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100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums • what the general public often considers "indie rock" to be, those artists in the indie rock genre who have remained on indie rock labels their entire career. • key indie rock bands (like Modest Mouse and TV on the Radio) which have been signed away from their indie labels and are now on major labels. • Dance-punk, twee pop and various genres often considered to be offshoots of indie rock • bands that are on indie labels in one country, but a major in another (such as Phoenix). • British indie bands. In Britain, the genres that America calls "indie rock" and "alternative" are one genre, called simply "indie".

100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums

Song Meanings

Song Meanings

Fact or Fiction: Prince Prince is shrouded in mystery, making him an excellent candidate for Fact or Fiction. Is he really a Scientologist? Does he own an exotic animal?
Tone Deaf
The Ruckus I’ve always been kind of fascinated by The Fall. I’ve heard bits and pieces of their music over the years, read a few interviews with Mark E. Smith, and even caught them live at a festival a few years ago. But the prospect of actually getting in to them properly has always been a little bit daunting, purely because of the huge weight of material on offer. There’s loads! Where do you start? The Ruckus

We Are Hunted

We Are Hunted The last few years have been an incredible experience made possible by the various staff, contractors and partners we've worked with. We would like to thank our board and investors, particularly Graeme Wood, who backed us in late 2007 and never stopped supporting and mentoring us. A huge thanks also to our users, who kept coming back each day to discover the great new music. While we are shutting down, we will continue to create services that will delight you, as part of the Twitter team.

I am a DJ for Psychic Visons Radio looking for new artists that do psychodelic, trance, rave, hypno music, or new age. Contact me if you would be willing to send clips of your work via here for my Saturday night show there.

Dreagus aka Mark
DJ and Producer of Dreagus Tunez by dreagusproductions Sep 26