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Sexism in Advertisement

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Les 5 publicités les plus sexistes de ces 5 dernières années. Violence Against Women Disguised as 'Fashion' The “Sexy Black Eye” and Its Ugly Relatives (Trigger Warning) Sociologist Michael Kimmel and a reader named L.A. sent along a link to a fashion spread on a Bulgarian magazine’s website.

The “Sexy Black Eye” and Its Ugly Relatives (Trigger Warning)

It’s another example of the glamorization and sexualization of violence against women. Titled, “Victim of Beauty,” the featured photographs have absolutely nothing to offer, short of showing beautiful women who appear to have been beaten, cut, strangled, and burned. Manipulated Women And High Fashion. By Lisa Wade, PhD, Apr 22, 2012, at 11:28 am I was inspired by the blog I Hurt I Am In Fashion to revive this 2008 post. This New York Times fashion slide show offers image after image demonstrating our society’s bizarre infatuation with posing women looking awkward, even deformed, frightened, compromised, uncomfortable, even in pain. I am unsure what to make, particularly, of the interest in images in which women are in dirty and uncomfortable, even painful, places and positions (see the “Maiden Voyage” spread with women in the shipyard in the NYT slide show linked to above).

Do we hate women that much? Or is it about something else (also)? Fashion Meets the Gulf Oil Spill. By Lisa Wade, PhD, Jul 5, 2010, at 10:29 am Fluid hair salon released this ad to let people know that it is donating all clipped hair to the oil recovery efforts in the Gulf: The ad is a perfect example of the way in which entirely-unrelated messages get inexplicably translated into half-naked women looking uncomfortable. The Fear and Suffering of Women as a Sexual Turn-On. According to Jezebel, Pirelli is a tire company that produces a prestigious calendar that cannot be bought, but is handed out to clients and celebrities. This year it is almost as if those behind the calendar think that people get turned on by seeing women in dangerous, dirty, uncomfortable, and disgusting sitations.

Oh, and then there’s the gang rape simulation. In addition to that, it features an image with a woman getting her hand amputated with a chainsaw; the appropriation of the “primitive” and the exploitation of a (presmably not fake, but could be fake) indigenous population; the posing of models with dead animals; simulated animal attacks; the by-now-yawn-inducing creepy-crawly-on-your-face pose; naked women covered in filth; and more that I cannot even begin to describe. Images after the jump. They are not safe for work. Dead-Looking Women, High Fashion, Blah Blah Blah (Trigger Warning) Ok, I get it. I really get it that “fashion” has to be “edgy” and so they sometimes “cross the line” in order to be “cutting edge.”

See all those quotation marks? Dead-Looking Women in Fashion Imagery (Possibly NSFW) We posted multiple times about images in which women appear brutalized, threatened, or dead: the Lady Gaga video, a Rene Russo photo shoot, the Pirelli calendar, a NYT fashion slideshow, and the “America’s Next Top Model” murdered women photos, for instance. Jamy B. sent in a set of ads Lanvin is rolling out this fall. They draw on a previous Lanvin campaign for a perfume called My Sin: Here are the new versions: On Not Giving “Fashion” a Pass (Trigger Warning) This seems like a good time to reiterate a simple truth: It can be art/fashion/satire/cutting edge etc. and… and and and it can be offensive, trivializing, and triggering. Eight readers sent in links to an ad for a hair salon called Fluid. The salon, which has a history of using “shocking” ads (like this one after the Gulf oil spill), is attracting criticism for an ad featuring a woman being offered jewelry by a man; she appears to have a black eye.

Six more sent in a link to a Glee star, Heather Morris, in a photoshoot by Tyler Shields, also with a black eye. Images after the jump (trigger warning): Responding to the criticism, Fluid said it was being “cutting-edge,” “satirical,” “high fashion,” and “editorial,” and “artistic.” Thanks to Eric S., Kristina V., YetAnotherGirl, Dave S., Caitlin R., @CreativeTweets, Meghan H., Dave S., Judith B., Olivia G., Alexis W., Theresa W., and an anonymous reader for the tips!

