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I am still a newcomer to the films of Ousmane Sembène, but even with my limited experience, it is clear that his cinema is an intensely political one; colonialism, race, corruption, and religion surface time and time again as Sembène’s observational style remains consistent. Most recently I watched Mandabi (the other two I have seen are Black Girl and Xala), and it is no exception. At first, it’s somewhat comical; when Ibrahim (Makhouredia Gueye) receives a money order from his nephew in the amount of 25,000 francs, his two wives (Ynousse N’Diaye and Isseu Nieng) began to buy things on credit (that is, the honor system) in anticipation of a payday. Whenever Ibrahim thinks he has his hands on the money, he goes through the familiar nightmare of being re-directed from office to office so he can acquire the proper documentation. Mandabi (Ousmane Sembène, 1968) | Forrest In Focus: Critical Film Reviews Mandabi (Ousmane Sembène, 1968) | Forrest In Focus: Critical Film Reviews
Leadership and National Development: The Missing Link, By Nuhu Ribadu Leadership and National Development: The Missing Link, By Nuhu Ribadu Nuhu Ribadu Mr. Ribadu suggests the changes Nigeria needs as it charts the way for the future.
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A DIFFERENT NUANCE FROM THE STATUS QUO If...citizens believe they will not be protected from retributive violence, their willingness to participate with authorities will be understandably reduced….brian jackson Nigerians and even non-Nigerians woke up to a startling and unpleasant Pre-independence package on the 23rd of september 2013.An unfortunate boat mishap which claimed over 100 lives with some still missing. while we were deeply engrossed in the emotional thrall of this sad occurrence, the sudden news of the students callously murdered in their sleep by Boko Haram terrorists beamed across the print and electronic media to worldwide indignation and grief.At the last count we had lost more than 50 students,i will neither go into further recorded and confirmed casualties of Boko Haram terrorist attacks both after this and before. President Goodluck Jonathan's media chat was intended as an avenue to mount a defence of his Government s scorecard in the 2 years plus he attained the A DIFFERENT NUANCE FROM THE STATUS QUO
Saki Mafundikwa: Ingenuity and elegance in ancient African alphabets

Google blimps will carry wireless signal across Africa Search giant Google is intending to build huge wireless networks across Africa and Asia, using high-altitude balloons and blimps. The company is intending to finance, build and help operate networks from sub-Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia, with the aim of connecting around a billion people to the web. To help enable the campaign, Google has been putting together an ecosystem of low-cost smartphones running Android on low-power microprocessors. Rather than traditional infrastructure, Google's signal will be carried by high-altitude platforms - balloons and blimps - that can transmit to areas of hundreds of square kilometres. Google has also considered using satellites to achieve the same goal. "There's not going to be one technology that will be the silver bullet," an unnamed source told the Wall St Journal. Google blimps will carry wireless signal across Africa
Centre for African Studies Basel: Macamo Elísio Macamo is Tenure Track Assistant Professor of African Studies at the University of Basel (since October 2009). Previously, he taught development sociology at the University of Bayreuth, where he was a founding member of the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies. He was born and grew up in Mozambique. Centre for African Studies Basel: Macamo
The Colour Of Life Driven by the force of love the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being. Welcome to the Colour of Life, a multifaceted organisation that fuses creativity and enjoyment with cultural and social awareness and understanding of African culture. The Colour of Life is your gateway to cross cultural exchange and creativity between Africa and the Diaspora. Do enjoy the site and let us know what you think. The Colour Of Life
The TRUE Size Of Africa - An Erroneous Map Misled Us For 500 Years! Although featured in 'The West Wing', this map dishonesty is anything but fictional. The video below will give you an accurate look at the size of Africa. People are often not aware of how large Africa continent really is. The image below is an accurate look at Africa relative to some major countries: The TRUE Size Of Africa - An Erroneous Map Misled Us For 500 Years!
