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Weird Science Kids offers children educational, entertaining, and unique hands on science learning experiences through our large selection of science toys, science fair kits and supplies. Weird Science inspires children through an interactive environment of discovery that ignites the imagination. We strive to develop scientific literacy in children at stage when it’s as essential as reading, writing, and math. We provide a large variety of easy fun cool exciting free science experiments and science demonstration videos that introduce children to the basic concepts of science and how it relates to the environment that surrounds them. Weird Science Kids Weird Science Kids
Goggles on? Check! Here you will find Reeko’s best science experiments, science projects, science fair lessons, and more of those crazy science tips from our resident mad scientist, Reeko. On the science experiments page, you’ll be able to add the required supplies to your personal My Locker supplies list, see other science experiments that use those same supplies, view advanced parent and teacher science notes, rate and discuss the science experiment with other little scientists, and much more. Reeko's Mad Scientist Science Experiments and Science Projects Reeko's Mad Scientist Science Experiments and Science Projects
Growing Salt Crystals. - Jose Pino's Projects and Tidbits. I saw a "Crystal growing" kit at the store one week ago, it shows nice and colorful crytals for science projects. I wonder; Why I should pay $10.00 USD just to see crystal growing? Using common salt and water, I can grow my own crystals. Not fancy crystals and colorful like the $10.00 one, but looks interesting anyway. Salt (NaCl) crystal structure is highly ionically bonded. Growing Salt Crystals. - Jose Pino's Projects and Tidbits.
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Science Experiments, Amateur Science demonstrations, projects: SCIENCE HOBBYIST
MAKE HOMEMADE SCIENCE TOYS AND PROJECTS In a perfect world, teachers who create an environment of exciting, hands-on learning would be recognized for their extra effort. Alas, too often such teachers discover that the ironic saying, “No good deed goes unpunished” is all too true. But sometimes the people in charge get right and give innovative teachers the attention they deserve. Such is the case in Australia, where there seems to be something of a Renaissance in science education. Richard (Ric) Johnson has been awarded the 2013 Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching, as you can see in the embedded video and in this article. And lo!


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Fun Cool Exciting Science Experiment Videos For Kids and Children
Hundreds of Science Fair Projects For Students Hundreds of Science Fair Projects For Students Science Project Resources Tips and Guides Kids Science Fair Projects - Neurosience for kids Simple science fair projects guide written by former organizer Lynne Bleeker (a science teacher, judge, and parent)