More Sexualized Violence in Fashion (NSFW; Trigger Warning) Crossposted at Jezebel. Anyone who pays much attention to the fashion world will have noticed fashion photographers have an ongoing obsession with images of women looking dead. These images are often sexualized, with the models in various states of undress, in lingerie, or lying in provocative poses. The effect is to present violence as sexy. Hardly a month goes by that we don’t find a new example. Here are some recent ones. Power, Sex, and Shoelaces. By Lisa Wade, PhD, Sep 24, 2009, at 10:20 am Max shoes advertises its sturdy laces with sexualized and racialized violence in this Swiss ad: NEW! Penny R. sent in these ads for Bisazza tiles. The most beautiful suicide. On May 1, 1947, Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

The most beautiful suicide

Photographer Robert Wiles took a photo of McHale a few minutes after her death. The photo ran a couple of weeks later in Life magazine accompanied by the following caption: Violence Against Women: Still Fashionable. By Lisa Wade, PhD, Jul 26, 2009, at 10:10 am These displays, featuring mannequins posed as if they are being attacked by an invisible assailant, could be seen in the windows at Barneys New York this week: They were disassembled when shoppers complained. Gendered Marketing Really Gets on My Tits. Update: A version of this post also appeared here in the Independent As we all know, life as a women is spent mostly worrying about being bloated, and shoving endless tubs of yoghurt into our faces in an effort to remove said bloat.

Gendered Marketing Really Gets on My Tits

Women bloody love yoghurt. Other things women bloody love: salad, ryvita, muesli. The only things that make our banal existence worthwhile are grabbing a glass of chardonnay with The Girls, and that secret bar of Galaxy chocolate we’ve got stashed away in our secret hiding place. You know, the one we like to take out & felate from time to time. Chocofelatio But sometimes I think advertising marketed at men is even more patronising than advertising marketed at women. (I think my favourite product name for Gillette razors has to be the Gilette Fusion Power Phantom.

The most hilariously over-the-top version of man-marketing is on products “traditionally” seen as appealing to women. Here’s the blurb for the exfoliating scrub: [French] Mais vous voyez du sexisme partout! « Les Martiennes-Mozilla Firefox. [French] Genre et publicité. La bière, une histoire d'hommes… Creating a relationship between alcohol, sex, and the commodification of the female body is very dangerous.

[French] Genre et publicité

These ads take sexualization to a new level when they literally turn a woman’s body into a bottle of beer for a man’s consumption. As if my body being associated with a product for sale were not bad enough, let’s add booze into the mix. Even if I were able to overcome the idea that my body is not a bottle of alcohol to be consumed by men, other drunken individuals are still seeing me this way.It’s time to take a more serious look at sexual assault on college campuses, and maybe the place to start is by looking at the media’s influence. We cannot keep allowing girls and boys to internalize and normalize the images that we see in alcohol advertisements. [French] Malaise dans la pub (1): comment vendre une voiture. Vous trouverez dans la rubrique "Ressources" une page consacrée aux publicités sexistes.

[French] Malaise dans la pub (1): comment vendre une voiture

Dans cette série d’articles, je me propose d’interroger les codes utilisés par les publicitaires pour représenter les femmes et les hommes. Je ne pars pas du principe que ces publicités sont sexistes: je laisse cette conclusion à votre appréciation personnelle. Dans la série "le monde fantasmé de la pub": il est assez rare, dans une publicité, de voir une femme conduire une voiture. Malaise dans la pub (2): eh, les mecs, on vous prend pour des cons. Quand on envisage la publicité du point de vue du genre, on pense d’abord (seulement?)

Malaise dans la pub (2): eh, les mecs, on vous prend pour des cons

À la représentation des femmes et au sexisme qu’elle véhicule souvent. Malaise dans la pub (3): Hétéro, I presume? J’ai dérogé pour la première fois à ma règle de publication hebdomadaire… J’essaie de sortir la tête de l’eau pour me rattraper.

