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Centre urges Supreme Court to stop monitoring 2G spectrum case - The Economic Times. ET Bureau Sep 23, 2011, 02.31am IST NEW DELHI: The Centre has urged the Supreme Court to stop monitoring the 2G spectrum case, as a chargesheet had been filed and the trial court had taken cognisance of the offence.

Centre urges Supreme Court to stop monitoring 2G spectrum case - The Economic Times

However, CBI contended that its investigations in the 2G case was on and it could be monitored by the Supreme Court. CBI counsel KK Venugopal told a bench comprising Justice GS Singhvi and Justice AK Ganguly that investigations into the Essar-Loop issue and former telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran's role in the Aircel-Maxis deal was underway. So there is no difficulty in the SC monitoring the 2G case on these two aspects, said Venugopal. S. 743: Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2011. Order determined by social media popularity Endorsing Organizations DisabledVeterans.org 1,952 Facebook fans 5,964 Twitter followers VA and DoD employees are best positioned to uncover wrongs done by the agencies that impact and harm veterans.

S. 743: Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2011

Stronger legislation protecting whistleblowers is necessary giving the current trend to silence those who speak out. This bill will go a long way toward fixing problems in current retaliatory procedures and make sure taxpayer money is spent in the best ways possible. COMMENTARY: Got a Problem You Want the White House to Fix? E-Petition It! - Saturday, September 10, 2011. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States protects the right of the people to "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

COMMENTARY: Got a Problem You Want the White House to Fix? E-Petition It! - Saturday, September 10, 2011

" When the White House officially launches We the People next month, that constitutional right will be formally brought into the digital age. "When I ran for this office, I pledged to make government more open and accountable to its citizens," President Obama says at WhiteHouse.gov. The Billionaires' Tea Party. In Summer 2009, something stirred in America.

The Billionaires' Tea Party

After Barack Obama and a Democratic congress swept to power promising a new era of hope and change, out of nowhere the emergence of a citizens protest movement called the Tea Party threatened to derail their agenda. Was this uprising the epitome of grassroots democracy? Fundamental Injustice: Voter Suppression Threatens Democracy. Sen.

Fundamental Injustice: Voter Suppression Threatens Democracy

Dick Durbin calls the recent rash of state voter suppression efforts, "a threat to our democracy. " Yesterday he held a hearing on this disturbing trend at which the ACLU submitted a statement for the record. We the People Demand an Immediate End to the Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay Home on Election Day. Especially not girlfriends.

This blog is part of the #HERvotes blog carnival photo from findingdulcinea.com Do you like living in a representative democracy?

Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay Home on Election Day. Especially not girlfriends.

Do you like social safety nets like social security and medicare? How about the right to full reproductive health care including abortion? Or access to health care at all? "We the corporations". Los Angeles City Council Calls for Constitutional Amendment to End Corporate Personhood. We the People: Your Voice in Our Government. When you talk too much for Twitter. Petition to Repeal the Patriot Act : progressive. History of Corporations (United States) When American colonists declared independence from England in 1776, they also freed themselves from control by English corporations that extracted their wealth and dominated trade.

History of Corporations (United States)

After fighting a revolution to end this exploitation, our country’s founders retained a healthy fear of corporate power and wisely limited corporations exclusively to a business role. Corporations were forbidden from attempting to influence elections, public policy, and other realms of civic society. Initially, the privilege of incorporation was granted selectively to enable activities that benefited the public, such as construction of roads or canals. Enabling shareholders to profit was seen as a means to that end. The states also imposed conditions (some of which remain on the books, though unused) like these*: Ideas & Action. All the Presidents’ Bankers is a groundbreaking narrative of how an elite group of men transformed the American economy and government, dictated foreign and domestic policy, and shaped world...

Ideas & Action

April 8, 2014 | Book | McCutcheon v. Free Speech For People. Services The Salsa Client Services team handles all new client set-ups as well as custom projects such as data clean-up, large-scale content and campaign migration, webpage customization and custom reporting.

