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5 Steps to Stop Overeating & Emotional Eating. February 22, 2012 By Guest Blogger|32Comments| Facebook Tweet Google + Pinterest Email Have you ever felt compelled to keep stuffing yourself to the point of discomfort?

5 Steps to Stop Overeating & Emotional Eating

Maybe you’ve found yourself reaching for a packet of cookies when you’re home alone, tired and lonely? If so, you are one of many who have overeaten for emotional reasons. Overeating can wreak havoc on your mental, emotional and physical health if left unaddressed, and the talking down to yourself that typically follows flushes a lot of energy and self-love down the toilet. Yet despite what your reason and intelligence tells you to do (i.e., stop overeating), you are still unable to close the bag of processed (or raw) chips. Emotional eating can be a very challenging habit to release as usually: But it can be done. What is needed is support, compassion, kindness and a safe space without judgment where you can release your fears, and identify your emotions, triggers and real needs. 1. 2. Introduction to SPAMAYL. Study Guides and Strategies. How To Become An Outstanding Person.

Wanting to become an outstanding person does not guarantee success.

How To Become An Outstanding Person

In fact, having the motivation and desire to become outstanding does not guarantee you anything. Sounds a little pessimistic? Read on, as I explain what will make you an outstanding person, in twelve weeks time. Let me begin by telling you what I consider to be outstanding. It is not a measure of success, wealth or popularity among your peers. Virtue as defined by Wikipedia: Virtue is moral excellence of a person. Now we are clear that virtue is the core of your personal development to become an outstanding person and provides the foundation for your success. Benjamin Franklin’s Twelve Virtues Temperance .

Benjamin Franklin’s system was based on the principle of replacing old-bad habits with new-good habits. This is my excel replica of Benjamin Franklin’s journal page as per his autobiography, which I previously mentioned in my money management article. So here’s the system. Educate Yourself Without School. Waves of Personal Development. 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School One of the biggest reasons that people are denied the privilege of education is because they can’t afford it.

Waves of Personal Development

However, today we live in a world where knowledge and information are at our finger tips like never before. Technology has leveled the playing field so that anybody with an interest and an internet connection can receive a world class education. Management- and Career Training. How to Stop Worrying. Undoing the Worrying Habit Once acquired, the habit of worrying seems hard to stop.

How to Stop Worrying

We're raised to worry and aren't considered "grown up" until we perfect the art. Teenagers are told: "you'd better start worrying about your future". If your worries aren't at least as frequent as your bowel movements, you're seen as irresponsible, childish, aimless. That's a "responsible adult" game rule. To the extent that worrying is learned/conditioned behaviour, it can be undone. Centuries-old cultural conditioning has given us a nasty neurosis: the belief that happiness must be "earned". Laid on top of the first neurosis is the idea that spending money will make you happy. So: we never stop working, we never stop spending money, we're never really happy – ideal conditions, coincidentally, for a certain type of slave economy.

Overcoming Procrastination Using Self Talk. Changing how we talk to ourselves is the easiest and most powerful way to overcome procrastination.

Overcoming Procrastination Using Self Talk

No other method that I know of disarms procrastination so rapidly and at such a fundamental level: that of our own thoughts. The Voices In Our Heads We’re talking to ourselves all the time inside our minds. Even when you’re not paying attention, these relentless mental debates deeply influence our feelings and, ultimately, our behavior. The good news is that just becoming aware of such mental dialogues — noticing patterns and turning them into productive statements — is usually all you need to overcome many unwelcome feelings and behaviors.

Let’s see how this can help us when it comes to procrastination. The Procrastinator’s Motto Consider the following thought, which for sure has crossed our minds many times in the past: “I have to finish this long, important project. Now, tell me you don’t have this thought sometimes. Become Who You Want To Be. Thinking like a genius: overview. Thinking and recall series Problem solving: creative solutions "Even if you're not a genius, you can use the same strategies as Aristotle and Einstein to harness the power of your creative mind and better manage your future.

Thinking like a genius: overview

" The following strategies encourage you to think productively, rather than reproductively, in order to arrive at solutions to problems. "These strategies are common to the thinking styles of creative geniuses in science, art, and industry throughout history. " A Radical Goal Setting Technique. Goal setting techniques are not always very effective. They are often overcomplicated or do not inspire motivation from the user. When it comes to goal setting, simpler is better. You want to accomplish as much as possible by taking the quickest road from A to B. This goal setting technique is simple enough and it will destroy your excuses and obstacles along the way. As we travel through life different challenges often emerge in the form of obstacles.