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Please share your example of best practice relating to school library curation or virtual practice. (Feel free to include LibGuides and Hyperdocs.)

WE Library - Washington Elementary. The mission of WE Library is to foster a love of reading ​and help our students become effective users of information.

WE Library - Washington Elementary

The websites below are funded and provided by Iowa AEA (Area Education Agencies). A login id may be required for these websites. A district-wide login is sent to students from the library or you may contact the school librarian, Megan Casey, to obtain the login.MackinViaA new elementary school library site with ebooks, some of which of are audio. ESD Virtual Library Learning Commons (Amber) Manville High School Library (Caroline) Dedham High School Library (Eden M-S) Discovery ES Library (Meg Pettigano) (LuAnn) Home - LS Lambert Library - LibGuides at Princeton Day School. Friends Free Library Alexandria Lists. Virtual Library / Virtual Library. Pennsbury High School Library.

Built on Google Sites, this library may be my overall favorite. Just about everything under the sun, from freely available ebook resources to subscription databases to factchecking tools to citation aids to subject-specific materials to school Chromebook policy to news and information sources to the school’s reading challenge, is readily available and easily accessible. In terms of immediate navigability, breadth and depth, and overall integration of the library’s physical and digital presences, I’m quite impressed. – avastmorsel

Home - Weston High School Library - Weston LibGuides at Weston High School.

Built as a LibGuide, this site is the most impressive research portal I’ve seen, directing students to a wealth of research guides and databases for every conceivable purpose, including specific assignments. The digital tool highlights provide students with a reasonably sized (large, but not overwhelming) array of useful platforms, and the reading tab helps promote a free independent reading culture. I’m also a fan of the parent tab, as it directly addresses a critical stakeholder group. A great cross-section of useful materials. – avastmorsel

Lovejoy High School Library - Home.

Built on Weebly, this site is far and away the most aesthetically pleasant. Much of what’s present is fairly predictable, but it arranges a respectable variety of program/school-specific and general resources in a fairly intuitive manner. The About page allows library staff to communicate a bit about their respective personalities and pedagogies, which is always a plus; likewise, little touches throughout liven up what could otherwise seem a stagnant or stilted website of necessity. Still, this one loses points for dead links and a slightly cringy video page (teens will give the BOTD, but at a point… Just come on.). – avastmorsel

All Guides Alphabetically - Research guides at University of Toronto. Lee High School Library (Valenza) Using the Library: What do I need to know?

Lee High School Library (Valenza)

Coming to the Library Students are welcome before school, after school, during intervention (with a library pass), lunch time (with a library pass), and during class (with a pass) or with a class for instruction. hen do I need a pass to come to the library? Passes required at library during lunch time, intervention, and class time. Intervention Time: Students who come during intervention are must stay in the library for the remainder of the period. Lunch time & Class time: All students must sign in on the computer at the front desk. Media Center Highland Elementary School.webloc. Haley James - Bergenfield High School Library. Welcome - Station Eleven - Geier Library at Berkshire School (Margi Putney) A devastating flu pandemic wipes out 99% of the world's population.

Welcome - Station Eleven - Geier Library at Berkshire School (Margi Putney)

Plus Shakespeare, a traveling symphony, a mysterious graphic novel about an undersea world, an aging movie star who struggles with identity in a tabloid news-obsessed society, and a super creepy cult leader whose members secretly want to escape. Find out how they are all connected in Station Eleven, the 2018 All-School Read. One snowy night a famous Hollywood actor slumps over and dies onstage during a production of King Lear.

Hours later, the world as we know it begins to dissolve. Portsmouth NH Libraries Catalog. Phillips Exeter Academy (Fran) Voorhees Middle School Library / WELCOME (Fran) About the Library - Ipswich High/Middle School Library Media Center - LibGuides at Ipswich High School (Ariel Richvalsky) The Pingry Lower School Library. Reading – Stories – eBooks: International Children's Digital Library Grade: K-5, 6-8 Subject area: Arts, English, Foreign language, Literature, Social Studies, Geography, History Summary: <br><br><br>Do you want to read a book on the Internet... or see what books written in other languages are like?

