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Node.js est une plateforme logicielle libre et événementielle en JavaScript orientée vers les applications réseau qui doivent pouvoir monter en charge. Elle utilise la machine virtuelle V8 et implémente sous licence MIT les spécifications CommonJS.

Node.js contient une bibliothèque de serveur HTTP intégrée, ce qui rend possible de faire tourner un serveur web sans avoir besoin d'un logiciel externe comme Apache ou Lighttpd, et permettant de mieux contrôler la façon dont le serveur web fonctionne.
(Source : Wikipédia). 20 things to consider when creating your first Node.js application - Heart Internet Blog - Focusing on all aspects of the web. Newest 'node.js' Questions. How To Node - NodeJS. - NodeAtlas —Le Framework JavaScript Serveur Évolutif— Node.University. Nodemon. NodeJS as a tool. Introduction NodeJs is best known for running server-side JavaScript, but it can also be used for other processes that run on your local machine: See: Node.js as a build script (by @millermedeiros) for lots of examples of this.

NodeJS as a tool

With the help of Homebrew (yes I know I'm only catering for Mac users here - what a scum bag I am - but the principles are the same I'm just using Homebrew to get these packages installed) we can get our prerequisite installed. Prerequisite I have to assume you've already got Homebrewm, Node and NPM installed?

If not then open up your terminal/command line tool of choice and follow these steps: Install Homebrew by executing this command:/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL Node by executing this command:brew install nodeInstall NPM by executing this command:curl | sh After that you should be able to execute brew --version, node --version and npm --version and get version numbers back to show that they've installed. CSSLint "Automated linting of Cascading Stylesheets" #! Links. Node.University. Express - Node.js web application framework.

Adunkman/connect-assets. JSApp.US. Node.js vs. Opa: Web Framework Showdown. A typical web project today still involves a programming language for the server coding, usually with a web framework (or two or more) on top of it, some JavaScript coding for the client-side code, a database with its query language (SQL, etc.), and so on.

Node.js vs. Opa: Web Framework Showdown

That is a lot of technologies to master, set up and (try to) integrate. No wonder so many developers are tired even before they get a "Hello world" app working. Many tools makers realized that this is not the way to go and started working on unifying some of those aspects in more comprehensive solutions for the Web (Google Web Toolkit is one result of such efforts). In a world where dynamic programming and Agile development are king, two modern incarnations of the comprehensive Web solution concept are Node.js and Opa.

Both feature an event-driven model that makes them a good fit for writing "real-time" web applications. Maxogden/art-of-node. Non, nodejs n’est pas mature. Node.js : JavaScript côté serveur permettrait des gains en productivité et performances, des entreprises US satisfaites de son adoption. Selon plusieurs grandes sociétés américaines, le passage à Node.js sur leurs serveurs aurait permis accroître les performances des applications « backend » et simplifier le développement côté serveur.

Node.js : JavaScript côté serveur permettrait des gains en productivité et performances, des entreprises US satisfaites de son adoption

À l’occasion d’une conférence Node.js organisée au sein du campus de PayPal, plusieurs entreprises américaines ont exposé sur les gains de performances obtenus suite au passage de la technologie qu’elles utilisaient vers Node.js. La première d’entre elles est PayPal, qui avait dévoilé en décembre 2013 les résultats des travaux menés pour migrer ses applications de Java vers Node.js.

En plus des gains de performances, PayPal avait vanté le gain de productivité, car toutes les piles de ses services reposaient désormais sur un seul langage : JavaScript. Haeresis/NodeAtlas: NodeAtlas is a full-stack JavaScript framework allows you to create Scalable website with SEO and W3C compliance. Node-atlas. Haeresis/NodeAtlas: NodeAtlas is a full-stack JavaScript framework allows you to create Scalable website with SEO and W3C compliance. Node.js – reasons to use, pros and cons, best practices! JavaScript has certain characteristics which makes it unique from the other dynamic languages.

Node.js – reasons to use, pros and cons, best practices!

It has no concept of thread, but its model of concurrency is completely basing on events; i.e. it’s an event driven programming language. Des sites web Node.js pour les débutants en JavaScript avec NodeAtlas. GitHub - azat-co/you-dont-know-node: You Don't Know Node.js. The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial. GitHub - coreybutler/nvm-windows: A node.js version management utility for Windows. Ironically written in Go. Up and running in less than 10 minutes. Tonight I was trying to install Node.js on Windows and couldn’t find any straightforward documentation.

Up and running in less than 10 minutes

Reason is each new release of Node.js has multiple ways it can be setup. For instance, older versions required Cygwin and some people use a .exe file. None of these methods are optimal, so I’ve written a tutorial on how to install Node.js own Windows and test it in 6 steps with less than 10 minutes of your time. Edit (10/19/2012): The below information is for Node 0.6 (including the code test sample). If you want to install the latest version just follow these simple steps and you should be good to go.

Go to the NodeJS home pageClick install to download the .msi installer packageRun it and follow the instrucitons, you now have NPM (node package manager) and Node.js installedReset your computer to get everything working in your command-line interface (CLI) Windows Installation Instructions. Node.js - Why are there 4 versions of Node JS? You Don’t Know Node: Quick Intro to Core Features. UPDATE: Want to learn React.js and Node.js+Express.js+MongoDB, but never have time due to other projects?

You Don’t Know Node: Quick Intro to Core Features

Join us over the weekend of April 30-May 1 in San Francisco, CA for the two-day Node+React course. Learn more at This essay was inspired by the Kyle Simpson’s series of books, You Don’t Know JavaScript. They are a good start with JavaScript fundamentals.