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Fact or Fiction?: Video Games Are the Future of Education. BBC NI - Schools - Musical Mysteries - Home Page. BlockGames. Digital Learning Games Used by Majority of Teachers, Survey Finds. Gaming in Education – Minecraft in Schools? I recently returned from a holiday in Orlando, Florida, where I was privileged to be able to attend “Minecon”, a convention for the popular sandbox game “Minecraft”, developed by Mojang AB.

Gaming in Education – Minecraft in Schools?

Personally I’m a big fan and long term player of the game, and I’m amazed at how this ‘phenomenon’ has swept across the world. It was great to see how the game is being used and where the game is heading in the future. You might think this is an odd thing to write about on an Education related blog, but there is a link, trust me… read on One of the exhibitors at the convention was TeacherGaming, an organisation who have chosen to focus on ways in which games can be used in an educational setting. Their current, ongoing, project is starting to make schools and educators sit up and pay attention. What is MinecraftEdu? According to the MinecraftEdu website: MinecraftEdu is the collaboration of a small team of educators and programmers from the United States and Finland. Why Use MinecraftEdu?

Technical Stuff. Games . Go! George Go! Come play again later!

Games . Go! George Go!

Come play again tomorrow! Geocaching Finds Its Way To the Classroom – The Geocaching Blog. By: Kara Bonilla West Mercer Elementary Students geocaching Teachers for all grade levels have begun to use the location-based treasure hunting adventure of geocaching as a teaching tool.

Geocaching Finds Its Way To the Classroom – The Geocaching Blog

Teachers say students learning through geocaching enjoy benefits far beyond learning outside of a classroom setting; geocaching makes learning more enjoyable and creates unforgettable learning opportunities for students. Ellis Reyes, a fifth grade teacher at West Mercer Elementary in Washington, USA, has been using geocaching in the classroom for the past two years.

He integrates the activity into several subjects. Ellis hides different types of geocaches for his students to find on campus and in nearby local parks. A lesson involving geocaching in Ellis’s classroom tasks students to use several sets of skills, especially problem solving and advanced math skills. Adventure Island. Educational Video Games Can Boost Motivation to Learn, NYU, CUNY Study Shows. Math video games can enhance students’ motivation to learn, but it may depend on how students play, researchers at New York University and the City University of New York have found in a study of middle-schoolers.

Educational Video Games Can Boost Motivation to Learn, NYU, CUNY Study Shows

While playing a math video game either competitively or collaboratively with another player—as compared to playing alone—students adopted a mastery mindset that is highly conducive to learning. Play to Learn, Part I: When will educational games be mainstream resources? 04/21 by Education Table Talk. Broadcast in Education 0 comments Follow This Show If you liked this show, you should follow Education Table Talk.

Play to Learn, Part I: When will educational games be mainstream resources? 04/21 by Education Table Talk

Call in to speak with the host. Learning - Games That Teach. Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games. EJ1043955.pdf. Online Adaptive Software for 21st Century Learners. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity. Spellbound - Free Word And Spelling Game Online. Six to Start. Sid the Science Kid . Activities. Second Life Official Site - Virtual Worlds, Avatars, Free 3D Chat. Shakespeare For Kids. Incredibox - Express your musicality. Top 10 Education Gamification Examples that will Change our Future. New to Gamification?

Top 10 Education Gamification Examples that will Change our Future

Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: Octalysis Education Gamification in Action. There’s a lot of potential in the field of Education Gamification. I believe that humans have an innate Desire to learn. However, much of the school system these days “gets in the way of our education If you ask children, “What is work?” Clearly there should be a way to help kids learn from what they do best – play. No longer viewed as a mundane process for presenting information while testing for retention and understanding, the modern educational challenge involves tasks of engaging students, stimulating their interests, retaining their attention, and maintaining a positive attitude in a nurturing environment Key to these goals is the effort to maintain a rich communications environment that encourages feedback and reinforcement, not only between the instructor/teacher and students, but also between the students themselves.

Gamification Wiki. Kids Games – Educational Computer Games Online. A game-based learning and assessment tool for middle school students covering the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Game-based blended learning & classroom response system.

Classroom Game Design: Paul Andersen at TEDxBozeman. How we will learn. MindShift explores the future of learning in all its dimensions.

How we will learn

We examine how learning is being impacted by technology, discoveries about how the brain works, poverty and inequities, social and emotional practices, assessments, digital games, design thinking and music, among many other topics. We look at how learning is evolving in the classroom and beyond.We also revisit old ideas that have come full circle in the era of the over scheduled child, such as unschooling, tinkering, playing in the woods, mindfulness, inquiry-based learning and student motivation. We report on shifts in how educators practice their craft as they apply innovative ideas to help students learn, while meeting the rigorous demands of their standards and curriculum.

MindShift has a unique audience of educators, tinkerers, policy makers and life-long learners who engage in meaningful dialogue with one another on our sites. Contact the us by email. Math Play - Free Online Math Games. Math: High School Games - Game On: Increasing Learning Through Online Games.