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Linguee – Dictionary for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English. Deutsch_und_mehr. Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - treffpunkt sprachen - Zentrum für Sprache, Plurilingualismus und Fachdidaktik. Deutsch in Graz [dig] German For Beginners - A Free Online German Course. Berlitz - Today Berlitz - Tomorrow the world. ABA-Invest in Austria. German-English dictionary. Knowing in German — wissen vs. kennen « Marathon Sprachen : Understanding German. One of the things that has made English such a powerful language is it’s simplicity.

Knowing in German — wissen vs. kennen « Marathon Sprachen : Understanding German

Many words carry numerous meanings, which allows English speakers to convey numerous ideas with very few words. German on the other hand goes for precision and a broader vocabulary is demanded. If we look at the English verb “to know” we see a great example of this. We can use “to know” to imply things that have been cognitively understood, people places and things that we are familiar with and established facts. Here is a little quiz: wissen or kennen? Learn German Online for Free at Vokaboly - Vokabeltrainer Englisch. Die Maennerseiten - Wo ein Mann noch ein Mann sein darf! How to learn German at home - A1 level - Toytown Germany. Well,my mother tongue is Chinese and English is my second language.

How to learn German at home - A1 level - Toytown Germany

I also recommend Schritte Plus till A2/2. For higher level, B1/1 or more, you may need someone to explain the grammar concept. Yes, there is no translation between English and German. Free online translation, dictionary. German Language. German-English dictionary - translation - Why participate?

German-English dictionary - translation -

You can join in the fun on and help us make the German-English dictionary the best and biggest online dictionary in the world. New ways of interpreting words in German or translating German phrases to English develop continually. Also, a German to English translation can vary depending on if it is a technical or scientific translation and which field it pertains to. This is why the dictionaries contain multiple translations. We need your help to add the latest German to English translations to the German dictionary. Learn German podcast: German phrases, slang words, sayings and idioms.

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