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Magnitude 7.0 - HAITI REGION Magnitude 7.0 - HAITI REGION Earthquake Summary Earthquake Summary Poster 2/23/10-USGS Updates Assessment of Earthquake Hazard and Safety in Haiti and the Caribbean Felt Reports According to official estimates, 316,000 people killed, 300,000 injured, 1.3 million displaced, 97,294 houses destroyed and 188,383 damaged in the Port-au-Prince area and in much of southern Haiti. Other estimates suggest substantially lower numbers of casualties, perhaps as low as fewer than 100,000.
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RESTON, Va.—The aftershock sequence of the magnitude-7 earthquake that struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan. 12, 2010, will continue for months, if not years. The frequency of events will diminish with time, but damaging earthquakes will remain a threat. U.S. Aftershock Hazards in Haiti Aftershock Hazards in Haiti
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BBCNews - SocialNetworks offer a lifeline BBCNews - SocialNetworks offer a lifeline Inmarsat's chief executive Andrew Sukawaty explains to the BBC's Daniel Emery how his firm's satellite network is assisting in Haiti's rescue efforts The collapse of traditional channels of communication in Haiti has again highlighted the role of social media and the internet in disasters. Twitter is being used as a prime channel for communications, while sites such as Ushahidi are providing maps detailing aid and damage. Both Google and Facebook are producing missing persons lists.
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Bringing Technology and Communication to Haiti Words cannot begin to describe the shock in the wake of this week's tragic events in Haiti. I know I am far from alone in feeling that way. What I can put into words at this time are my thoughts on how we can accelerate relief to those in need: By establishing a network by which humanitarian agencies in the region can communicate with each other and the outside world. Bringing Technology and Communication to Haiti
Press Releases For additional resources, please visit the Blackbaud Press Room . Blackbaud Supports NetHope in its Efforts to Restore Communications in Haiti Donation will provide 20 humanitarian organizations working in Haiti with critical IT resources Charleston, S.C. (January 21, 2010) – Blackbaud, Inc., (Nasdaq: BLKB) today announced that it is making a $50,000 donation in support of NetHope , an information technology collaboration of 28 leading international humanitarian organizations, which is working to restore communications infrastructure in Haiti. Press Releases
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Providing emergency communications for Haiti. « BLITZKRIEG BOPP Last night while sitting on the couch I got one of my brainwaves; why not try to organise a volunteer effort to set up an outdoor wifi network for Haiti using wifi? Now I have for years been playing with the idea of developing emergency (disaster zone proof) wifi units that without too much work can be used to deploy a mesh-type data & voice network. Why wifi? Providing emergency communications for Haiti. « BLITZKRIEG BOPP
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How to Connect Port-au-Prince with a Wireless Network - Haiti Re Inveneo's long-distance WiFi network in Port-au-Prince, Haiti As you can see from the network diagram above, Inveneo's long-distance WiFi links connecting NetHope member organizations is starting to be far-reaching. Inveneo engineers Mark Summer and Andris Bjornson have been able to bring high-speed Internet access - critical communication capacity - to eleven relief agency locations with minimal equipment and installation time Our long-distance WiFi network has made huge improvements in connectivity for NetHope member organizations. Some had no connectivity before. Others had limited connectivity, like a 160 kbit connection that jumped to 1.6 Mbit. How to Connect Port-au-Prince with a Wireless Network - Haiti Re
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Jan 15 2010 The Haiti Volunteer Network is a volunteer effort. We need your help to spread the word to others -- so that people with skills, services and goods to offer can connect with the right people to make a difference. Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to travel to Haiti to volunteer. In fact, unless you are experienced in disaster and crisis response, you may unintentionally do more harm than good by traveling to Haiti right away ( http://bit.ly/6M2Rje ). Haiti Volunteer Network | Let's Work Together to Save Lives
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