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Puzzle Solving

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NekNek - A solver for KenKen puzzles. Introduction.

NekNek - A solver for KenKen puzzles

Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. Useful websites for puzzle solving. This is just a collection of links to websites that I've found to be useful in solving various puzzle based geocaches.

Useful websites for puzzle solving

It's not intended to be a puzzle solving guide, but I have included some links to guides where appropriate. It's also a somewhat selective collection, as it concentrates on less common and more powerful tools. WARNING: I have no control over the pages that are linked to from this site. I have tried most of them myself without any problems, but over time, things change. So please exercise caution when visiting websites, and particularly when downloading files.

Sudoku Solutions: Sudoku Solver. Tools List (Awesome and Fantastic Tools) Available on dCode ★ Further Speculation on the Symbol of the Square and Compasses. In a previously published article[i] the theory was advanced that the symbol of the Masonic Square and Compasses may have a concealed meaning beyond the recognized allegorical or metaphoric meanings ascribed to it by ritual and tradition.

Further Speculation on the Symbol of the Square and Compasses

In the cited article, the source of this hidden meaning is proposed as being a cipher which makes use of the Freemasons Magic Square[ii] as a visual key. This theory is based in part upon consideration of the fact that Freemasonry is rich in examples of ciphers in which visual elements play a key role. One of these examples is the so called Rosicrucian Cipher[iii] shown in Figure 1 below; another is the Freemasons Cipher[iv] (Figure 2) which many York Rite Masons will find especially familiar and which is an adaptation of the cipher originally devised by the Rosicrucians. Codage. Griddlers Solver with Animations - Solve puzzles or watch them being naturally solved - Aurora.

Easy-to-use comfortable interface Compact interface uses most of the window space for the main puzzle.

Griddlers Solver with Animations - Solve puzzles or watch them being naturally solved - Aurora

The grid is usually large enough for solving even on smaller displays. Each opened puzzle is automatically fitted and centered to the actual window size, but can also be zoomed in or out, resized or scrolled. Besides the grid, the main window includes only a small toolbar and a statusbar, providing as much space for the puzzle as possible. The entire solving and navigation can be done by mouse and all instruments are placed in a way to simplify and ease the puzzling. To access menu items quickly, nearly each menu item has its keyboard shortcut (hotkey). Conceptis logic puzzles - Have fun, get smart! - Aurora.

Teal nonogram solver - Aurora. Ciphers / Bifid. Background The Bifid cipher was developed in 1901 by the Frenchman Felix Delastelle (*1840; † 1902).

Ciphers / Bifid

He also developed the Four Square cipher. Principle The cipher is based on the Polybius cipher with an additional change of the position of characters in the text. If the message "GEHEIMNIS" should be encoded for example, the following substitutions result according to the Polybius matrix shown below: G=35, E=13 and so on. The result of the Polybius cipher is: "35 13 41 13 23 55 54 23 32". These numbers are now read out row by row. BION cipher page. Click here for a condensed listing of solvers and utility programs collected mostly from this site.

BION cipher page

Click here to get free "Solve a Cipher" app from Chrome Web Store. (Requires Chrome web browser). To report bugs, ask questions, or request features for Solve a Cipher, click here . If you are an ACA member click here to submit a con to the Analyst Corner. Click here for notes, slideshow,and demo programs on word list scoring and parsing strings of letters into words. Codes and Ciphers.

Geocache Puzzle Spoiler. Create and Solve Substitution Ciphers online. GC2CKND Puzzle FUNdamentals - ANC (Event Cache) in Alaska, United States created by GeocacheAlaska! Inc. GC25WQJ How Do I Solve All These &#$@! Puzzle Caches? (Unknown Cache) in Michigan, United States created by The Allen Cachers. This puzzle cache is for all those cachers out there that have been appealing to us for some assistance with all the new puzzle caches that have been popping up around Lansing.

GC25WQJ How Do I Solve All These &#$@! Puzzle Caches? (Unknown Cache) in Michigan, United States created by The Allen Cachers

More experienced puzzle cachers may find this really boring - sorry in advance. Don't expect to be able to solve a lot of four- and five-star puzzles after going through this exercize, but the two- and three-star puzzles should start to fall before you if you use some of the tools and techniques we will go through. For a much more extensive lesson on puzzle caches, I would recommend the Puzzle Solving 101 series, although you have to travel to Florida to actually find the caches (which might be a good excuse for a trip next February).

Hidden Coordinates Most puzzle cachers probably have their own strategies regarding how they attack a puzzle cache. There are actually lots of places on a cache page to hide information, with one of the most common hiding spots being in the html source code. Codes and Ciphers. Bookmark Lists > Puzzle Shortcuts. Bookmark Lists > Puzzle Solving 101 Series. The caches in this series will give you the skills to get out there and solve your local puzzle caches.

Bookmark Lists > Puzzle Solving 101 Series

"Keep up the fantastic puzzle caches....especially the ones that require alcohol consumption. " "As I approached the cache site, I laughed out loud. Very appropriate!! " "I groaned when I saw a crossword puzzle. Those are my least favorite kind of puzzles!!! " "My coworkers thought it was a bit strange that I was hollering 'All right!! About Bookmark Lists A bookmark list is a user defined collection of listings. Solving Puzzle Caches « I’d Rather Be Caching. Introduction.

Solving Puzzle Caches « I’d Rather Be Caching