The Pingry Lower School Library

Click on the title above to search a catalogue of books that you can read any time. This Website has books in English, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Serbian, Hebrew, Persian / Farsi, Arabic, Filipino / Tagalog, Japanese, Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese, Swahili and many more. Chrissy Holcombe - Shepaug Valley School Library. Holly Sphatt - East Brunswick Public Library. Jessica Eschbach - Reedy Library Website.

The Reedy Library Website is aesthetically pleasing, well-organized, and easy to navigate. The librarian who put this site together really thought about how people would use the website, making the most important information a link in the top navigation bar. I really love the curated project and course information on the main page, the links to twitter and pinterest, and the easy accessible catalog. I wish every school library webpage was this easy to use. – jge2

Westfield High School Library Media Center (Chris Lainson) Larry Ferlazzo: Best of Week (Ana) Shawnee High School Media Center (Jill) Library Launch - Randolph High School Media Center - LibGuides (Christina B.) Virtual Library - Brookside Elementary School. LibGuides at Brisbane Grammar School (Amy) Time to get snapping!

LibGuides at Brisbane Grammar School (Amy)

Entries are now open for the BGS 2019 Photography Competition. The theme for this year is 'Diversity'. We are looking for images that reflect inclusion, fairness, opportunity, respect, and inspire imagination and creativity. Three categories. The Hun School Library and Information Services Portal (Amy) Home - KAHS Subject Guides - LibGuides at Kutztown Area High School (Mary Kate) Library Media Homepage / HHS Library Media Center (Christina W.) William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (Christina Williams) BRMS Media Center (Susan) South Brunswick High School (Amy)

This is my FE school. They are especially strong in creating Class Resource pages, but also have many book talks and videos. – searchlib

GO! Ask Act Achieve (Steve T.)

I love this pin! For so many learners, getting started is the hardest part. Sometimes students have to find a topic on their own and other times, they are given one. Either way, starting the journey of exploration is always the hardest. This is a great digital tool to help them on their journey! – amc617

Wicomico County students receive virtual library cards - WMDT (Allison) At Your Library: From virtual reality to the stars of the Maya (Allison) Decatur High School Library (Erin) New Canaan HS Library (Gina) Tagged: summer-reading-2020 From Ms.

New Canaan HS Library (Gina)

Mabee: A very sweet love story that takes a modern spin on Pride and Prejudice. If you're in need of a cozy romance I highly recommend this one. Ayesha and her family are Muslim Canadians, and despite her dreams of becoming a po... From Ms. WTSD.

This is the portal to my FE School Library and Virtual Collections. Online collection sites like PebbleGo is a great source for emerging readers. Follet Destiny connects to our Physical Catalog and Connects a user to Digital Collections. --James – jrb13

Bedford High School Library (Erin H)

I don't know why a picture is not showing up, but this is actually the library I am in for FE. After searching the internet, I ended up back here and comparing the others to this one, so I figure I should share. There are a few things that I specifically appreciate about this library website. I first appreciate the cleanness of the front page. As much as I enjoy LibGuides, I think sometimes they can be overwhelming as a library website front page. All basic library info (link to catalog, citation help, librarian info, and yearbook info). I figure the front page is a "face" of your library, and it should give a sense of what you're about, but not be so full of info that you feel overwhelmed (tabs are our friends). The librarian reserves LibGuide for Research topics (Databases>Help with Research> BHS Research LibGuide). The curation on these LibGuides is great in my opinion. She has multiple guides for different topics (subject based, or topic based). The one thing I wish is that the LibGuides were easier to find for the different subjects (to find them it's Databases>Help with Research>BHS Libguides). – erininfopro

Library Media Services - Hillsborough County Public Schools.

