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How to install SAP Lumira Server, Publish Datas... With one of the latest releases of SAP Lumira (1.15) Server is released.

How to install SAP Lumira Server, Publish Datas...

More background information is provided by the excellect blog of Henry Banks. In this blog I will walk you through the steps as described in the SAP Lumira Server Installation Guide. Please make sure you meet the Installation requirements as mentioned in Chapter 2 of the Installation Guide prior to the installation. The screenshots taken below are from HANA Studio SPS08 rev. 80. First step to install SAP Lumira Server is to start your HANA Studio.

You may be prompted to logon with your <SID>adm account and password to get access to the 'Lifecycle Management' tab. Click on 'Deploy HANA Content'. Select the appropriate option applicable to your situation and click 'Next'. Browse to the location where you downloaded the .ZIP file from SAP MarketPlace. The file will be uploaded. Click 'Next'. Click 'Run'. The content will now be deployed. After a succesfull deployment click 'Close'. Open the SAP HANA admin URL: Lumira Sizing Guide. Lumira, server for BI Platform Installation. SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform supports both Standard and Distributed deployment.

Lumira, server for BI Platform Installation

Standard: Recommended for testing purposes, or smaller production deployments. All required BI platform features and Lumira, server for BI platform components installed on the same machine. Distributed deployment: Recommended for larger and critical production deployments. Lumira, Server for BI Platform. SAP Lumira, Server for BI Platform is the new integration of SAP Lumira with the SAP BI 4.1 Platform.

Lumira, Server for BI Platform

This solution enables consumption and governance of SAP Lumira content from the SAP BI 4.1 platform. Deliver Agility to business users alongside Scale and Trust for IT and Management. A single, trusted, governed infrastructure to maintain. Single user experience for both BI & Data Discovery. SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform Installation. SAP Lumira Family Supported Versions Matrix. Purpose This Document provides cross reference information in the form of a matrix regarding supported versions of the SAP Lumira Family of products.

SAP Lumira Family Supported Versions Matrix

Overview The SAP Lumira Family could currently be defined as the following products: As each product has a different version, it may be confusing to determine which product versions are compatible. The matrix presented in this document provides an easy cross reference in order to determine supportability of the various products in the SAP Lumira Suite. SAP Lumira Server for Teams Roadmap ASUG Webcast. This was an ASUG webcast this past week given by SAP's Thomas Kuruvilla The usual disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

SAP Lumira Server for Teams Roadmap ASUG Webcast

Untitled. Lumira 1.23. SAP Lumira is a self-service solution that allows analysts and decision makers to access, transform, and visualize data.

Lumira 1.23

The SAP Lumira desktop experience is used to prepare data from multiple sources, visualize it, and then compose stories from those visualizations that can be shared with other decision makers using the SAP Lumira server and cloud platforms which provide browser and mobile based experiences to further analyze data and collaborate with colleagues on datasets, stories, and other business intelligence artifacts. What’s New – Release Notes What’s New Information about what is new and what has changed since the last release Release Restrictions An overview of known issues in this release User Guides. Lumira Sizing Guide. It's here! SAP Lumira Edge Server. Hi Everyone, I’m so happy that SAP Lumira Edge Server has been released to customer!

It's here! SAP Lumira Edge Server

Here’s a quick overview of what we have with this initial 1.0 shipment: This is an on-premise edition of Lumira Server for smaller teams: The Lumira Edge Server edition brings the power of a new, embedded, lightweight, in-memory acceleration engine called Velocity, whilst running on commodity hardware. This standalone server product is typically suited to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & Lines of Business (LoBs) and is aimed at use-cases that consume smaller datasets and have lower complexity. It’s quick to download at 660 Mb zipped. The server-side installation itself takes about 5 minutes, and is super-easy as there’s only 1 input screen! Post-installation, there’s almost no configuration at all, and the administration is minimal. The Administrator creates Users from the Members screen, defines their Role (end-user / admin), then license Type (concurrent / named): Cheers,