A scene from the disting of 2008 The Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson, who was well-informed of Swedish matters and visited the country in 1219,[4] explained in the Heimskringla (1225): In Svithjod[5] it was the old custom, as long as heathenism prevailed, that the chief sacrifice took place in Goe month[6] at Upsala. Then sacrifice was offered for peace, and victory to the king; and thither came people from all parts of Svithjod. All the Things of the Swedes, also, were held there, and markets, and meetings for buying, which continued for a week: and after Christianity was introduced into Svithjod, the Things and fairs were held there as before. Disting Disting
Pagan Auctions
Asatru Update Asatru Update The industrialized West today is a rotten, decadent structure. Our people dance to the tune played by the media and a political elite that - regardless of party or ideological label - merely reigns over our decline. Our "celebrities" are jaded, negative images of normality. We are isolated from each other, from our history as a Folk, from our ancestors, and from Nature.