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Human Rights

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How To -Tutorials. The White Man In That Photo. By Riccardo Gazzaniga / Sometimes photographs deceive.

The White Man In That Photo

Take this one, for example. The things you can't unsee, and shouldn't. Aylan Kurdi, Drowned Syrian 3-Year-Old, Mourned With Poignant Cartoons Using 'Humanity Washed Ashore' Hashtag. Twitter is so often used to poke fun, to make jokes or be cruel - but today people shared powerful tributes, capturing the world's outrage and sadness at the images of a dead Syrian three-year-old washed up on a beach in Turkey.

Aylan Kurdi, Drowned Syrian 3-Year-Old, Mourned With Poignant Cartoons Using 'Humanity Washed Ashore' Hashtag

The tiny boy pictured lying face down on the shore was named as Aylan Kurdi, who died with his brother Galip and mother Rihan after the family tried to reach Greece on a crowded dingy. He was found by a Turkish policeman in harrowing images, that were shared by Human Rights Watch director Peter Bouckaert and then appeared across Britain's front pages. Aylan Kurdi (left) and his brother Galip (right), who perished Cartoons have been shared using a Turkish hashtag The sight caused an outcry for Britain's politicians to do more to stop the ongoing refugee crisis. The harrowing image of drowned three-year-old boy shows tragedy of refugee crisis. This heartbreaking photo of the tiny body of a refugee boy who died alongside his brother and mother on the perilous journey across the Mediterranean today shocked the world.

The harrowing image of drowned three-year-old boy shows tragedy of refugee crisis

The publication of the photo comes as Labour leader Andrew Little called on Prime Minister John Key to show "moral leadership" and increase New Zealand's refugee quota. "The Prime Minister said it was an act of leadership when he committed $65 million to have 16 military trainers in Iraq, but he has no money for extra help for refugees," Mr Little said. "The flag issue should have been about who we are as a nation. This issue is just that. How Kiwis react to desperate people fleeing terror on the other side of the world is about who we are as a people. It's about who John Key is as a leader. " National is the only party in Parliament that does not support an increase in the annual quota of around 750. READ MORE: Greek model saves drowning refugee Video "The talk from politicians is of invasion, mass migration.

Refugee crisis: Kiwi's first-hand account of trying to help. Kiwi journalist Sophia Duckor-Jones is in Hungary, where the refugee crisis in Europe has come to a head.

Refugee crisis: Kiwi's first-hand account of trying to help

The former Newstalk ZB reporter shares her first-hand account of trying to help some of the migrants. I didn't really know what to expect when I arrived at Keleti station in Budapest. (App users tap here) Even the word refugee was slightly foreign to me. All I knew were that there were thousands of them, holed up at the station. Trapped. I had heard there were about 3000 refugees at the train station, but to me that was just a number. I arrived in Budapest on Monday night local time, for what was supposed to be part of my three month OE. On Wednesday morning I found out what the number 3000 looked like. Families were spread about the platform. I had to help, but I didn't know how.

Migrants or Refugees?

Indian sisters facing rape as dishonour punishment. Two sisters in India were sentenced to be raped as "punishment" for their brother running away with a married woman from a higher caste in the latest caste incident to shock the country.

Indian sisters facing rape as dishonour punishment

Meenakshi Kumari, who is 23, and her sister, 15, would then be paraded naked with their faces blackened through the streets, according to a ruling from the all-male village council. The sisters have petitioned the country's Supreme Court to be protected from the so-called "eye-for-an-eye" ruling from the village council in Uttar Pradesh state, 48km from the capital, New Delhi. The family are from the Dalit caste, historically known as "untouchables". However, the brother fell in love with a woman from the higher Jat caste. The woman was forced into an arranged marriage in February with a man from her own caste despite her relationship, according to Zee news, citing Meenakshi. The 'saddest bride I have ever seen': Child marriage still popular in Bangladesh. Last updated 01:04, August 30 2015.

The 'saddest bride I have ever seen': Child marriage still popular in Bangladesh

Fifty-year-old Saudi divorces child bride. Last updated 09:34 01/05/2009 A 50-year-old Saudi man has agreed to divorce his nine-year-old bride, after the marriage drew international criticism.

Fifty-year-old Saudi divorces child bride

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United Nations: Human Rights

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted on 13 December 2006. UN Photo/Hassan Zakizada UN Bodies General Assembly Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) Documents, press releases, related links. UN Human Rights Council General Assembly resolution establishing the Council, latest news, meetings, events, membership. Thematic Issues Secretary-General's Campaign to End Violence Against Women Framework for action, activities and contacts, statements, resources. International Courts and Tribunals International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Overview, documents, latest news, courtrooms, cases, reports. Other Resources Universal Declaration of Human Rights The full text of the Declaration. Past Conferences. Apartheid Explained.


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