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1 - Happy World. Watch Free Documentary Film Online. The Conflict Zone. National Geographic Emerging Explorer Aziz Abu Sarah is a cultural educator working to build relationships between Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. In this series of four eight-minute videos, Abu Sarah meets with people from both sides of the conflict in order to better understand and communicate how this international dispute impacts their everyday lives.

The Aatsinki Season. The Hole Story - NFB/interactive - National Film Board of Canada. 13 seconds in August: The 35W bridge collapse. BBC World Service - Click, High-rise's digital life. Klynt Player. Klynt Player. Can you imagine free web hosting service that has 99.9% uptime?

Klynt Player

Too good to be true? No more! Black Friday - Online documentary about 1939 Victorian bushfires.

Sound Ecology - NFB/interactive - National Film Board of Canada. The Jazz Loft Project. Interactive - National Film Board of Canada. Rough Ride - The Oil Patch Tour. USAToday. Healing Histories. The Globe and Mail. OFFSHORE: a creative space between serious games and i-docs. OFFSHORE has just launched their online preview!

OFFSHORE: a creative space between serious games and i-docs

Try it for yourself… it is worth it… OFFSHORE is a web documentary created by Brenda Longfellow, Glenn Richards and Helios Design Labs that explores the dark waters of the global offshore oil industry in the wake of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion. The storytelling takes place within the virtual world of a 3D, imagined oil rig that inhabits the same kind of space King Kong’s Skull Island does: a fog-obscured menacing destination.

From what I have seen OFFSHORE looks as a very well-crafted project. It combines game logic and immersive interface to tackle a serious problem such as offshore oil extraction: its dangers, its economic and ecologic consequences. 13 seconds in August: The 35W bridge collapse. Becoming Human.


Award winning interactive documentary site: Goa Hippy Tribe. The Goa Hippy Tribe project is about people who shared a common space and time on the shores of Goa, India during the 70’s ‘hippy revolution’ and are now re-uniting after more than 30 years via Facebook.

Award winning interactive documentary site: Goa Hippy Tribe

Along with throngs of other western baby boomers’ offspring, Australian filmmaker Darius Devas travelled to Anjuna Beach in 2010. The boomers themselves had been there in the late sixties, when the infamous Goa hippie movement was founded in the Indian beach paradise. A milestone in their self-development, with a lot of rock ‘n’ roll, alcohol, drugs and free love. Forty years later – and half a life older – they meet again, thanks to the Goa community on Facebook. How do they look back on their hippie parties? This Land: Interactive Documentary Reveals Canada’s Harshest Terrain « All My Faves. Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 by Danny Davies Read, click through and listen to the North This Land – Is it an e-book?

This Land: Interactive Documentary Reveals Canada’s Harshest Terrain « All My Faves

Is it an audiobook? Crisis Guide:Pakistan - OVERVIEW.


BeActive’s “Road to Revolution” « beActive. BeActive returns with a new factual transmedia series about 3 journalists who will travel 15.000 kilometers and 10 countries in the Mahgreb & Middle Eastern region, following the path of the Arab Spring.

beActive’s “Road to Revolution” « beActive

Taking off in Turkey’s megacity Istanbul, the “Road to Revolution” is going to cross some of the most tense and effervescent territories on the planet – Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Tiago Carrasco, João Henriques and João Fontes will be determined to find out more about the lifestyle, culture and beliefs in those territories. Two years ago, the same team of journalists embarked in a similar adventure, crossing the African continent by jeep, in 150 days, to arrive in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Produced by beActive with the support of the Portuguese weekly “Sol” and Sportzone, the “Road to Revolution” doc series will feature updated travel videos, twice a week, on an official videoblog and “Sol’s” website.


Jamie Skye Bianco. #18DaysInEgypt. Filmmaker To Create Egypt Documentary Through Social Media. On February 11, Egyptians celebrated in Tahrir Square after Hosni Mubarak stepped down from his role as president.

Filmmaker To Create Egypt Documentary Through Social Media

Jigar Mehta was watching the celebration on television, and he noticed many people in the crowd filming the celebration with their mobile phones. "I thought, crap, if they're recording this, they've probably been recording for the last 18 days," he says about the demonstrators who began protesting January 25. This was a particularly interesting to Mehta, who is a Knight Fellow at Stanford University and former New York Times video journalist currently working on ways to develop what he calls "participatory reporting. " The Latin Grantees Take Manhattan. Wasteland © 2009 - Produced by Bombay Flying Club - Poul Madsen - Brent Foster - Line Wolf Nielsen - Henrik Kastenskov. Flash - Iranian Stories. 4M. THE EUROPEAN UNION AND THE UNTED STATES GLOBAL PARTNERS. 350south. A voir (ou revoir) : le documentaire interactif Soul Patron   Documentary + Game = Independent Transmedia Project called “THE GREAT WORK” “The Greak Work” is a documentary by two Swedish filmmakers, Oskar Östergren & Fredrik Oskarsson (details at the end) about 30-year-old Christer Böke from Malmö, Sweden.

