tencarre all had the privileged opportunity to ask questions to creative luminaries Natalie Goldberg, SARK, Angela Cartwright, Peter Clothier, Jill Badonsky and several baker's dozen's of other fabulous muses, artists, teachers, and writers. Value_Creating_Solutions_in_PE_2013.1QTR.pdf. From Social Networks To Market Networks. James Currier is a cofounder and partner of NFX Guild, an early-stage fund with a three-month program for marketplace and network businesses.

From Social Networks To Market Networks

How to join the network Most people didn’t notice last month when a 35-person company in San Francisco called HoneyBook announced a $22 million Series B*. What was unusual about the deal is that nearly all the best-known Silicon Valley VCs competed for it. That’s because HoneyBook is a prime example of an important new category of digital company that combines the best elements of networks like Facebook with marketplaces like Airbnb — what we call a market network. Market networks will produce a new class of unicorn companies and impact how millions of service professionals will work and earn their living.

What Is A Market Network? “Marketplaces” provide transactions among multiple buyers and multiple sellers — like eBay, Etsy, Uber and LendingClub. What’s unique about market networks is that they: Define your Target Market. Those who get involved in social movements share a common experience: Sometimes, when an issue captures the public eye or an unexpected event triggers a wave of mass protest, there can be periods of intense activity, when new members rush to join the cause and movement energy swells. But these extraordinary times are often followed by long, fallow stretches when activists’ numbers dwindle and advocates struggle to draw any attention at all. During these lulls, those who have tasted the euphoria of a peak moment feel discouraged and pessimistic.

The ups and downs of social movements can be hard to take. Certainly, activists fighting around issues of inequality and economic justice have seen this pattern in the wake of Occupy Wall Street. Yield-starved investors driving asset prices to dangerous levels: OECD. Peer to Peer Lending & P2P Investing - Lend Academy. The New Art of the Possible. 10 Ways to Teach Innovation. Understanding-Capital-Raising-Options-Infographic1-600x3739.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 3739 pixels) - Scaled (26%)

People top OECD priority list, says OECD's Gurria. Wisdom Networks! Opportunity? What? Why? Where? How? Wisdom Networks crowd create Network Society and accelerate the Wisdom of Crowds (r)evolution for health, education, equity market, innovation, organisations, countries and regions. 18 Behaviors of Emotionally Intelligent People. Livebinders. Commons Abundance Network. Learning theories. Valuation As A Scorecard. High Impact Research Tools. East and West Perceive Authority Differently. And It Affects Your Cross-Cultural Team. When working with cross-cultural teams, especially teams where East meets West, team members can have very different perceptions of authority.

Are you aware that these different perceptions affect the functioning of your team, and your role as a business leader? Livebinders.