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Grand St. Creative Technology Marketplace : Shop, Pre-Order and Beta Products. Tindie - Where hardware comes to life. The Media Computing Group : Back to Tools The original FabScan was developed by Francis Engelmann in his Bachelor's thesis (cost of materials: 150 Euros). FabScan 100 further reduced material cost so that you could build one for just 100 Euros. FabScan Cube then featured an improved housing, as a result of a student group working on interactive assembly. FabScan Pi is the latest version. It includes a Raspberry Pi embedded computer for standalone operation and wireless scanning: Instead of controlling it from your laptop via USB, you can scan wirelessly from any web browser.

The RasPi camera offers higher-resolution scanning, and the web-based user interface and scan processing are much more advanced. Luxe DIY - How Did You Make This? Tutorial: The ModelBuilder Library For Processing & 3d Printing. - Custom Parts. Custom made in the U.S.A. CRAFT: Dedicated to the renaissance in the world of crafts. Bolt. MAKEDO - Home. Hack N Mod - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and DIY Projects. The Shed Magazine. Power Laces- the Auto lacing shoe. The Online Magazine of Modern Machine Shop : Modern Machine Shop. OSVehicle - Open Source Vehicle | Introducing Tabby: an industrializable, production ready, versatile, universal chassis.

An Online Opensource Robot and Hardware Shop. Maker’s Row - Factory Sourcing Made Easy. Using the design process. In engineering, programming, web design and most other creative work, many people consciously use The Design Process. The PBS show Design Squad provides some great examples of how people can work with this system. There are also plenty of resources for working with students and other learners on their site. The Android G1 is pretty much ready for the public to use, but it is still not done. One of the reasons I wanted the G1 was to follow the process of developing a product from initial release. The phone and its systems work ok, well enough for product release. The innovation of the Android system and G1 phone is not limited to just employees, but explicitly involves the community of users and developers to make it a better system.

Consider the the original ipod. Steps Often, the is presented as a series of steps that you go through in developing an idea or product. Looping In the image above, and in many other descriptions of the Design Process, it is shown as a loop. Chris Connors. Passionate about communities | Redesignme. It's time to write history with CMNTY Story. Revolutionize the way you see your community. CMNTY Platform 2.4 The most advanced community platform available. Video introduction to CMNTY. Meet the products and the team behind it.

Build Mobile Communities Use our native App for iOS and Android devices. Introducing CMNTY Key. Analyze activity with CMNTY Vision. Solid freeform fabrication: DIY, on the cheap, and made of pure sugar. In February we gave a sneak preview of our project to construct a home-built three dimensional fabricator. Our design goals were (1) a low cost design leveraging recycled components (2) large printable volume emphasized over high resolution, and (3) ability to use low-cost printing media including granulated sugar. We are extremely pleased to be able to report that it has been a success: Our three dimensional fabricator is now fully operational and we have used it to print several large, low-resolution, objects out of pure sugar.

The general idea of our build process– that of stacking solid two-dimensional printed layers– is actually common to most solid freeform fabrication methods. Our machine employs what we believe is a fairly novel low-cost technology to accomplish this: selective hot air sintering and melting (SHASAM). The printing process begins with a bed of a granular printing media that has a fairly low melting point. (Hint: it’s more than $0.93.) Mechanics and Electronics. Dangerous Prototypes | A new open source hardware project every month. DIY122 – Make a LED Christmas Tree! | In this special Christmas edition of Zedomax DIY122, we will show you how to make the geekiest Christmas Tree in the world using LEDs, bathroom pipes, and an embedded cubloc module. Check out Pictures of the finished Christmas Tree Click here for complete HOWTO or Check out our Wiki for printable version UPDATE: Also check out our other Christmas DIYS: Voice Activated Christmas Controller LED Christmas Wreath Christmas Controller in 5 Minutes!

Build Golf Club Training Aid Gift for 5 bucks! Sniffle Co. — Home. High-Low Tech. HyperRitual :: magic ^ new media. Maker Shed, brought to you by the staff of MAKE and Maker Faire. Playclicks - Moldes y resina. Publicado el Viernes, 13 agosto 2010 por Yoyei Moldes y resina ¿Soñaste alguna vez con crear tus propias piezas? Todos los aficionados se han preguntado alguna vez por qué no existe tal pieza o esa otra. Por qué Playmobil no crea otras series o esos muñecos que tanto nos gustan. En estos tutoriales veremos que no hay nada imposible y que el límite nos lo pone nuestra imaginación. ADVERTENCIA: Estos manuales únicamente tienen como finalidad el crear piezas originales respetando las de patente de Playmobil. Iniciación a los moldes Desde siempre, todo aficionado ha deseado crear sus propias piezas y figuras.

