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MOVIECLIPS: Movie Trailers, Previews, Clips of Old, New & Upcoming Films. Top 10 Philosophical Movies Of All Time - Top 10 - - Top 10 List - Memento Quote - Blade Runner Quote - Waking Life Quote - Seconds Quote - La Dolce Vita Quote - Matrix Quote - Being There Quote - A Clockwork Orange Quote - My Dinner with Andre.

Top 10 Philosophical Movies Of All Time "I have to believe in a world outside my own mind.

Top 10 Philosophical Movies Of All Time - Top 10 - - Top 10 List - Memento Quote - Blade Runner Quote - Waking Life Quote - Seconds Quote - La Dolce Vita Quote - Matrix Quote - Being There Quote - A Clockwork Orange Quote - My Dinner with Andre

I have to believe that my actions still have meaning, even if I can't remember them. I have to believe that when my eyes are closed, the world's still there.


SHORT FILMS. Movie recommendations. Spalding Gray. Spalding Rockwell Gray (June 5, 1941 – ca.

Spalding Gray

January 11, 2004) was an American actor and writer. He is known for the autobiographical monologues that he wrote and performed for the theater in the 1980s and 1990s. Gray died in New York City, New York, of an apparent suicide in 2004. Steven Soderbergh made a 2010 documentary film about Gray's life entitled And Everything Is Going Fine. Early life[edit] Supercut: Cinema's Greatest Mirror Pep Talks.

Early this morning, I was awoken by three consecutive wall thumps coming from my crawl space, which, as you all know, is the signal from our video editor, Oliver Noble, that he’s completed a new supercut.

Supercut: Cinema's Greatest Mirror Pep Talks

After I let him out, we watched it, and it was pretty good, so I rewarded him with a few minutes with his gimp mask unzipped and gave him some bactine for his welts. This is actually our second crowd-sourced supercut, where Oliver provided the topic and you the FilmDrunk reader gave scene suggestions. The result is Cinema’s Greatest Mirror Pep Talk. Top 20 most underrated movies and more... list. Note : This is one is one the last movie directed by Paul Verhoeven before getting kick out of Hollywood (the last one was "Hollow man").

Top 20 most underrated movies and more... list

Unfortunately, it wasn't a success and it didn't help saving the damages caused by "Showgirls". I think it is shame. Film language: a semiotics of the cinema - Google Książki. 366 Weird Movies - Celebrating the cinematically surreal, bizarre, cult, oddball, fantastique, psychotronic, and the just plain WEIRD! Cinemagora : Cinema Guide : Which Movie To Watch. Untitled. (An essay concerning the subtext of the film by the same title) by Crispin Hellion Glover Is this culture content?


Is it happy? Are the smiles broadcast by this culture's media the smiles that reflect the collective mind? Does the self-professed compassion of the media for the unfortunate seem sincere? Is this culture a Judeo-Christian culture? Genres. IndieFlix. Independent Movies, Film Festivals, New Movies Reviews, News and Interviews - Film Threat. Reel views 2: the ultimate guide to ... Eye for Film : Hotel Splendide Movie Review (2000) "British" and "film" are not always the greatest combination of words on the planet.

Eye for Film : Hotel Splendide Movie Review (2000)

In fact lately the rash of films trying to emulate the Englishness of Four Weddings And A Funeral, the gruesomeness of Shallow Grave or the plucky northerner spirit of the hugely successful The Full Monty (see There's Only One Jimmy Grimble or Billy Elliot for more examples) seem to have seriously put back the British film industry.

In this state of mind I toddled along to Hotel Splendide, concerned it would fall somewhere between Fawlty Towers and Guesthouse Paradiso or, God forbid, worse. So it's with some relief that I can report that Splendide is in fact a great deal better than expected if rather less, er, splendid than it could be... Films About Painters. Movie reviews, essays and the Movie Answer Man from film critic Roger Ebert. The Century of the Self (TV mini-series 2002. Existential & Psychological Movie Recommendations. Film, as with many of the arts, often reflects many existential themes.

Existential & Psychological Movie Recommendations

This page, which was developed following several request for such a list, offers suggestions of movies which reflect existential and psychological themes. The information about the movies is brief to not give away anything which would impact the enjoyment of the movie. See also What is an Existential Movie? Other Movie Pages: Postmodernism & the Movies | Diversity Issues & the Movies | Psychology & the Movies Resources. Not Coming to a Theater Near You. Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time. Massive dehumanization, totalitarian government, rampant disease, post-apocalyptic terrains, cyber-genetic technologies, societal chaos and widespread urban violence are some of the common themes in dystopian films which bravely examine the ominous shadow cast by future.

Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time

A dystopia is a fictional society that is the antithesis or complete opposite of a utopia, an ideal world with a perfect social, political and technological infrastructure. A world without chaos, strife or hunger. A world where the individual potential and freedom is celebrated and brought to the forefront. In contrast, the dystopian world is undesirable with poverty and unequal domination by specific individuals over others.

Dystopian films often construct a fictional universe and set it in a background which features scenarios such as dehumanizing technological advancements, man-made disasters or class-based revolutions. Movie Trailers.