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Google Earth 5. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 6 Google Chrome Extensions Every Teacher Should Know about. February 9, 2016 If you are a heavy user of Google products you might find these Chrome extensions very helpful. We have selected for you some of the most popular educational extensions created by Google and shared in Chrome web store. Some of the things you can do with these add-ons as a teacher include: save web content directly to your Google Drive, easily share URLs and resources with your students in Google Classroom, search for scholarly articles as you navigate the net, view and edit Office files in Google Drive, quickly share resources via Gmail, and initiate image-based searches. 1- Google Scholar Button ‘This extension adds a browser button for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page.

Click the Scholar button to:Find full text on the web or in your university library; Transfer your query from web search to Scholar; Format references in widely used citation styles. 2- Share to Classroom 3- Save to Google Drive 4- Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides 5- Send from Gmail. The Google Educast. Google Classroom. 10 Google Docs Hacks Every Teacher Should Know. Google Docs is a popular word processing tool because it allows ready access to your documents and files from any internet connected device. It permits users to readily share documents and easily collaborate on materials. If you are already familiar with Google Docs, try out these 10 hacks to up your Google game! Convert a Word Doc to Google Docs Microsoft Word is still the most popular word processor in the business, educational, and private world.

Offline editing You may believe that Google Docs is solely available online. If you would like to access your files offline on an iOS device (iPad or iPhone), it’s a little different. If you use an Android device (Smartphone or Tablet), open the Docs app → tap and hold the document name for two seconds. Restore an Earlier Version of a Document One of the great features of Google Docs is how readily you can collaborate on a document.

Email a Google Doc as an Attachment Type with your Voice Embed a Google Doc to a web page Equation Toolbar. Add footnotes, page numbers, headers & footers - Computer - Docs editors Help. Add page numbers Open a document in Google Docs. Click Insert > Page number. Choose where you want the page numbers: Top of page Bottom of page Top of page (except title page) Bottom of page (except title page) The page numbers will be added automatically. Delete page numbers To delete a page number, click the header or footer of the document and delete the page numbers. 7 big Google changes and how they help educators. These Google Changes — including Classroom, Keep, Calendar and more — can boost productivity and create new possibilities in the classroom.

(Image via Steve Jurvetson / Flickr / CC BY 2.0) Tens of millions of students and teachers worldwide use Google tools in the classroom. Students are creating and collaborating, researching and sharing. Teachers are managing more efficient digital classes and offering more engaging, thought-provoking learning opportunities. When new features or changes happen with Google products that affect education, it’s a big deal. In recent days and weeks and months (as of publication of this post), Google has been improving its offerings for teachers and students. Here are seven changes you should know about, ranging from small features with big impact to new, cutting-edge technology to watch as it develops: 1.

Now that’s all possible. 2. With Slide Q&A, people in the audience can submit questions to a presenter to be answered during the presentation. 3. 4. 5. 6. How to Print Your Google Calendar - BetterCloud Monitor. It only takes a few steps to print your Google Calendar. Whether you’re on the go, or you cell phone battery is low, it’s nice to have a hard copy of your calendar on hand. All you have to do is: Go to the More dropdown in the top right.Click print.You’ll have two options – print or save as .pdf.You’ll have multiple formatting options, including the orientation of the calendar (portrait or landscape).You can show or not show events that you have declined.You can choose black and white if you are printing in black and white, for better contrast.Hit print or save as .pdf and you’re done!

UP NEXT: Use Yammer Instead of Newsfeeds in SharePoint for Your O365 Tenant. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 11 Google Search Tips Every Student Should Know about. April 24, 2016 The strength of Google search engine lies in its hidden features that usually go unnoticed by many students. As we have repeatedly emphasized, knowing how to effectively conduct Google searches becomes an essential skill for 21st century students. It is also one of the main pillars of digital citizenship. Becoming Google search savvy will help students quickly locate information and content they are looking for as well as evaluate and filter online sources to sift the chaff from the wheat. To this end, we are sharing with you this collection of wonderful short tutorials created by Google covering some of the main search tips to an effective Google searching.

You can also check out our section ‘Google Search Tips’ for more resources and materials related to this topic.1- Filter and refine your Google Search results 2- Three easy ways to help you get better results for your Google searches 3- Search within a site 4- Find an exact phrase 5- Find public data 7- Missing words. Post to Multiple Classes in Classroom and More Functionality in Docs, Slides, and Drive for Android. Google Drive for Android In the Google Drive app, users can now sort files in reverse alphanumeric order by name, date, or size. Another key new feature is the ability to edit your files in other apps and then save them back to your Drive.

Google Slides for Android Google Slides now features the ability to create and edit presentations in a right-to-left format. Google Docs for Android Back in November, the Print Layout mode of Google Docs became more productive with the ability to respond to comments and accept or reject changes. Google Classroom for Android Also updated is the Google Classroom for Android. Post to Multiple Classes Save As Draft Accessing, Editing, and Posting Drafts Notifications Like the content you see on our blog?