Usando resina de poliuretano podremos fabricar fácilmente piezas de cualquier tipo, para ello se debe verter sobre un molde previamente preparado con la forma del accesorio. Como parece obvio, la mayor complejidad, si es que la tuviese, radica en la preparación del molde. Así de sencillo abriremos las puertas a nuestra imaginación y a una nueva forma de disfrutar de nuestro hobby. Custom Converter of High Performance Tapes, Films, Fabrics & Silicon. Is America's 1st Nationwide Open-Access Public Workshop -- What Do You Want To Make at TechShop? DESIGN SQUAD NATION . Home.

Come play again later! Come play again tomorrow! Become a Maker - DIY. ReadyMade. Cool Copper Projects Warm metallic hues are easy to love but often pricey. When you create the look... Easy Doily Bowl Craft a decorative bowl from a doily picked up from a flea market, antique... Camper Birdhouse Encourage birds to stay awhile with an adorable vintage birdhouse. HyperQuake Poster Series - #4. DIY-streetview | Do It Yourself streetview. List of Hacker Spaces. DIY M134 Minigun Tutorials. Tutorials How to make airsoft Minigun? Check this out! The site contains detailed tutorials showing the process of creating a airsoft replica M134 Minigun. Tutorials will pursue you through the entire process of creating your replica. All the dimensions are in "mm". M134 Minigun - All Parts. Main Body The most important element.

Barrels Distinguishing feature of Minigun - six barrels. Motor The engine is used to drive barrels. Feeder It is used for feeding BBs to the firing mechanism. Handle Handle ensure good grip and increasing mobility. Threads and Holes Make some drills for holes and threads for easy connection. Firing Mechanism The unique firing system. Rapidfire System AmmoChute used with Firing Mechanism provides extremely high ROF, over 10 000 RPM! CO2 System The Minigun is powered by High Pressure Air or CO2. If you like my works, please Donate Me so that I can do better things for you. La plataforma para los jóvenes diseñadores españoles. Fab Central. Start [Fabout | open design] Fabout is an open website for sharing designs for laser cutting. Anyone can upload and edit vector graphics saved in uncompressed svg format.

The vector files should adhere to common design guidelines. If you add files that do not adhere to those guidelines, make sure to describe the expected laser behavior based on your color coding. All designs are free for personal use, unless otherwise specified. The designs can be of anything from 3D models, tools, and furniture to jewelry and art. Please provide thickness and type of material for each design. If you wish to upload a design make sure to export it in uncompressed svg format upload the design file and include it as an image add a link for quick download add description, material for laser cutting, thickness, etc.

To create a new page, make a link from an existing page to a non-existing page, follow this link, and click on Create this page (on right menu in the default template). Speaker with Amplifier. Rabbit house. Computer case. 100kGarages - Where projects are made by digital fabricators (fabbers) working with 2-D or 3-D digital fabrication tools. Home. 50 Digital Wood Joints | Flexible Stream. Wood Joints are fascinating! They embellish old furniture and wood constructions of ancient Japanese temples alike. Everytime we come across them, we are filled with admiration: Admiration for the skill of the master craftsman, as their creator, but also admiration for the balance between function and beauty, which turns the furniture or temple into a work of art.

With the onset of industrialisation, the traditional wood joints have been banned more and more to the background. Manufacturing has to be above all efficient, so there is no more room for traditional wood joints. Or is there? As computer-controlled wood processing machines move into the cabinet-makers' workshops, the way two pieces of wood are joined together in a construction needs to be reconsidered. The result of this research are 50 digital wood joints, divided into frame joints, board joints and carcass joints. We are looking forward for the submission of your modifications and pictures of implementation. WikiHouse / Open Source Construction Set. How to package products attractively & on a budget. Here are a few cool examples from some Ponoko users: Jen Murse shows one lovely way to package jewelry. Chris Jackson makes excellent use of the so-called ‘waste’ materials [by using the whole sheet of Ponoko supplied material as the packaging for the clock face and the various clock parts - check out the 4th image].