Malaise dans la pub (3): Hétéro, I presume?

Et puis je te dois des remerciements, lecteur/rice: ce blog totalise maintenant plus de 5500 visites depuis fin septembre, et pour une débutante comme moi, ça fait chaud au coeur :) J’ai parlé dans les deux premiers posts de la série "Malaise dans la pub" de la représentation des femmes dans les publicités pour voitures et de l’image des hommes qui sous-tend ces publicités: machos, amoureux de leurs bagnoles, objectifiant les femmes. Cette représentation stéréotypée se retrouve explicitement dans des publicités destinées à un public masculin. Il me semble que l’on parle beaucoup de l’image des femmes véhiculée à travers la publicité (même si ce n’est pas assez, et que les choses ne changent pas, au contraire). Malaise dans la pub (4): ce qu’est une “vraie femme” On le sait, mais il faut le dire et le répéter, et puis cela fait du bien de l’entendre: la plupart des femmes dans la publicité ne sont pas de "vraies femmes".

Retro Sexism and Uber Ironic Advertising. Toy Ads and Learning Gender - YouTube-Mozilla Firefox. Friends - The Beauty of Building - Games. Crêpe Georgette-Mozilla Firefox. LEGO & Gender Part 1 - YouTube-Mozilla Firefox. The LEGO Boys Club - Lego & Gender Part 2 - YouTube-Mozilla Firefox. Miss Representation Extended Trailer - YouTube-Mozilla Firefox. Killing Us Softly 3- Advertising's Image of Women - YouTube-Mozilla Firefox. WOMEN'S BODIES - - Subtitled english version of "Il Corpo delle Donne" - YouTube-Mozilla Firefox.

[French] [Les chiennes de garde]-Mozilla Firefox. [French] Les 400 culs: L'érotisme c'est du sexisme ?-Mozilla Firefox. Sous prétexte que ces publicités sont sexistes, beaucoup de féministes hurlent au loup dès qu'une mannequin lingerie montre un bout de téton ou que, pour vendre du chocolat, une femme à l'air chaviré entr'ouvre une bouche luisante de salive…

[French] Les 400 culs: L'érotisme c'est du sexisme ?-Mozilla Firefox

Sexualizing And Gendering Food » Sociological Images-Mozilla Firefox. In her now-classic books The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat, Carol Adams analyzes similarities in the presentation of meat products (or the animals they come from) and women’s bodies.

Sexualizing And Gendering Food » Sociological Images-Mozilla Firefox

She particularly draws attention to sexualized fragmentation–the presentation of body parts of animals in ways similar to sexualized poses of women–and what she terms “anthropornography,” or connecting the eating of animals to the sex industry. For an example of anthropornography, Adams presents this “turkey hooker” cooking utensil: Adams also discusses the conflation of meat/animals and women–while women are often treated as “pieces of meat,” meat products are often posed in sexualized ways or in clothing associated with women. The next eleven images come from Adams’s website: Editor’s note: There are SO MANY examples in this post, we’ve decided to put them after the jump. [French] Sexiste et aguicheuse, la nouvelle pub pour le Jura ? - societe - Elle-Mozilla Firefox. [French] Pub pour le Jura : le comité se défend de tout sexisme - societe - Elle-Mozilla Firefox.

[French] Les pin-up de Ryanair ne feront plus vendre - Le Nouvel Observateur-Mozilla Firefox. Des filles en sous-vêtements, regard aguicheur et posture explicite comme argument de vente.

[French] Les pin-up de Ryanair ne feront plus vendre - Le Nouvel Observateur-Mozilla Firefox

La technique marketing est criante d'originalité. Is Libra Tampon Commercial Transphobic? - YouTube-Mozilla Firefox. [French] Les femmes-objets de M&C Saatchi UK.