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The Semantic Web & THE POWER OF PULL » Blog. March 25, 2012 The phone is the new platform – everything is converging onto the “smart phone.”

The Semantic Web & THE POWER OF PULL » Blog

Soon, we’ll use our phones to manage our homes, purchase things, board an airplane, sign a document, get into our office buildings, and much much more. And yet today’s phones basically mimic our desktop computers. Do you really want to open a Word or Excel document on your phone? Come to think of it, why should everything be stored on your phone? The answer to today’s scalability problems is the personal data locker. Thank you. CircleMe private beta. Cascaad - Connect your interests. Watson Semantic Web Search. This is the Watson Web interface for searching ontologies and semantic documents using keywords. This interface is subject to frequent evolutions and improvements. If you want to share your opinion, suggest improvement or comment on the results, don't hesitate to contact us ...

At the moment, you can enter a set of keywords (e.g. "cat dog old_lady"), and obtain a list of URIs of semantic documents in which the keywords appear as identifiers or in literals of classes, properties, and individuals. You can also use "jokers" in the keywords (e.g., "ca?

Search options allow you to restrict the search space to particular types of entities (classes, properties or individuals) and to particular elements within the entities (local name, label, comment or any literal). Navigation in the results follows very simple principles. Sign appears, it can be used to display additional information about the element it is attached with.

Expert System. Social Surfing @ UIUC. While current search engines serve known-item search such as homepage finding very well, they generally cannot support exploratory search or information foraging effectively.

Social Surfing @ UIUC

Social Surfing @ UIUC. While current search engines serve known-item search such as homepage finding very well, they generally cannot support exploratory search or information foraging effectively.

Social Surfing @ UIUC

In exploratory search, users do not know their information needs precisely and also often lack the needed knowledge to formulate effective queries, thus querying alone, as supported by the current search engines, is insufficient, and browsing into related information would be very useful. Autocomplete. DeepaMehta. Crtl-news. KnowMiner focuses on knowledge discovery in large textual data sets. Web. Bio-Mixer Early Research Prototype Released.

Perception. The CHISEL Group, University of Victoria. FlexViz is a graph based visualization tool written in Adobe Flex.

The CHISEL Group, University of Victoria

It allows users to browse a single ontology where the concepts are represented by nodes and the relationships between concepts (e.g. Download FlexViz software for free. BioPortal Ontology Visualization - Amino Acid. Ontology of homology and related concepts in biology - Terms. The Knowledge Network for Thought Leaders on Business Strategy, Innovation and Futures. Leximancer: From Words to Meaning to Insight. TIMELINE - Cultural Broadcasting Archive.

Voyage - RSS feed reader. For iPad « Evri – Corporate. Social Media Analytics. Oracle Social Cloud is a cloud service that helps you manage and scale your relationship with customers on social media channels.

Social Media Analytics

Oracle has integrated the best-in-class social relationship management (SRM) components - social listening, social engagement, social publishing, social content & apps, and social analytics - into one unified cloud service to give you the most complete SRM solution on the market. Why Oracle? Only Oracle can connect every interaction your customer has with your brand. Our goal is to help you deliver the best customer experience wherever your customer touches your brand. Only Oracle has a social platform that includes all of the capabilities to manage a holistic social media strategy; along built-in integrations with other Oracle solutions to leverage the power of social media throughout your business.

Gravity. Tattler (app) Cogito semantic technology Cogito for intelligence. The Cogito semantic technology The material analyzed through the intelligence process is mostly unstructured: communications, conversations, data, news, etc., and rarely has an organized form, such as a database structure.

Cogito semantic technology Cogito for intelligence

As a consequence, the activities of analysis and processing can be highly resource consuming, and prone to error. Knowledge Genes - The WHY Code. Egyptians. SwiftRiver Dataflow 1. Crowdmap. Crowdmap allows you to set up your own deployment of the Ushahidi Platform without having to install it on your own web server.


Crowdmap is the fastest, simplest installation of the Ushahidi platform. Crowdmap. Verifying and Filtering News (FOSS) Semantik - Project Hosting on Google Code. Thomas Nagy software pages » Semantik. Wiffiti. Overview. MyCocktail - Romulus Mashup Builder. Romulus - Domain Driven Design and Mashup Oriented Development. The main concept of is researching on novel methods for increasing productivity and reliability of web software development, in particularly, focused on Java web development. proposal is based on recognising some of the deficiencies of standard Java Enterprise Edition, and proposing a new paradigm for developing web applications taking advantage of new trends in software engineering, such as domain driven design combined with agile development methodologies, and some of the principles from Ruby on Rails.

In order to have a serious impact, the project does not start from scratch, it is based on two mature open source projects, Roma and LIFERAY, which will be extended according to this proposal needs and following an open source project development methodology, in order to disseminate and exploit the results of the project. Integrating a “Mash-up oriented development” in the process. Collaborative Protege.

The format of the Changes and Annotation ontology (ChAO) has changed in Protege 3.4.2 release.

Collaborative Protege

If have an existing ChAO project created with an earlier version of Protege and would like to take advantage of the new features, please follow the upgrade instructions from here. Collaborative Protege is an extension of the existing Protege system that supports collaborative ontology editing. In addition to the common ontology editing operations, it enables annotation of both ontology components and ontology changes. It supports the searching and filtering of user annotations, also known as notes, based on different criteria. Learn How to Build a Pipe in Just a Few Minutes on Yahoo! Video. Visualising a text with a tree cloud.

RDF-Gravity. Sunil Goyal, Rupert Westenthaler {sgoyal, rwestenthaler} Salzburg Research, Austria RDF Gravity is a tool for visualising RDF/OWL Graphs/ ontologies.


Its main features are: Graph VisualizationGlobal and Local Filters (enabling specific views on a graph) Full text SearchGenerating views from RDQL QueriesVisualising multiple RDF files RDF Gravity is implemented by using the JUNG Graph API and Jena semantic web toolkit. Figure 1: Screenshot of RDF-Gravity, showing a part of Wine Ontology. DERI Pipes. Home. Idea Ontology. Welkin. What is this?


Welkin is a graph-based RDF visualizer. What's New in Version 1.1 Works on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Added support for Turtle/N3 RDF syntax. Dramatically reduced size for increased startup performance. Ok, how do I run it? TreeCloud - Downloads. ConceptNet. What is ConceptNet? [top] ConceptNet is a freely available commonsense knowledgebase and natural-language-processing toolkit which supports many practical textual-reasoning tasks over real-world documents right out-of-the-box (without additional statistical training) including topic-jisting (e.g. a news article containing the concepts, “gun,” “convenience store,” “demand money” and “make getaway” might suggest the topics “robbery” and “crime”), affect-sensing (e.g. this email is sad and angry), analogy-making (e.g.

Perception. GoWeb: a semantic search engine for the life science web. SOBOLEO - Semantic Social Bookmarking & Lightweight Editing of Ontologies. SOBOLEO (SOcial BOokmarking and Lightweight Engineering of Ontologies) is a web-based, collaborative ontology engineering applications that allows for integrating ontology engineering with social bookmarking.

See also the Wiki article on SOBOLEO. Demo.