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1-to-1 Essentials Program. » iClevedon - (Private Browsing) Tablets For Schools - (Private Browsing) AUP. Lock the ipad to a single app - (Private Browsing) Basics Updated 9-2012.pdf/362222742/iPad Basics Updated 9-2012.pdf. Apps. United Kingdom) - Apple TV - HD iTunes content, Netflix, & more on your TV. - AirPlay mirroring to your Mac or PC, wirelessly. - (Private Browsing)

Access Computer from iPad. Parkfield iPad Apps. iPad Apps and Resources for Teachers. Create, Engage and Assess through mobile devices. Educreations - Teach what you know. Learn what you don't. PadCamp Christchurch 2012 Smackdown! Classroom iPod touches & iPads: Dos and Don'ts. Do delete content.

Classroom iPod touches & iPads: Dos and Don'ts

Since you are mirroring the computer's iTunes Library onto the iPods, deleting items from iTunes will delete them from the iPods. After you no longer have a need for a podcast, video, or audiobook, delete it so it is not taking up room and cluttering up the iPods. Chances are you want to use this content with a future class. 5 best iPad apps to teach programming - (Private Browsing) While Scratch continues to be my favorite gateway-drug to computer programming, my current students don’t have ready access to desktop or laptop computers.

5 best iPad apps to teach programming - (Private Browsing)

We do, however, have iPads so I’ve been looking at apps to introduce the concepts of branches, loops and conditional statements. Here are my top 5 favorites so far: Daisy the Dinosaur Price: FreeDifficulty: BeginneriTunes link: Daisy the Dinosaur is a simple drag-and-drop introduction to programming.