Documentary + Game = Independent Transmedia Project called “THE GREAT WORK”

He has taken one year off from his well-paid job as an IT-salesman to become a full-time Alchemist. The film concerns mankind’s eternal ambition of wealth and immortality and one mans dedicated struggle to solve “The secret of all secrets”.

Cbc news

The guardian. Disputed Waters » Disputed Waters. Departures. Long a neglected part of our city's landscape, the Los Angeles River once defined life in the area.


Before there was a California, or even a United States, the Gabrieleño Indians had a community of over 45 villages dotting the San Fernando Valley and present day Glendale, and the River was their foundation, providing water and a diverse selection of food. In 1769, Spain's Gaspar de Portola "discovered" the river during his explorations, dubbing it El Río de Nuestra Señora La Reina de Los Ángeles de Porciúncula. Project CONNECT Documentary Challenge – The Winners Announced.

Congratulations to ‘Civilian Alliance’ (Nina Wells, Aasta Otnes and Ruth Barton), winners of the Project CONNECT Documentary Challenge. According to Civilian Alliance, the documentary, “shows the preparations and work of the Project CONNECT artists, as well as our own team’s contribution to the exhibition. Using video and photography, the goal of our film is to inspire viewers by showing the enthusiasm that is achieved by creation and the energy felt by presence.”

Using multiple technology platforms, Project CONNECT is a collective transmedia story that engages with the theme of human CONNECTion through creativity, co-creation and public participation. Project CONNECT Documentary challenge participants were asked to creatively document the launch of Project CONNECT on 27 August 2011 in an original way, using any media and any style to highlight the theme of connection. Project CONNECT Documentary Challenge: Civilian Alliance** Becoming Human.


The Great Work. Unspeak. A Film by Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz. The Interrupters (TheInterrupters) sur Twitter. For Want of Water - Topics - Las Vegas Sun. — Interactive by Zach Wise Las Vegas was first settled for its springs, springs that made it an oasis in the desert.

For Want of Water - Topics - Las Vegas Sun

Although those springs have decades since run dry, water is still the most import resource to Las Vegas and the dry Southwest. And by all indications the region is only going to get dryer. Scientists predict devastating effects from global warming, conservationists are calling for a halt to growth in Southern Nevada as a way to preserve supplies and water managers are looking to ever more creative ways to reduce reliance on the overburdened Colorado River. A Colorado River reservoir at Lake Mead is the source of 90 percent of the valley's water supply. Now Southern Nevada water managers say they can no longer rely on the river so heavily, and must construct a massive pipeline to draw water stored underground for centuries in rural Nevada to Las Vegas. A Film & Social Media Project About Health Care. Soul-Patron.

The Prism GR 2010. GROUP: A Documentary Web Series by David Sutcliffe. American Urbex - A Little WebDocumentary About Urban Exploration. On the ground Reporter - Choose your language. North End Interactive. A Documentary. #18DaysInEgypt. Documentary + Game = Independent Transmedia Project called “THE GREAT WORK” Civil War 150 — Interactive Games, Maps and Timelines., webdocumentaires et nouvelles formes de reportage. Grave 5, Row 21, Plot A - Omaha Beach, Normandy. Darfur Is Dying - Play mtvU's Darfur refugee game for change. We Choose the Moon: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing.

Man With the Movie Camera. CAMERAWAR.TV. Mortified: Angst Written. Memoir - The Oral History. CANYONLANDS. Tiziano 360. Location-Based Films.


NYtimes. The Sack. Archive du blog » Cherry Blossoms – When war comes home. Cherry blossoms. An interactive docufragmentary. Can You See Me Now? Along with Botfighters, Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now?

Is one of the first location based games. Online players compete against members of Blast Theory on the streets. Tracked by satellites, Blast Theory's runners appear online next to your player on a map of the city. On the streets, handheld computers showing the positions of online players guide the runners in tracking you down. With up to 100 people playing online at a time, players can exchange tactics and send messages to Blast Theory. Can You See Me Now? How to play Can You See Me Now? As soon as a player registers they must answer the question: “Is there someone you haven’t seen for a long time that you still think of?”. Using your arrow keys you explore the virtual city, all the while trying to avoid the runners. Proximity and distance exist at five levels in the game.

And alongside these small moments, there is a louder and more forceful set of interactions between runners and players based on insults, teasing, goading and humour. And the Oil Spill Commission launch The Gulf Spill guide. A WEB DOCUMENTARY PRODUCED BY BOMBAY FLYING CLUB. Where is Gary? Join the search, find the truth! The Iron Curtain Diaries - 1989 2009. Behind the Veil.

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