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Mystery - Serial killers

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I Hunt Killers — Barry Lyga Dot Com. “Lyga has fashioned the kind of gripping, gory psycho-thriller usually relegated to adult fiction, one that fears neither viscera nor deviant sexual behavior nor the darkest of human impulses.” — Booklist It was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful field. Except for the body. Jazz is a likable teenager. A charmer, some might say. But he’s also the son of the world’s most infamous serial killer, and for Dear Old Dad, “Take Your Son to Work Day” was year-round. And now, even though Dad has been in jail for years, bodies are piling up in the sleepy town of Lobo’s Nod.

In an effort to prove murder doesn’t run in the family, Jazz joins the police in the hunt for this new serial killer. Now available: Twisted. Discovering the Body by Mary Howard. Screwball - David Ferrell - E-book. 'The Alienist' review: Caleb Carr novel comes to TNT - CNN. The story opens in 1896, eight years after Jack the Ripper, and before the word "serial killer" became a common term. Set in New York, the vibe recalls the 1979 movie "Murder by Decree," which hypothesized what would happen if Sherlock Holmes were put on the Ripper case, applying his powers of detection to the crimes. Carr's Gilded Age version of a master sleuth is Dr.

Laszlo Kreisler ("Inglourious Basterds'" Daniel Bruhl), a criminal psychologist who applies nascent scientific techniques -- like profiling and forensics -- to the investigation, which involves the gruesome murder of young male prostitutes. Kreisler teams with newspaper illustrator John Moore (Luke Evans), Sara Howard (Dakota Fanning), a young secretary in the police department, and police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt (Brian Geraghty), one of the actual figures who passes through this take on late-19th-century Manhattan. The opening chapters work hard to replicate the period while zeroing in on the mores of the time.

I'm Not Guilty by Al Carlisle - FictionDB.