I chose this library for a few reasons. I love that it broke down the pages into age groups. This makes it really easy for students to find the best resources for their grade level. I like that she provides documentation on library policies and SLMS job descriptions as well. This goes a long way towards providing transparency as to what is happening in the library The last reason I chose it was because it shared what was going on in the library (poetry jam, SLAM showcase). It sort of serves as an ePortfolio for the librarian running the library. – benspoelstra

Library Media Services - Hillsborough County Public Schools (Ben) WJJMSLMC (Lisa R.)

I love the personality in those videos! So fun! – erininfopro

Home - BASD Library Information Technology Research Centers - LibGuides at Bethlehem Area School District. Resources - High School Virtual Library - Gale.

Hillsbourough County Public Schools "High School Virtual Library Library Media Services" page is well organized and designed. The fact that it's a Gale page makes it familiar and therefore more user friendly since a number of students may know Gale databases. There are useful tutorials to assist students in finding information. There are also helpful resources surrounding mental health topics if students need support in that area, which I found to be unique to digital libraries. There are also career resources, e-books and ways to connect with the local public libraries. Overall, there seems to be a number of useful information for high school aged students and displayed in a way that makes it easily accessible. – laurenjames3

Virtual Library - McKinley Elementary School (Anina) Hershey Middle School Library (from Steve T. - with Comments!)

Steve, you're not alone in finding more sites that needed improvement than ones that were excellent! I love Weston's site as well, I came across them in my own searches (I searched geographically, and Weston isn't far from me). Agreed on the ingenious password request! The S'Cool Tools was a great idea, and using the edshelf tool was such an excellent way to curate here! Nice find! – erininfopro
First, let me say that it is a lot easier to find examples of sites that could be improved than to find excellent sites. Second, I particularly love the Weston Public Schools Library site ( ) - I plan to rip off a whole lot of this front page, and some of the other bits and pieces, too. But since I’m looking forward to working in my middle school, I tried to find a nicely designed middle-school-specific site. The Hershey Middle School library site is very user-friendly, and seems well organized. Clearly, there was some thought put into what the main purposes of students will be when they use the library site. The Home page needs a little bit of tweaking so it doesn’t run super-long down the right side, but the information it provides is engaging and interesting. The site’s tabs are simple, easy to parse, and well thought-out. The “Find Books” page gives students options about how they can access materials - not just the school OPAC, but also ebooks, audiobooks, Overdrive, and a link for free ebooks from other sites. It’s a great resource that helps students quickly find what they want, how they want it. The “Project Guides” are really excellent - they gather topic-relevant links to resources. But my favorite part is that the librarian cleverly included a link through which students can request passwords via Google Docs - it’s really quite ingenious! If students want to access a password-protected resource, they can ask the librarian to share the password, and in doing so, they provide the librarian with a record of who has requested access. So smart! Another great feature is the “Find Media” page, which not only points students toward useful media resources, but also builds in a lesson on Creative Commons, Public Domain, and Fair Use. I particularly like the “S’Cool Tools” tab, which encourages students/visitors to submit ideas to the librarian for items that should be added. – thegoogledoc

Virtual Library - Morris Knolls HS Library - Research Guides at Morris Knolls High School.

I like how the pages with resources are all styled and organized in the same way. Makes it less overwhelming for students. This librarian has done a lot of curating here. – erininfopro
I am blown away by the quantity of LibGuides this high school librarian has created. Other elements of her page that I appreciate are the images beside each database, and the tabs that break down the research process and primary sources. – jacquelyntasker

Home - Lee High School Library Website - Lee High School Library at Robert E. Lee High School (Taylor) Using the Library: What do I need to know?

Home - Lee High School Library Website - Lee High School Library at Robert E. Lee High School (Taylor)

Coming to the Library. Norwood Public School Elementary Library Homepage (Rebecca S.) MS/HS Media Center / Welcome (sylvia D) New Providence HS/MS Media Center Mrs.

This is my FE. It is a prime example of an effective Virtual School Library. Students can access databases, tutorials, guides etc. at the convenience of their home. – sdynak

Paula McGraw.

MS/HS Media Center / Welcome (sylvia D)

Media Specialist Mrs.

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