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Knowledges killer resources for entrepreneurs. Instigating a Leadership Revolution. She was the COO of a large company and this was the leadership conference for the company.

Instigating a Leadership Revolution

I was there as a keynote speaker and her “message to the troops” came right before my closing remarks. She had been going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and was completely bald…no wig and no hat. And, she » Read More It was one of those moments that you wanted to take back right after it happened. I was discussing some equipment concerns with Sid, our facilities director. Imagine the irony of “following” a leadership development community. Candidate's Chair — Job search from a candidate's perspective.

5 Things Successful People Don't DO. The Power of Saying &I Don't Know&. Column by Janine Popick, "Girl Power Female CEO's" February 11, 2010 Imagine six business colleagues in a meeting and the leader of the meeting says: "Did everyone get the TPS report?

The Power of Saying &I Don't Know&

" Top 10 Traits Of Highly Successful People. Rating: 8.2/10 (185 votes cast) We have all read about people who are successful briefly.

Top 10 Traits Of Highly Successful People

They win a gold medal, make a fortune, or star in one great movie and then disappear. What Do Employers Want? 5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Working. By now, you’ve certainly heard why a polished, professional LinkedIn Profile could actually be MORE important than your resume.

5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Working

However, you could spend hours perfecting your Profile, and still not receive results from it. But don’t give up! Here are 5 common reasons your LinkedIn presence isn’t drawing attention for your job search or business: Problem #1: You forgot to apply the principles of SEO. A fantastic LinkedIn Profile is still like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, because if you fail to make it easily search able, no one will actually find it. Top Employers for the Class of 2010. Accounting services, engineering services, and retail/wholesale trade employers top the list of employers extending offers to 2009-10 bachelor’s degree graduates, according to a new survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Top Employers for the Class of 2010

As reported in the Spring 2010 issue of NACE’s Salary Survey, accounting services employers extended the largest number of offers to new college graduates. Engineering services firms landed in second position, followed by retail/wholesale trade employers. “Although data are limited at this time of year, the results are consistent with what we have seen in the past,” says Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director. “Accounting and engineering organizations historically have been among the most active in terms of recruiting and hiring new college graduates.” Also not surprising are the types of graduates most likely to attract attention from these employers. The 6 Excuses Entrepreneurs Use To Justify Their Struggling Business : Lifestyle. Quit whining!

The 6 Excuses Entrepreneurs Use To Justify Their Struggling Business : Lifestyle

Here are how to solutions to the most common excuses that entrepreneurs make. September 12, 2011. Leadership: More On Saying No While Still Inspiring People - Steve Denning - RETHINK. 10 Signs You Shouldn't Be A Small Business Owner : Managing. Thinking about starting your own business?

10 Signs You Shouldn't Be A Small Business Owner : Managing

Take a moment to read the signs. While no single sign here guarantees failure, any one of them wi April 26, 2011. Companies Had to Cope with 270 Tax Changes in Q2. Why It’s Better to Be Underpaid. Last Updated Aug 18, 2010 1:50 PM EDT Culturally, we keep salary information confidential.

Why It’s Better to Be Underpaid

I'm not just talking about company rules, I'm talking about in our private lives as well. Success? It’s Just a Decision Away. The 147 Companies That Control Everything. Why Most People Dream and Only Some Do: The Go-Getter Theory. The Non-Innovators Guide to Business Innovation. Last Updated Oct 27, 2011 9:36 AM EDT Trying to be innovative feels, at least for most people, nearly impossible.

The Non-Innovators Guide to Business Innovation

Don't believe me? Go ahead. Be innovative. Step away and think of something new and different. Back already? Since creativity isn't a switch the vast majority of us can turn on at will, the key to being innovative is to view a problem from a different perspective. Here are eight easy ways to create and flip your own innovation switch: What overqualified really means. Okay, if you have been searching for a job long enough chances are you will hear this dreaded phrase, “Sorry, but you’re overqualified for the position.”Sure on one hand it is a compliment that someone thinks you are too good to be working for them, but on the other hand you still have to eat and being overqualified is not putting food on the table.

What overqualified really means

In case the term “overqualified” has been an enigma wrapped up in a mystery for you, let me tell you what employers really mean when they throw that word around. Let the demystification begin… (Insert the sounds of monks chanting here) 15 Deadly But Often-Made Resume Blunders to Avoid. Most articles on this topic list blunders that very few people are dumb enough to actually make.

Maybe we’re making a bold assumption, but it’s not likely that very many people are “stating that they work well in the nude”, as one resume blunder article cautions against. Nor are very many job seekers likely to “use pale blue paper with teddy bears printed around the border”, as another article warns of. Help From Family Has Its Costs. 4 Lies Business Owners Tell Themselves : Managing. Sometimes we need to draw the line between optimism and delusion. Here are four common lies to avoid telling yourself. August 29, 2011. Why It Doesn’t Matter That Your Coworker Makes More Money Than You Do. Last Updated Sep 16, 2011 5:42 AM EDT Dear Evil HR Lady, I have worked for my employer for 6 years, have a relevant industry degree, 18 years industry experience and work remotely only seeing my boss three times a year. Seminars. Sharpen skills and stay ahead of the competition with AMA's leading-edge seminars in 24 distinct subject areas. With over 140 workshops to choose from in 40 cities across the country, AMA offers training to meet every individual's needs.

To locate a seminar covering a subject or area of interest, select from the list of options below. Analytical Skills You can be the master of information with solid analytical skills. Give yourself that extra edge by finding the “wow factor” in complex data. Business Analysis and Quality.