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Creating Gig Packages – Fiverr Customer Support If you would like to provide a service on Fiverr, you first need to create a basic Gig package. A Gig® is a service listed on Fiverr’s marketplace and the package you create can include upgrades and extras, which will increase your offering beyond $5. Note: Gig Packages are only available in certain categories and will gradually be rolled out to additional categories. To create a Gig: After you login, place your mouse over your username and click Selling > Create a Gig.Note: If this is your first time creating a Gig, place your mouse over your username and click Selling > Start Selling and then Create a Gig. STEP 1: Overview How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell Photo: The stench of a skunk attack—it’s unmistakable, even when you’re in the passenger seat of a car, with the windows closed, driving through a neighborhood sprayed hours prior. But what do you do when there’s a skunk smell in your own backyard or worse, actually inside your house? Well, for one thing, you’ve got to act fast, ideally within an hour or two of the spray. If neglected, that foul odor could linger for months on household textiles, everything from bed linens to furniture upholstery. It can even wind up on your skin!

Bob Hoskins in Who Framed Roger Rabbit Invented the Modern Blockbuster Performance There is a man squatting at the lowest point of his personal and professional life. He’s a classic film-noir detective living from job to job in Hollywood in the late 1940s, the dark hero of an ’80s neo-noir. The man used to be on the LAPD, but now he’s just a hacky private investigator who’s drowned his former glory by guzzling scotch day and night.

The Striking Similarities Between These Rappers and Ancient Philosophers Hip-hop is a lot of things, but the least discussed of all its facets is how it operates as a philosophy. I don’t mean as a KRS-One riff or as subject matter; I mean structurally. Consider Thomas Kuhn. The Little-Known History of the Wild West Is the Ultimate "Mandalorian" Easter Egg I love Star Wars and I enjoy a good Western, so it’s no surprise to any of my friends and co-workers that I’ve been engrossed with The Mandalorian on Disney+. I’ll go ahead and warn you now, there will be some spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t caught up at least through Episode 6 of The Mandalorian, you may want to come back to this after you have. If you’re all caught up or just don’t mind, let’s continue. The Mandalorian is basically a Western that happens to be set in a galaxy far, far away, but you don’t have to take my or show-creator Jon Favreau’s word for it.

How does the referral program work? – Fiverr Customer Support With the Fiver Referral program, you can earn rewards for you and your friends. As a registered Fiverr user, if you refer a friend to Fiverr, your friend will receive a free Gig. If your friend spends $10 or more, you will earn $5. The Fiverr Referral Program is open to all users on Fiverr. To use the Referral Program as a Guest (not logged in):

Your Brain Has A "Delete" Button Will wearing a ratty college T-shirt and sweats to bed soon go out of fashion? The pajamas industry is growing, and retailers aren't sleeping on how to reinvent the bygone ensemble. What was once a symbol of buttoned-down '50s attire (think Ricky and Lucy in collared PJ sets, tucking into their separate beds) has slowly inched its way back into pop culture. The Best Movies About Divorce The beauty of film is that—when done right—a movie can so accurately reflect the human experience. Take divorce, for example. There are thousands of stories on the topic, but most of us keep coming back to a select few that vary in tone, but each get to the core of what it's like dealing with a broken marriage.

Bone Flute Is Oldest Instrument, Study Says A vulture-bone flute discovered in a European cave is likely the world's oldest recognizable musical instrument and pushes back humanity's musical roots, a new study says. Found with fragments of mammoth-ivory flutes, the 40,000-year-old artifact also adds to evidence that music may have given the first European modern humans a strategic advantage over Neanderthals, researchers say. The bone-flute pieces were found in 2008 at Hohle Fels, a Stone Age cave in southern Germany, according to the study, led by archaeologist Nicholas Conard of the University of Tübingen in Germany. With five finger holes and a V-shaped mouthpiece, the almost complete bird-bone flute—made from the naturally hollow wing bone of a griffon vulture—is just 0.3 inch (8 millimeters) wide and was originally about 13 inches (34 centimeters) long. Flute fragments found earlier at the nearby site of Geissenklösterle have been dated to around 35,000 years ago. (Also see "Stone Age Art Caves May Have Been Concert Halls.")

The Western and Samurai Influences of 'The Mandalorian' Westerns and samurai films have a lot in common. For a start, both are significant to the mythology and pop culture of their respective countries, exaggerating the characters and settings they revolve around for the sake of great entertainment. In turn, you could argue that both genres have informed the way that people unrealistically imagine the Old West and Ancient Japan. Both genres also boast an abundance of movies that focus on lone-wolf characters roaming the lands. Cowboys carry guns and samurais wield swords, but their characteristics, motivations, and the situations they find themselves in are often similar. What We Do — White Squirrel Online Store Management We will set up an online store for you, or take over the management of a store you currently have. We're happy to work with any online commerce platform, though we do have our favourites. White Squirrel takes care of product listings, we track inventory and store your products in our warehouse, we pack and ship orders with vibrantly-coloured and secure materials, and we reply to any customer service requests. Whether your store is open indefinitely, or for a short period of time, we're happy to work with your schedule. We issue monthly sales reports, and split profits with each client.

Powerfully Sober: You’d Better Work That Mind! Our mental health can make or break recovery. If we want to stay sober, we’ve got to find ways to be mentally strong. And let’s not sugarcoat the situation; the path to lasting sobriety won’t be easy. We’ll have plenty of circumstances and situations working against us, but flexing our mental muscles helps build the strength we desperately need. To develop a strong mind for strong sobriety, we must develop mental S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H. (S)elf-Confidence Confidence blooms when we have a clear purpose for our lives. - Movie: I cannot remain silent any longer Because of the violation of the § 218, the so-called "abortion law", a gynecologist must stand trial. He is accused in three cases: The first case concerns a 16-year old girl who became pregnant at a rape, in the second case it comes to a child-rich working woman who can barely feed their family and in the third count, the death of a pregnant girl negotiated, which was dismissed by the doctor - and the "treatment" by a "abortionist" was killed. Despite a coherent defense of the doctor is found guilty by the court. DirectorJochen Wiedermann AuthorFelix Lützkendorf CameraEkkehard Kyrath ActorsBarbara Frey, Michael Verhoeven, Brigitte Mira, Paul Klinger, Charles Regnier, Gisela Peltzer, u.a. MusicPeter Sandloff produced byHans Oppenheimer-Film Gmbh & Co.

Por dentro do 'mercado negro', onde os artistas podem pagar por milhões de riachos The music industry is famous for being hyper-competitive, but in the summer of 2019, the biggest companies — from major labels to streaming services — briefly united around a common cause: signing a code of conduct condemning streaming manipulation, a practice that inflates artists’ numbers on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and potentially reduces payouts for smaller acts. “Streaming manipulation has been an unfortunate blight on the industry over the past few years,” declared John Phelan, director general of the International Confederation of Music Publishers. “There is a black market for pay-for-play.” Not long after the code of conduct was signed, various members of the Blueprint Group — a high-powered management and distribution company that works with multiple Grammy-winning artists — hopped on a conference call with a digital marketer named Joshua Mack, according to an audio recording obtained by Rolling Stone.

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