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Alt+library (Sacramento, CA. Alt+library is a place to meet other readers and find new ways to be a part of the library community.

alt+library (Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento Public Library has changed--we're conducting book clubs in bars and coffee shops, organizing speed dating events, and hosting videogame tournaments, in addition to lending books, movies, music, and more. This is the place to find out about some of our newest events. Also, look at our website: Future books: April: Zero to Maker by David Lang (author visit on April 19th!) Genre X. What the Book. The learning place for libraries.

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Processing. Cataloging. Woodlands Download Library. MARC STANDARDS (Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress) Ipl2: Information You Can Trust. WSU Virtual Motor City Collection (Detroit News): Home. Virtual Motor CityProject Highlights Virtual Motor City Partners and Images Browse Subjects | Decades | Videos Project Goals | Project Timeline | Scanning Procedures | Data Mapping Tables | Contributors | Photo Usage | Comments/Questions Virtual Motor City is the name of an IMLS sponsored digitization project, carried out by the Wayne State University Library System and the Walter P.

WSU Virtual Motor City Collection (Detroit News): Home

Reuther Library. The digitized images in the project represent a small subset of the Detroit News Collection, one of the premier photojournalistic resources freely available from a national-level newspaper and held at the Reuther Library. In 1997, the Detroit News' outgoing editor and publisher Robert Giles conveyed the paper's original negatives and, significantly, copyright to the Reuther Library at WSU. Multnomah County Library. Innovative Users Group. LISTSERV 15.5 - MICHLIB-L List at LISTSERV2.MICHIGAN.GOV. Home - Ohio State University Libraries. NOBLE Swapshop. NOBLE, the North of Boston Library Exchange, is a consortium of 28 public and academic libraries.

NOBLE Swapshop

Founded over 20 years ago, NOBLE fosters resource sharing among our member libraries in many ways– we share an integrated library system, patrons, library materials, and professional expertise. The NOBLE Swapshop is an extension of our resource sharing activities. Here we share scripts, graphics, training material, presentations and other material created by our staff with other members of the library community. WILIUG June 2006 Conference. WILIUG. Next Age of Discovery. Welcome to the Michigan Library Association. D-Lib Magazine In Brief and In the News. March/April 2011 A New Tool to Increase Use of In-Copyright Works Contributed by: Naomi Korn Project Director, OER IPR Support and Neil Witt Associate Professor, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning University of Plymouth Plymouth, United Kingdom The Risk Management Calculator is an important contribution to the toolkit that UK universities and colleges need to use to help them develop and publish OERs (open educational resources).

D-Lib Magazine In Brief and In the News

Created by a team of copyright specialists and staff from the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning, at the University of Plymouth in the UK, the intention of the Calculator was initially to help universities and colleges in the UK funded to develop OERs. Cat, the Michigan eLibrary Catalog and Resource Sharing System. Book Protection : Easy Bind® Repair and Reinforcement Tape. Kapco > KAPCO Book Protection > Products > Tapes > Easy Bind® Repair and Reinforcement Tape All-Purpose Polyester Mending/Repair Tape.

Book Protection : Easy Bind® Repair and Reinforcement Tape

Exclusive 1/8" Peel 'n Place® Centering Strip. Acid-Free, Non-Yellowing Adhesive.Reinforce HingesMend Torn PagesAffix Loose PagesRepair Documents, Photos, Drawings and More1 mil Clear, Low Glare Matte Polyester U.S. Patents #4,879,149 and #5,017,070; Canadian Patent #1,324,626; European Patent #EP 0 337 611 B1; Irish Patent #65112. Awful Library Books.

[] Search for books, music, videos, articles and more in libraries near you. Genre-form Guide (Motion Picture and Television Reading Room, Library ... Compiled by: Brian Taves (Chair) Judi Hoffman Karen Lund February 1998 Table of Contents Introduction Of all the types of subject access to moving image works, genre studies has emerged as the most frequently used and theoretically developed system.

Genre-form Guide (Motion Picture and Television Reading Room, Library ...

Genres are recognizable primarily by content, and to a lesser degree by style. While developing terminology for application to the moving image holdings of archives and libraries, the Moving Image Genre-Form Guide follows the traditional methods of film and television scholarship as closely as possible. Utilizing this range of previous work, a committee within the Motion Picture/Broadcasting/Recorded Sound Division has compiled a comprehensive, practical guide to moving image genre and form terminology ever created, covering some 150 terms, all fully defined and exemplified.

The conventional focus of academic genre studies is on such standard fictional genres as Western, Gangster, and Musical films. How Open Source Software Can Improve the Library - Remember a time when doing research required us to have to go to the library?

