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24 Disgustingly Delicious Photos Of The Heart Attack Grill. Yosemite HD. Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Las Vegas. How to Experience Las Vegas Like a Gentleman. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Joe Weber of

How to Experience Las Vegas Like a Gentleman

First, a word on the word “gentleman.” To some, it sounds a bit snooty. Like some stuck up Victorian-looking fellow who would never get his hands or clothes dirty. But for the purpose of this article, know that the term is really in reference to that large swath of men who want to experience Las Vegas without feeling like they’re an extra in The Hangover. Y’know, the type who’d like to visit Sin City without committing sins so egregious that St. Pay for your trip in advance, in cash. Here’s how it usually goes: “Whoo hooo! Arrive on a Thursday and Leave on a Monday. A Friday arrival / Sunday departure just doesn’t leave you with enough time to relax. Stay in a decent hotel. Men usually skimp on accommodations so they can gamble more. Dress well. And that means bringing a well-tailored suit.

Dressing your best while on vacation also makes it feel more special than it already is. Avoid getting drunk. Know who else to tip. Super Bowl. Spring Break Cancun. Burning Man. Burning Man 2011 - The Man Burns - Photo by Scott London.