22 March 2013Last updated at 16:58 GMT Bilkisu Labaran, from the BBC's Focus on Africa programme, talks about the influence of Chinua Achebe Renowned Nigerian author Chinua Achebe has died at the age of 82 after a brief illness. A statement from his family said his "wisdom and courage" were an "inspiration to all who knew him". One of Africa's best known authors, his 1958 debut novel Things Fall Apart, which dealt with the impact of colonialism in Africa, has sold more than 10 million copies. He had been living in the US since 1990 following injuries from a car crash. Nigerian author Chinua Achebe dies Nigerian author Chinua Achebe dies
Electricity comes to an impoverished Mozambican island | Anya Schiffrin Electricity comes to an impoverished Mozambican island | Anya Schiffrin Antiquated electricity generator on island of Ibo, Mozambique On a recent visit to the remote Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique, we were struck by the island’s stunning views and the soft white-sand beaches, the mangrove swamps and the wooden dhows that have plied in the Indian Ocean for decades. Beautiful though it is, the island is poor, and few people live there. The island has been abandoned many times throughout history, and cries out for more development and for businesses to come and turn the crumbling colonial-era buildings into boutique hotels, cafés and craft shops. Some are optimistic that recently discovered energy reserves will boost the island’s fortunes, but our timing was perfect to witness a smaller revolution: the arrival this spring of electricity.
Project Coordinator's Letter Dear Sir/Madam, I am hereby delighted to introduce Kisumu Kanyakwar Women Group. We are a Kenyan Women Group and our mission is to cultivate self-reliance in Kisumu, Kenya by empowering disadvantaged rural and informal settlement communities through initiation of fundamental and sustainable socio-economic and environmental interventions for improvement of their livelihoods and general welfare. The group was founded after the 2008 national elections in Kenya. Kisumu Kanyakwar Women Group Kisumu Kanyakwar Women Group
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Africa Gathering — Africa Gathering draws inspiration from the traditional, symbolic African Baobab tree: the place where people can gather to share knowledge, exchange ideas and learn from each other. Under AG’s tree all speaks openly, from activators to innovators, from artists to technologists. Under our tree we celebrate the change-makers and their work, we connect them to like-minded people, we share their passion for a positive Africa.More
Home <!-- img output --><div class="rotate float-left" style="width: 300px"><h2><a href="/view/photoessay/post/post/id/201401090001.html"> Cultural Revival in Cote d'Ivoire </a></h2><a href="/view/photoessay/post/post/id/201401090001.html"><img src="/download/pic/main/main/csiid/00261421:7e9c591e5700cc12d0ae477a4fc67f24:arc4x3:w300:us1.png" width="300" height="225" /></a><p class="credit">Photo: <a href="" target="_blank"> Hermann Mobio Apohi/Abidjan Live News </a></p></div> <!
Posted by seunfakze in Uncategorized. trackback An Open Letter to African Academics, Scholars and Intellectuals Dear Colleagues, Upon reviewing the current upheavals in North Africa and elsewhere on the continent, I felt it is necessary for us – African academics, scholars and intellectuals – to take stock and a fresh look at ourselves: What role have we played in advancing the cause of liberty and improving governance in post colonial Africa. Our record is not very good. WE LET AFRICA DOWN BADLY by Prof George N. Ayittey « A New Nigeria
To Our Faithful Users: Current's run has ended after eight exciting years on air and online. The Current TV staff has appreciated your interest, support, participation and unflagging loyalty over the years. Your contributions helped make a vibrant place for discussing thousands of interesting stories, and your continued viewership motivated us to keep innovating and find new ways to reflect the voice of the people. Vanguard Update: Finding "Chinatown, Africa" in Uganda
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a.k.a. DJ Badly - ILLEGAL GATHERINGS : Play and the Durban Alternative Scene (c. 1990) Play was an “alternative” nightclub in my hometown Durban. For a few years around 1990, it was the headquarters for the Durban alternative party movement - a collective of freaks, geeks and revolutionaries. At the club’s helm was multi-disciplinary artist, DJ and all-round alternative Durban legend, Helge Janssen. Helge Janssen (1982) Play was “alternative” at a time when “zol” was a class A drug, Mandela was ‘n terroris, Boetie was op Manoeuvres, and long hair on men was frowned upon - unless fashioned as a moustache.
VIDEO: #OCCUPYNIGERIA "I am ready to die" Nigerian Protester To Police
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