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Forbes / Information for the World's Business Leaders - Europe - Information for the World's Business Leaders. Forbes India Magazine. The Highs and Lows of Being Rich. There has been some turbulence in the Richest Indians list this year. But the smart entrepreneurs are raking it in eflecting the global turmoil, the fortunes of a majority of the richest Indians fell this year. Even then, 15 individuals managed to break into his exclusive club. Oh, the ways of wealth! After two years of unprecedented richness, the 100 richest people in India have turned poorer in 2011. On the global map of the richest too, the Indian billionaires saw their hold slipping. But here is some good news. The volatility in markets back home has created quite an upheaval in the list. Pallonji Mistry, at no. 9, and Adi Godrej, a rank below at 10, come in place of K.P.

Overall, only 19 of India’s frontline entrepreneurs increased their wealth. This article appeared in the Forbes India magazine of 18 November, 2011. Businessweek - Business News, Stock Market & Financial Advice. Global News : International News, International Business News. Sign in with Facebook Or use your Businessweek account Forgot password?

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Already a user? Sign in with the same account. Don't have an account? Sign up. Help! Bloomberg Businessweek Global Economics Photograph by Linde Waidhofer Patagonia Dreaming: Kris Tompkins Works to Build the Best National Park The former Patagonia CEO and her environmentalist husband Doug aim to build the world's best new national park in a remote corner of South America More on Global Economics Blogs EconoChatSmall World by Charles Kenny Watch Elsewhere Feed Most Popular Last Updated: 01:19 pm Market Summary. Business Insider. Stock Market News, Business News, Financial, Earnings, World Market News and Information.

Stock Market News, Business News, Financial, Earnings, World Market News and Information. World business, finance, and political news from the Financial Times. "Thirty years ago at University, we joked that a European Army would be commanded by a German General, a European Air Force by a French Air Marshal and a European Navy by a British Admiral.

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The Commander-in-Chief would probably be Belgian. Junker was quite right when he called for a ‘European Army. " By Charles Bruggmann on Buying Trident would weaken British defence "If world politics is so much like the weather no doubt power will change like the wind but where is the proof that the US is actually declining? Life is too dynamic to be pinned down. World business, finance and political news from the Financial Times– Europe. Harvard Business Review Case Studies, Articles, Books. International Business Times / News, Financial News, Market News, Politics, Forex, Commodities - International Business Nachrichten, Finanz Nachrichten, Markt Nachrichten, Politik, Forex, Rohstoffe. CNNMoney - Business, financial and personal finance news. International News. Personal finance advice, ideas, tips and financial planning - Money Magazine on CNNMoney. Give them the facts but not necessarily the figures -- that is, enough information to know where everyone stands but not so much that they think the bank of mom and dad is open for life.

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Mortgage rates continue to match or hit new record lows. Here's how you can benefit. Get a home in one of Money's Best Places to Live for as much as $94,000 off. Money can't buy you love, but what's wrong with a little window-shopping? Check out these 25 towns for the wealthy unattached. Up until a few years ago, many advisors would have encouraged a client in his early 20s to adopt a very aggressive allocation strategy. It's still a tough job market, but these counties can make it a lot easier to find work and a great place to live. The Lime Truck's owner serves up California fusion in his old hometown, and is a driving force behind the O.C.' At the Newton Community Farm, locals come together to help harvest, weed - and even rebuild its farmstand after a fire.

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