Imagine what else you can do – like engrave your logo or assembly instructions, etc. Here’s another example of clever use of the ‘waste’ material (see 4th photo of Bza’s Soundwave Necklace) – he uses it to package the necklace pieces and has cut arrows to show the direction to thread these sound bite pieces onto a chain. Also Jason Wright-St.Clair shows us a very simple, very effective use of printed card. You can also check out what Corey and Zach came up with to package their Chandelier … Here’s the whole thing wrapped up and ready to go – the lamp parts, cord and fittings: And here’s what you see when you pull the external wrapping off: THINK Packaging | Packaging design | Auckland | New Zealand. Builders/Metalab/AoI CSG Evaluator. CSG Evaluator - A useful plugin for AoI for doing multiple boolean operations Note: This software has been superseded by OpenSCAD - Objective of CSG Evaluator AoI is nice but manually booleaning all the objects together is cumbersome.

And if you want to change something you have to do it all again :( CSG Evaluator (called like this because internally AoI calls the boolean objects CSGObjects - CSG stands for Constructive Solid Geometry) allows you to create a hierachy of booleaned objects. Download CSG Evaluator can be installed from the Scripts and Plugins Manager from within Art of Illusion Alternatively, for manual install, copy this jar to the Plugins dir in your Art of Illusion installation dir: Source Code can be found here: Tutorial What happened? Huh? Ah! Overview of Ponoko's current educational material : Ponoko Community Hub. - Classes, Coworking & Culture - Brooklyn, NY - 3rd Ward. Inventables: Find new materials. Technologywillsaveus - Welcome. Modkit.

Smooth-On, Inc. - Mold Making & Casting Materials Rubber, Plastic, Lifecasting, and More. Art Supplies at Utrecht: Buy 13K Affordable Items in 400 Areas Online: paint|brush|paper|storage| discount art supply stores. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - 1400 heirloom garden seeds! TechShop is America's 1st Nationwide Open-Access Public Workshop -- What Do You Want To Make at TechShop?

Gear Up! Top 10 Places to Find DIY Supplies | Wired Design. Home Depot, Michael’s, and other big-box stores are the go-to if you’re looking for a claw hammer or knitting needles, but what if you’re looking for an Erlenmeyer flask to use as a wine decanter? For just such cases, we created this bookmark-worthy list of web-based retailers that traffic in obscure tools and artisanal materials. Whether you’re a proto-Banksy looking for quality spray paint, a green-thumb on the hunt for exotic seeds, or a rookie robot-builder who needs a PCB, you’ll find what you need at one of these stores.

Smooth-On What You Can Buy: Plastic molding supplies used for sculpture, props, architecture and more. Get Inspired: See how Harrison Krix turned Smooth-On Resins into weapons from the World of Warcraft, laser rifles from the future, and replica Daft Punk helmets. What We’d Buy: One word: plastics. SparkFun What You Can Buy: Electronics components like microprocessors and LEDs for art projects, robots, and sundry other gadgetry. McMaster-Carr Amazon Supply Micro-Mark.

Shop Small Hobby Tools & Miniature Tools from Micro Mark. Welcome to Modernist Pantry - Magical Ingredients for the Modern Cook. Harbor Freight Tools – Quality Tools at Discount Prices Since 1977. Bombing Science: Graffiti Pictures & Graffiti Supplies. The Store for Business & Industry.

Tindie | 21st Century Crafts. Invent Your Own Anything. How-To: Make your own gears. We asked Dustyn Roberts, who teaches a course at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), called Mechanisms and Things That Move, to contribute something on fabricating your own gears for our Physical Science and Mechanics theme. Dustyn has written a book, called Making Things Move. It’ll be out in the fall and we’ll have more about it, and likely a giveaway, then. Thanks, Dustyn! — Gareth Gears are easy to understand, make, and use, if you know the vocabulary and can space the gears at the correct distance apart.

One nice thing about gears is that if you know any two things about them – let’s say outer diameter and number of teeth — you can use some simple equations to find everything else you need to know, including the correct center distance between them. Number of Teeth (N) Pitch Diameter (D): The circle on which two gears effectively mesh, about halfway through the tooth. Figure 1 All of these gear parameters relate to each other with simple equations. Making your own. How to make snug joints in Acrylic. Add Colour to Your Laser Cut Detail. How much material does the laser burn away? A guide to laser cut line optimisation : Ponoko Community Hub. Acrylic Glass Folding Heater. DXF Projects & Patterns for CNC lasers Routers Scrollsaws. Free Dxf Art Downloads | DXF File.