How Open Source Software Can Improve the Library -

Your school had one, and that's probably where you spent most of your library time. If it wasn't your school, then it was probably your local town or city library. Some of these libraries may have been tiny little holes in the wall with just a few thousand books while others were huge university libraries with 10,000 of books, magazines, newspapers, cd, microfiche, and more. The depth a library can have can range greatly; it all depends on how much money that library gets in funding. The big college libraries obviously get the most due to the fact that they are part of an actual business model that produces a significant amount of money. Organizing Libraries. Healthy People Library Project. HAPLR Index. Crimson Multimedia for Schools and Libraries in Mystic CT 06355 USA.

Comics Links. Booklists for Young Adults on the Web. Infrared cleaning. Infrared cleaning is a technique used by some film scanners and flatbed scanners to reduce or remove the effect of dust and scratches upon the finished scan.

Infrared cleaning

It works by collecting an additional infrared channel from the scan at the same position and resolution as the three visible color channels (red, green, and blue). The infrared channel, in combination with the other channels, is used to detect the location of scratches and dust. Once located, those defects can be corrected by scaling or replaced by inpainting.

Method[edit] The three color dyes in typical color film emulsions are largely transparent to infrared light, so the infrared image is almost uniformly clear, unlike the RGB images.[1] On the other hand, dust and scratches absorb in the infrared.[2] Any dust spots or scratches appear as dark marks in the infrared, making them easy to find and compensate for. If most or all of a pixel is occluded, scaling is not feasible. Infrared scanning[edit] History[edit] References[edit] ATN-reading-lists - home. Ted Marcus' Virtual Light Table: Scanning 110-Format Film (and Kodachrome) Scanning 110-Format Film (and Kodachrome) Updated February 2013 Preamble · Prerequisites · Pitfalls · Process · Past Preamble This article grew out of techniques I found mostly by trial and error while scanning my collection of 110-format (Pocket Instamatic) Kodachrome slides.

Ted Marcus' Virtual Light Table: Scanning 110-Format Film (and Kodachrome)

Some of those pictures are in the Europe Through the Front Door section of this Web site. Prerequisites 110 film requires at least a 4000dpi scanner. You’ll need a dedicated film scanner, which is unfortunately now an endangered species. My Plustek 7600i scanner, at 7200dpi, can produce a 4535x3042 scan from an uncropped 110 slide. The 7200dpi scan may not provide any more real detail, but the extra pixels make enlarging and cropping easier. If your 110 slides are in 30x30mm plastic mounts, you’ll need to locate at least one 50x50mm adapter to fit the little slides into a scanner’s slide holder.

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Introduction to Metadata (Research at the Getty) VRA Bulletin. Innovative Interfaces: Trusted Library Technology and Services. Home - American Library Association. MCLS - Midwest Collaborative for Library Services. Libraries. IMLS Library Statistics - Overview. The following survey sites are temporarily offline for maintenance and testing because of our ongoing IT security investigation: Federal Audit Clearinghouse (Due dates between 7/22 - 12/30/2015 are extended to 12/31/2015)Contact: 1-800-253-0696 / Survey of Sexual Victimization (Two week extension to respond)Contact: 301-763-2586 / Public Libraries Survey Annual Survey of State Government Finances Contact: 301-763-5149 / Contact: 301-763-5635 / for details on submitting your data through a secure FTP site North Carolina State Treasurer: Annual Financial Information Report (AFIR) - 2015 Contact: 301-763-5149 / Maryland State Data Collections - FY 2015 Uniform Financial Reports (UFR) Contact: 301-763-5149 / if you require a copy of the blank FY 2015 County or Municipal UFR form.

IMLS Library Statistics - Overview

Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) EAD (Encoded Archival Description) Help Pages. Mission Statement The EAD Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists is intended to promote the implementation and use of encoding standards for dissemination of archival information. To this end, we aim to provide tools and information for use in encoding archival descriptions; discuss and facilitate the use of software for markup, parsing, indexing, and delivery; and monitor and contribute to encoding standard development for archival description. Background Following the creation of EAD Listserv in 1996 and the launch of the official EAD website by Library of Congress in 1996, members of the Society of American Archivists identified the need for a group to handle the more informal aspects of EAD implementation.

A petition to create a Roundtable in late 1997 was approved by the Council of the Society of American Archivists. Recent News & Announcements The EAD Roundtable is seeking nominations for a new Co-Chair Elect. EAD: Encoded Archival Description Version 2002 Official Site (EAD ... Text Encoding Initiative. Prints & Photographs Online Catalog - Thesaurus for Graphic Materials ... Art & Architecture Thesaurus (Research at the Getty) Somedayangeline - Presentations and Committee Work. BookMooch: exchange books and trade them, like a book swap or book barter. Catalog your books online.