Classroom tehtävien palautusongelmia- ja ratkaisuja. Google-Classroom-Essential-Infographic-Alice-Keeler. Classroom-effective-efficient-infographic. Design with GAFE. Upload Flipped Classroom Blog Flipped Classroom Tutorials Loading... Working... ► Play all Design with GAFE Flipped Classroom Tutorials3 videos96 viewsLast updated on Feb 11, 2016 Play all Sign in to YouTube Sign in History Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to Loading playlists... Flipped Classroom Tutorials. You Can Now Use Your Voice to Format and Edit Your Google Docs.

Fonts. Fonts for Google Docs - Quickly access and use thousands of fonts from the Google Fonts collection in your documents. Learn More You may also like… Your Next Generation Font Menu For Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Flex your creative muscle and rise above the rest with bold, strong typography. Suitcase Attaché™ for Windows® connects your font collection to Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint®. Browse, preview and apply fonts with a single click. Try Suitcase Attaché FREE for 7 days Take Suitcase Attaché for a spin. Test Suitcase Attaché now Professional Font Management for Apple OS X and Windows Organize your entire font collection into a single, searchable location with a professional font manager. Suitcase Fusion automatically brings your font collection into Adobe Creative Cloud and QuarkXPress apps through plug-ins and panels.

Get the most out of your font collection with Suitcase Fusion. Try Suitcase Fusion FREE for 30 days Try Suitcase Fusion now Professional Font Management for Creative Teams. 15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Two Simple Ways to Create A Table of Content in Google Docs. April, 2015 There are actually two ways to add a table of contents to a document in Google Docs. Both of these ways require that you create headings and subheadings in your document. The first way is through using Google Docs' built-in feature which can be accessed by clicking on "insert" button then select "table of contents". Watch this excellent tutorial from Shannon Hermandez to learn more about how to create a table of content using Google Docs built-in functionality. The second way is through using a third party add-on called 'Table of Contents'.

This is a powerful Google Docs add-on that allows you to easily create a table of content in the sidebar. More importantly, the table of contents is automatically created out of the headings in your document. Suggested Edits in Google Docs. A Step By Step Guide On How to Create Assignments in Google Classroom. September 22, 2015 Google Classroom allows you to easily create, share and collect assignments with your students paperlessly. Being integrated with other services such as Gmail, Drive and Google Docs, Classroom provides teachers with an intuitive platform preeminently geared towards enhancing the assignment flow between teachers and students.

As a teacher, you have access to several features related to your assignments. You can, for example, use the same assignment in different classes. You can also choose whether you want your students to work on individual copies of the assignment or work on the same copy. Here is an illustrative visual from Google Class help page explaining the assignment flow between teachers and students: To create an assignment on Google Classroom, follow these instructions as stated in Help page: 1- Sign in to Classroom at Select a class.3- Click.

Googley goodness. Opeblogi: Gmail-ryhmän luominen: pieni suuri asia. Nyt tulee käytännön vinkki. Postitan työkseni erilaisille kokoonpanoille sähköposteja. Käytän tunnisteita eli sähköpostin kansiointia. Nappaan postitusryhmän vanhasta viestistä, jonka löydän helposti tunnisteen avulla. Erilaisissa hankkeissa olemme keränneet yhteystiedot taulukkoihin, mutta taulukon käyttämisessä on ongelmia ryhmäpostin lähettämisessä: ryhmän osoitteiden kopiointi on kömpelöä (pitää avata dokumentti, kopioida ja kaikkien osoitteiden pitää olla täysin oikein) ja ryhmädokumentin ajan tasalla pitäminen on ongelma, usein myös yhdestä organisaatiosta toivotaan kaikki viestit tietylle ihmiselle vaikka yhteyshenkilöitä olisi useita. Joskus kauan sitten käytin sähköpostilistan luomiseen Google Groupsia, mutta se on hiukan sekava käyttää. Nyt kyllästyin osoitteiden poimimiseen ja muisteluun.

Tiesin, että Gmailissa on olemassa ryhmätoiminto. Yhteystiedot näkymässä valitaan Uusi ryhmä. Sitten vain ryhmälle nimi ja ryhmän jäsenten lisääminen. Google Drive Training Videos | Google Gooru. Click here to watch this video on YouTube We’ve all been down a rabbit hole when searching for files in our Drive. To help locate files more quickly, Google has relocated two buttons in Drive to help you organize your ..more › Read now Click here to watch this video on YouTube Learn more about Google Drive ——> Get the Ultimate Guide to Google Drive Google kicked off this week with new features in Google Drive that greatly improve Sharing Controls for both ..more › Read now 2015 was a year for the books for The Gooru. The website welcomed over 2 million visitors and published hundreds of articles to help train more than 60,000 Gooru subscribers.

