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JavaScript Primers, Tutorials and Scripts from HTMLGoodies. Important guidelines. First let's learn some important stuff.

Important guidelines

There are lots of browsers out there that cannot support JavaScript. Although browsers generally support more and more with each release, the language itself keeps evolving, and there is already a vast amount of the JavaScript language available for browsers to support. No browser will ever support all of it, and you cannot expect them to. There are many reasons why people cannot or will not 'upgrade' to your chosen browser. A few are: Whatever their reasons, you should not stop them from using your site. There are also many browsers out there that you do not realise exist.

There is no magic formula for this, but the basic rules are that you should not detect a browser make or version. This tutorial should help you learn how to correctly detect capabilities, and wherever needed, it will show you how to work out when a browser cannot do what you need, so you can halt your script, or provide an alternative. Object Oriented JavaScript Class for Developers - www.htmlgoodies.com. Sohguanh: Recently, due to the need to learn AJAX coding, I discovered that JavaScript has changed a lot in the last few years--and the different kinds of syntax used to create objects in JavaScript can be mind-boggling!

Object Oriented JavaScript Class for Developers - www.htmlgoodies.com

I come from a C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Perl and PHP background, and have recently moved on to JavaScript. My knowledge of JavaScript is from the late 90's era where it was used for simple scripting purposes. JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, and Help - JS. Beginning JavaScript Tutorials. JavaScript Basics What you need to use JavaScript See what is required for you to be able to see and use JavaScript for your site.

Beginning JavaScript Tutorials

Basic Recognition of a JavaScript See the basic format of a JavaScript so that you can recognize a javascript when you see one in the HTML code. onMouseover: Your first Script Make something happen by surprise. Well, it used to be a surprise, but it is used quite a bit now. Using Buttons for JavaScripts A two-part section on using buttons to make something happen. Forward and Back Buttons Learn how to make forward and back buttons which functions just like the buttons on your browser. JavaScript Tutorial: Home. JavaScript Introduction. Intro.

Javascript--what the heck is it?


Is it a really difficult programming language that casual web designers should be afraid of? What is it used for? Hopefully we'll be able to answer these questions for you and more in this tutorial JavaScript has been around for several years now, in many different flavors. The main benefit of Javascript is to add additional interaction between the website and its visitors with just a little extra work by the web developer. By definition, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. JavaScript Guide - MDC Doc Center.

Java script tutorial for the total non-programmer. New from Webteacher Software and partners, GoogleMapBuilder.comAn easy interface to turn any spreadsheet into a Google Map Webteacher Software now offers Welcome To JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer This tutorial will take you step by step through the fundamentals of Javascript.

Java script tutorial for the total non-programmer

You will learn how to write functions, use data from text boxes, create IF-THEN conditionals, program loops, and generally make your web page "smarter. " I teach computer classes for a living to corporate clients of all levels. If you find this tutorial helpful, please let me know (it's my only reward). JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers.

Interactive tutorial. JavaScript Tutorial - EchoEcho.Com. JavaScript Kit Advanced JavaScript Tutorials. Main > JavaScript Tutorials Latest Tutorials Introduction to Touch events in JavaScript Preloading images and executing code only after all images have loaded Setting CSS3 properties using JavaScript Going beyond cookies- Using DOM sessionStorage and localStorage to persist larger amounts of info Using document.createElement() to test for browser support for an element The onmousewheel event of JavaScript Handling runtime errors in JavaScript using try/catch/finally The try/catch/finally statement of JavaScript lets you dip your toes into error prune territory and "reroute" when a runtime error has occurred.

JavaScript Kit Advanced JavaScript Tutorials

Dynamically loading an external JavaScript or CSS file External JavaScript or CSS files do not always have to be synchronously loaded as part of the page, but dynamically as well. JavaScript Tutorial. How to Create A Simple Web-based Chat Application. In this tutorial we will be creating a simple web-based chat application with PHP and jQuery.

How to Create A Simple Web-based Chat Application

This sort of utility would be perfect for a live support system for your website. Introduction The chat application we will be building today will be quite simple. It will include a login and logout system, AJAX-style features, and will also offer support for multiple users. Step 1 : HTML Markup We will start this tutorial by creating our first file called index.php. We start our html with the usual DOCTYPE, html, head, and body tags. Step 2 : CSS Styling We will now add some css to make our chat application look better than with the default browser styling.

There's nothing special about the above css other than the fact that some id's or classes, which we have set a style for, will be added a bit later. As you can see above, we are finished building the chat's user interface. Step 3 : Using PHP to Create a Login Form. Showing the Login Form Welcome and Logout Menu Step 4 : Handling User Input jQuery. Learning Advanced JavaScript.