Free Speech For People

For more services including everything from strategic consulting to development, we have a community of partners ready to help too. Support The folks in support help you be successful in Salsa in a friendly, clear and efficient manner. White House grapples with a flood of online petitions. Corporate Personhood-Demeaning Our Bill of Rights - Reclaim Democracy.org. Contents Introduction to Corporate Personhood Our Bill of Rights was the result of tremendous efforts to institutionalize and protect the rights of human beings.

Corporate Personhood-Demeaning Our Bill of Rights - Reclaim Democracy.org

It strengthened the premise of our Constitution: that the people are the root of all power and authority for government. This vision has made our Constitution and government a model emulated in many nations. Tell the SEC: Revoke Standard and Poor’s Ratings Authority. It seemed like S&P was never going to be held accountable for their actions. But after a months-long investigation, the SEC has declared that they may soon take action against S&P for their misleading mortgage ratings in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis. Reports indicate the SEC just issued a Wells Note indicating they were weighing ‘civil action’ against S&P — but that could amount to a pittance of a fine compared to the enormous profits reaped by S&P’s misdeeds. Hundreds of protesters have taken to lower Manhattan as part of Occupy Wall Street to protest the financial sector’s abuse of the middle and lower classes.

Pushing the SEC to revoke S&P’s credit rating authority would be a major step forward in the fight to rein in Wall Street greed. Personhood_timeline. Investigate and Enforce Ethics on the Supreme Court! September 29, 2011 James C. Duff Secretary to the Judicial Conference of the United States Administrative Office of the United States Courts, Suite 2-301 One Columbus Circle, N.E.

Washington, DC 20544 Dear Mr. Duff: Contacting the Congress: A Citizen's Congressional Directory. Wealth for the Common Good. Urge Congress To Reject The PROTECT IP Act. Urge Congress To Reject The PROTECT IP Act Disgusting. Check out this ad the Recording Industry Association, the Motion Picture Association, and others just took out as they try to push their Internet censorship legislation: They think their customers should be treated like criminal suspects. Under the Internet Blacklist Bill -- S.968, formally called the PROTECT IP Act -- the Department of Justice would force search engines, browsers, and service providers to block users' access to websites that have been accused of copyright infringement -- without even giving them a day in court. We need to rally more opposition to this bill -- please use the form at right to email your lawmakers, and use these links to share the video and petition with your friends:

Patriotic Millionaires For Fiscal Strength. COMMENTARY: Got a Problem You Want the White House to Fix? E-Petition It! - Alexander Howard. Infographic: Executive Excess. Get Money Out. Ohioans Rise Up to Stop Voter Suppression Bill. Pundits, politicians, and publicists all agree: Ohio is crucial to any national election. And this year, Ohio is just one of many states that has had to grapple with legislators’ attempts to restrict voting rights. In 2011, state legislatures across the country considered, and ultimately passed, a range of voter suppression legislation, including photo ID and proof of citizenship requirements, cuts to early and absentee voting, and more. Luckily, Ohio may offer a glimmer of hope for those of us fighting to safeguard voting rights. Popvox connects advocacy groups, public to Congress. Choudhry, then a federal lobbyist, took the opportunity to lament that poor communication from Congress stifles advocates.

Harris, then a congressional staffer, shot back that their offices are inundated with often-dubious correspondence. The pair now make up two of the three minds behind Popvox. "Pass the bill" and put folks back to work! Developing an Integrated Strategic Counterterrorism Communications Initiative. Beta. Investigate the Bush administration for war crimes. 106 millionaires say, Let tax cuts expire for millionaires. Contribute now to Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen) Jan Edwards and Molly Morgan: Abolish Corporate Personhood. COMMENTARY: Got a Problem You Want the White House to Fix? E-Petition It! - Alexander Howard.

Ilya Sheyman — Progressive Leader. Black Net Freedom. Senators Home. Take Action - Common Cause. 2012 Election Protection Project.