Read now There is no denying that Google provides some of the most useful and intuitive applications on the cloud. Read now Isn’t it nice when all of your applications work together? Read now Read now If you are like me, you share a lot of docs and files in Google Drive. Read now Nearly everything we do these days is online. Read now. 1 -- Create a PDF ebook - Google Slides. Slides Carnival - Free presentation templates. How to add music to your Google Slides presentation.

Music is a great way to liven up your presentations and keep your audience engaged. Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, however, Google Sheets doesn’t include support for audio files. But with the following workarounds, you can add a soundtrack to any slide for a more dramatic deck. Add a link to an online music file The easiest way to add music to your Google Slides presentation is to link to a track from an online music service like Spotify, Soundcloud, or Grooveshark. 1. Open a Google Slides presentation in your web browser and go the slide to which you want to add music. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. If you feel the raw text link is an eyesore on your otherwise beautiful slide deck, you can cover it with an image to better integrate it with your design. 1. 2. 3. Now when you play your presentation, trigger the music by clicking this image.

Add music from a YouTube video The other way to add music to your presentation is with a YouTube video. 1. 2. 3. 4. 8 interactive Google Slides activities for classroom excitement. Google Slides isn’t just for delivering presentations to an audience. Here are 30 activities that bring interactive learning to students. So often, people think of presentation slides as just that: a visual aid for delivering a presentation in front of an audience.

But these slide apps (like Google Slides and PowerPoint in Office 365) really are powerful tools for delivering interactive user experiences. They can also create visually stimulating products to deliver a message and valuable content. By thinking outside the box with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and other similar tools, teachers can create unique learning experiences for students. We originally curated 8 interactive Google Slides activities in this post but have found so many amazing ideas since then we knew we need to update!

Below you will find our original 8 ideas plus 22 (yes 22!) 1. I created a PDF ebook to help you create PDF ebooks. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Want to see an example? . 9. 10. Resources: 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Organize Research With Google Slides. 10 Ways to Use Google Maps in the Classroom. Run Google Earth on Chromebook. Speech Recognition - Google Docs add-on. Speech Recognition – Instructions | EFV-Solutions. First Time Setup – Kaizena. Google Tutorials. 65 Videos About Google Apps. This Docs Update Adds So Much Clarity To Collaboration. New Google Docs, Sheets and Slides features make schoolwork less miserable. New ways to integrate with Google Classroom. Google Classroom. Classroom komma-igång presentation - Google Slides.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Must Have Google Drive App for Teachers. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A New Excellent Google Drive Guide for Teachers and Students. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The Comprehensive Google Drive Guide for Teachers and Students.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Excellent Google Drive Resources for Teachers. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: This is How to Grade Students Work on Google Drive. Dev Testing of Quick Quiz Creator--Create a Form from questions in the Spreadsheet. New Script that will create Google Forms from questions in a Spreadsheet. GAFE-ohjeita ja käyttövinkkejä. Google for Education - Google Drive - Googletuki. Google Hangouts Guide for Teachers. Kaizena · Give Great Feedback. Classroom. Esittely: Classroom for Google Apps for Education. Classroomin käyttö - Classroom Ohjeet. Classroom Ohjeet. 6 Updates to Google Classroom for Fall 2015. 60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Five New Google Classroom Features Teachers Should Know about. Blogi: Classroom päivitys tuo usean opettajan kurssit ja luonnokset. OPASTUSTA Gafen käyttöön, hyvä blogi Alice Keeler. Cloudpoint blogi: Uutuutena Google+ Kokoelmat. Google Classroom Is Now Available for Both iPad and Android. Numbering Assignments. 10 Good Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons for Teachers. Teacher Tools. Google For Education sur Twitter : "Ask a #GoogleEduOnAir keynote your questions. Submit your question into the Q&A area:

Now You Can Customize Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers in Google Docs. Three Helpful Updates to the Google Classroom iPad & Android Apps. Great Tips on How to Effectively Search Gmail and Google Drive. Apps-v2-sharing.png (PNG Image, 587 × 2160 pixels) - Scaled (46%) Tech tools by task. Getting Started. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Handy App for Converting Google Sheets into Google Docs.

Kaizena · Give Great Feedback. The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Google Drive For Teachers. MILTÄ GOOLE LOMAKE NÄYTTÄÄ - Google Forms. 7 Great Google Forms Tools for Teachers. Google Form Add-on: Form Limiter. Create a Simple Check-out/ Check-in System With Google Forms. Flubaroo - Google Docs. Welcome to Flubaroo. Google Drive Blog: Your Forms, your way. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Two Simple Ways to Create A Table of Content in Google Docs. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: An Easy and Quick Way to Grade Quizzes on Google Drive Using Super Quiz Tool.

Cloudpoint blogi: Päivän Google Dokumentti vinkki: laskentataulukon ilmoitusten tilaaminen. FormLimiter - Google Forms add-on. Cloudpoint - Helsinki - Services d’affaires. SNOR-Google-Apps-tiedote.pdf.