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2nd Yosemite visitor dies of rodent-borne illness - Health - Infectious diseases YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. — A second person has died of a rare, rodent-borne disease after visiting one of the most popular parts of Yosemite National Park earlier this summer, and park officials were warning past visitors to be aware of some flu-like aches and symptoms and seek medical help immediately if they appear. Health officials learned this weekend of the second hantavirus death, which killed a person who visited the park in June, spokesman Scott Gediman said in a statement. There was one other confirmed case of the illness, and another is being investigated. Yosemite officials are telling 1,700 past visitors they may have been exposed to rodent-borne disease, which can be carried in the urine, saliva and feces of infected deer mice. All of the at-risk visitors had stayed in the "Signature Tent Cabins" in Yosemite National Park's Curry Village. Of the 587 documented U.S. cases since the virus was identified in 1993, about one-third proved fatal. Related:

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Yosemite hantavirus warning could be expanded to other countries National Park Service officials and public health authorities are considering notifying visitors from other countries about a recent outbreak of hantavirus at Yosemite National Park that has killed two people and sickened at least one other. Earlier this week, park officials emailed some 1,700 visitors who stayed in the "signature tent cabins" in Yosemite's Curry Village between mid-June and late August, said park spokesman Scott Gediman. Letters were sent to visitors whose email addresses were not on record. Dr. If that number is a "sizable population," he said, officials would consider asking the World Health Organization to help broaden the warning beyond the U.S. Officials were also working with the U.S. "The notification is our No. 1 priority," Wong said. Yosemite announced Monday that a third confirmed case of the rare, rodent-borne disease had been linked to the park — resulting in the death of a Pennsylvania man — and a fourth was probable. — Kate Mather

First Things First (9780684802039): Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill, Rebecca R. Merrill: Books Mes photos du parc naturel de Yosemite How Does Your Day Match Up to the National Average? - Ask the Readers - Lifehacker @Lazzzara: And some other odd occurences... - At various times during the day about 1% of people who are unemployed are "working". - Men get up earlier than women. - When people have 1 kid (vs. none), they work more, but when the 2nd kid comes along they work less. - People with advanced degrees work the longest hourse (bang goes the theory that low-paid unskilled workers work harder than the intelligentsia). - Men watch more TV than women. @Lazzzara: I think it's pretty evident by that graph that way too many people put off breakfast. @Lazzzara: Lunch? That's cause they're working.