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Twitter. Qu’apprenons-nous de cette nouvelle promotion chez Matter ? — Medialab Session. Voilà deux ans que l’accélérateur Matter pouponne des startups médias et accompagne la transition au numérique de l’industrie médiatique.

Qu’apprenons-nous de cette nouvelle promotion chez Matter ? — Medialab Session

Pour cette quatrième promotion, six startups ont été sélectionnées. Ce choix n’est jamais neutre, nous allons voir que cette année il pointe un problème majeur : qu’est ce qu’un média aujourd’hui ? Avant d’aller plus loin, je vous présente les six startups sélectionnées : News Deeply Un sujet = Un site ! The History Project Créer une timeline enrichie.L’enjeu est de permettre à chacun de raconter sa propre histoire en indexant des médias sur une timeline, et ainsi pouvoir raconter la vie d’une personne, d’un événement plus facilement.

Curious Nation & Curious City Le public au coeur de la rédactionEt si demain, vous preniez part à la conférence de presse de votre média favori ? Eureka King Personnal Heroes Créer un algorithme de l’impact positifChacun d’entre nous peut devenir un super héros de notre quotidien. Next Request Les leçons de cette sélection. Ijsberg Magazine - Actualité internationale. StoryCode Grand Ouest. How media companies can think more like startups. One of the central themes of the RoadMap conference we just finished doing in San Francisco earlier this week was the importance of design, and how companies both big and small need to think about design in an age of ubiquitous connectivity — and not just design in the sense of how something looks or feels, but how it works and the relationship users have with it.

How media companies can think more like startups

That might not seem like something that has immediate or obvious implications for media companies, but I think plenty of traditional players in the industry could learn a lot from the lessons that founders like David Karp of Tumblr and Evan Williams of Medium provided at RoadMap. Create something you want or need As the Tumblr founder said in our interview, all he really wanted was a tool that he could use to post images and thoughts online. So what is the takeaway for media companies? Who are your users and what do they want? Post and thumbnail images courtesy of Flickr users George Kelly and Zert Sonstige. Matter. West meets east: Silicon Valley accelerator to tackle the future of journalism. “We have a similar mission to public media and good journalism outlets, but this isn’t just about saving public media or saving journalism.

West meets east: Silicon Valley accelerator to tackle the future of journalism

It’s about building a place for entrepreneurs to build something that makes people more informed and empowered,” Ford said in an interview Monday. In other words, Ford is taking the spirit of innovation so ingrained in Silicon Valley and applying that to public information values often associated with outlets like The New York Times or Frontline, and the “future of journalism” conversation so often heard on the East Coast amid its glut of media companies.

Your startup might not have much to do with public radio or publishing, but you might still be a fit for Matter, which launched in San Francisco Monday. In other words, Ford wants to find the next Evan Williams and Biz Stone back when they were hanging out and coming up with an idea that would change the media world forever, when their idea for Twitter was brand new. Circa’s New iOS App Will Change The Way You Consume News. The way that we consume information on the Internet has changed dramatically over the years.

Circa’s New iOS App Will Change The Way You Consume News

The main reason is because there is simply more content available to us than we could ever consume during our time on Earth. Back in the day, our only options for news were newspapers and then eventually the local TV or radio station telling us what’s happening in our immediate area. Circa has launched its iOS app today, and it aims to change the way that we consume and retain information. It’s a drastic approach, but it’s one that could actually work. We told you about Circa back in April, when all we knew was that the company had an impressive list of investors, and that its CEO and co-founder Matt Galligan, formerly of SimpleGeo, had big aspirations: We’re trying to make it so that people educate themselves for 5 minutes as opposed to play Angry Birds.

Does Circa bring something new and awesome to the table? Say Hi To Circa We too are excited! The more I use the app, the more helpful it becomes. Teleportd - Live Photos from the Smartphone Generation. MindMeld - Built by Expect Labs. - Better journalism through social clarity. Watchup, the best iPad app for news video - Watchup, the best news videos on your iPad. Choisissez l'enquête - Contribuez en temps réel.


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