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PowerPoint Makes Us Stupid. Here Are 3 Smarter Alternatives. Former Defense Secretary General James Mattis famously said, "PowerPoint makes us stupid.

PowerPoint Makes Us Stupid. Here Are 3 Smarter Alternatives

" Like many among today's top military brass, he sees our culture's addiction to PowerPoint as a threat to the efficiency and effectiveness of our armed forces. Similarly, many CEOs have banned PowerPoint from their meetings, including Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Twitter's Jack Dorsey, LinkedIn's Jeff Weiner, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, and the late Steve Jobs. Smart leaders hate PowerPoint because business presentations straitjacket meetings into a slow-moving linear direction. This discourages conversation and discussion, turning the other attendees into passive chair potatoes. PowerPoint--when used as designed--reduces attention, understanding, and, worst of all, retention.

PowerPoint presentations are even worse when presenters try to make their boring presentation interesting by adding bells and whistles, cheesy stock photos, cheap animations, and various multimedia gee-gaws. 1. 2. The Simple Truth About Storytelling 11/23/2018. The man on stage was careful not to alienate his audience.

The Simple Truth About Storytelling 11/23/2018

They were farmers, after all, not marketers, and he had to tread lightly to help them see the importance of communicating what they had to offer. “Some people get turned off by the idea of storytelling,” he said. “But storytelling is just truth-telling. We don’t need to make up stories. We just need to tell the truth.” You had to listen closely to hear the slight exhale of relief. I was standing at the back of the room, and it was all I could do to keep from blurting out, “No!” No, you cannot allow yourself to get turned off by the idea of storytelling.

No, you cannot just “tell the truth.” But also, no, storytelling is not just “making up stories.” Let’s take a step back. The story is the rocket; the content is its payload. Storytelling is how we share ideas. Of course, human nature being what it is, an effective fake story will beat an ineffective true story, every time.

What makes a story effective? The Art of the Elevator Pitch. Executive Summary Hollywood screenwriters typically get three to five minutes to pitch their movie ideas, but it takes only around 45 seconds for producers to know if they want to invest.

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

Specifically, producers are listening for a logline: one or two sentences that explain what the movie is about. If there is no logline, more often than not, there is no sale. This is a valuable lesson for innovators in any field. Business leaders are often asked: What does your startup or product do? Long before your favorite movie made it to a theater near you, it was presented in a pitch meeting.

9 Rules I Follow When Prepping an Awesome Presentation. 1 Irresistible Pitch Tip That Worked for Steve Jobs and the Google Founders. Want To Be A More Confident Speaker? Tell A Story. Don’t like public speaking or giving presentations?

Want To Be A More Confident Speaker? Tell A Story

You’re not alone–most people don’t. We’re fighting our primeval fear of ostracism whenever we stand up and begin to regale an audience. But chances are good that you like telling stories and sharing experiences a little more than you like delivering a keynote or running through a slide deck; after all, some 65% of our daily conversations are made up of personal stories (and, well, gossip).

Delete me. 7 Shocking Presentation Breakthroughs You Can Use Today. Presentation Blogger. 3 Public Speaking Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know. Entrepreneurs never stop presenting.

3 Public Speaking Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Of course, that doesn’t mean that every entrepreneur is giving grandiose speeches to large audiences every day. Presenting in an entrepreneurial context comes in all sorts of different forms. Garr Reynolds Official Site. 1.

Garr Reynolds Official Site

Show your passion If I had only one tip to give, it would be to be passionate about your topic and let that enthusiasm come out. Guy Kawasaki: Presenter extraordinaire. You have heard me praise the presentation skills of Steve Jobs many times before.

Guy Kawasaki: Presenter extraordinaire

He's the high priest of presentations. But there is another master communicator with a strong Apple history known for his engaging and charismatic presentations: Guy Kawasaki. Guy is a Silicon Valley legend of sorts. He first gained fame over twenty years ago as a tech evangelist for Apple, "leading the charge against world-wide domination by IBM. " Currently Guy is Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures and the author of many popular business books including his latest, The Art of the Start. Presentation advice from the frontlinesI recommend you buy Art of the Start for two reasons: (1) because it is a relevant, useful book for any business person, especially entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs, and (2) because Guy devotes an entire chapter to the "Art of the Pitch" which contains solid tips and advice for making effective presentations to people who can help or invest in your ideas.

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