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Pictolang. Create Instant Interactive Text Based Activities. Creating computer based materials can be incredibly time consuming and also very frustrating as websites and web based content can change so quickly, that's why it is always so nice to discover tools like Textivate which can enable you to create instant interactivity using almost any text you find from around the web.

Create Instant Interactive Text Based Activities

All you need to do is copy and paste your text into the Textivate window and then click on 'textivate now'. Here you can see some text I have copied from the Goldilocks story which I found on the Project Gutenberg site. Now I get a range of different exercise types to choose from. All I have to do to generate the exercise is to click on one of the square and I instantly have an interactive activity.

There are quite a few to choose from. You can also have the text arranged vertically so that students drag and drop the parts into position. Some of my favourite task types it creates are the instant gapfill activity. Why not try this one out for yourself and see how you get on: Best. Free Spelling Games And Activities For Kids - By Catch the Spelling (Online Game for Studying Spelling & Vocabulary)

Spelling Bee the Game. Spellbee! SpellBEE is a new kind of spelling activity.


Each time you play, you will be able to choose a partner and play a word game with them. It's fun! You can even call up a friend and play Spellbee with them! Learn more... A member site of Crossword Puzzles, Word Search, Hangman. Building Language for Literacy Home. PRIVACY POLICY · Terms of Use · TM ® & © 2017 Scholastic Inc.

Building Language for Literacy Home

All Rights Reserved. Teacher's Activity Guide. Spelling Match Game. - a video dictionary. Words of the World by The University of Nottingham. Word Games - Play Word Search, Crossword, Puzzles and Sudoku Games. Affect Versus Effect. I get asked whether to use affect or effect all the time, and it is by far the most requested grammar topic, so I have a few mnemonics and a cartoon to help you remember.

Affect Versus Effect

What Is the Difference Between Affect and Effect? Before we get to the memory trick though, I want to explain the difference between the two words: The majority of the time you use affect with an a as a verb and effect with an e as a noun. When Should You Use Affect? Affect with an a means "to influence," as in, "The arrows affected Aardvark," or "The rain affected Amy's hairdo.

" Affect can also mean, roughly, "to act in a way that you don't feel," as in, "She affected an air of superiority. " When Should You Use Effect? Effect with an e has a lot of subtle meanings as a noun, but to me the meaning "a result" seems to be at the core of all the definitions. Common Uses of Affect and Effect Most of the time, affect is a verb and effect is a noun. "But why Aardvark? " The illustration of the example is from my new book. Powell’s.

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