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Cool Infographics - Cool Infographics. Cool infographic video from the team at Adobe that shares the results of their own 2012 Digital Video Benchmark research. As you relax at home, walk through stores, and sit in airports, you see people watching video on more screens than ever before. But don’t rely on the eyeball test. ReMap. Contest: Create an Infographic About Haiti. 50 great examples of infographics - - Graphi.

Your source of inspiration InfographicsFreeCollections 50 great examples of infographics By Francesco Mugnai • 6 years ago Apr 2009.

50 great examples of infographics - - Graphi

Financial Infographics, Savings Account & CD Rates - VisualEcono. GEO Data Portal - The Environmental Database (search. United Nations Environment Programme environment for development Environmental Data Explorer.

GEO Data Portal - The Environmental Database (search

Infographic Coins « petitinvention. The round shaped coins must have a lot of benefits that other figures such as a triangle or a square don’t.

Infographic Coins « petitinvention

Also, non-rounded coins may have many demerits. Aside from those, travelers and other people who are not accustomed to the currency would be able to easily remember how much each of these coins is (as long as she knows how to read pie charts). This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Like this: Like Loading... The Christmas Season: By the Numbers. ‘Tis the season for Christmas trees, lights and gifts, and in the past that has also meant the season of outrageous spending.

The Christmas Season: By the Numbers

While the holidays may not be cheap, hard times sometimes call for desperate measures and drastic budget changes. Here’s a look at the hard facts and numbers of this most wonderful time of the year. (click to enlarge) Digital Podge 2009 - Measurable Fun. Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects - v. Transparency - GOOD Magazine. Create Flowchart, Org Chart and Network Diagram Easily with Edra.