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Sexism? What sexism?

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Joystick : apologie du viol et culture du machisme. Retour de Mar_Lard, pour un coup de gueule contre Joystick, un magazine de référence sur les jeux vidéo.

Joystick : apologie du viol et culture du machisme

(TRIGGER WARNING : Cet article contient des références explicites au viol et aux agressions sexuelles.) EDIT: le magazine Joystick a publié une réponse sur sa page Facebook. Laissez-moi vous conter une histoire. Hier, alors qu’en route pour visiter sa Mère-Grand elle attendait innocemment son train, la douce et pure @NeukdeSogoul s’aventura dans la forêt obscure du kiosque à journaux. Au lieu de se diriger immédiatement vers le rayon Féminins comme une bonne petite fille, elle s’est égarée du coté des magazines de jeux vidéo, la vilaine.

Et elle fut édifiée. Comme elle sait que je kiffe la misogynie et encore plus dans mes jeux vidéo, elle m’a signalé le dossier en question. Donc on va en parler. Non, aujourd’hui on cause du climat toxique soigneusement perpétué par l’industrie, la presse et les communautés du jeu vidéo pour exclure nos vagins crados de leur joyeux petit club macho. Comments Aren’t Disabled: Here’s What People Are Saying About Tropes vs Women. This is going to be awful to read.

Comments Aren’t Disabled: Here’s What People Are Saying About Tropes vs Women

If you’re sensitive to anything within the scope of harassment toward women, be aware most of this will be agonising. Anita Sarkeesian is known for her video series Feminist Frequency. We’ve all heard of it because it has been essentially impossible to not. She attempted to get funding for a video series based around female representation in games called Tropes vs Women. The Kickstarter asked for $6,000 to receive funding. The first video was released yesterday.

When this series was first announced she received assorted threats of every variety. We’ve decided to collect together many of these views for posterity and a suggestion of why she might have been wise to do so. 2pacalypsenow: Dumb feminists. women like men to be protective of them its normal and not sexists,And its not a bad thing Men and women are 2 different things stop trying to be treated equal! Men will always be the stronger Dominant one. Yeahokchief: ShaunCameron: SageHonor: I hate feminist. One woman’s battle against the anxious masculinity of the fighting-games scene - Videogames. You can't get real Street Fighter skills if you play by yourself.

One woman’s battle against the anxious masculinity of the fighting-games scene - Videogames

Same goes for Marvel vs. Capcom, or Mortal Kombat, or any fighting game. You have to leave your house. You have to lose, hundreds of times, to better players. You have to learn why they win before you can do the same. Arcades are dead, but the fighting-games community has straggled on without them, via gaming meet-ups in stores, bars, and basements. I first went to a fight night at a store in Framingham called Game Underground a couple of years ago. GU still hosts fight nights every Tuesday and Friday night, so I go back on a recent Friday. "It's five dollars, right? " He pauses. No, for tampons. Fat, Ugly or Slutty. "RapeLay" Ahhhh yesteryear!


When I fire up a modern game on a modern console or PC I am often struck with nostalgia. I recall the joys I once experienced, hunched over my Atari 2600, entranced by the vaguely human shapes moving around the screen and throwing dots at each other. I can't help but look at the roaring demonoids and wailing 5.1 surround drop ships and bounding Pinatas and marvel at how far videogames have come, but there is the nagging suspicion that those simpler games and simpler times were in most ways better. Eating prostitutes with a crowbar in Vice City is great fun, to be sure, but does it still have that same innocent wonder to it as chowing down on power pellets and blue ghosts?

In the immortal words of Eleanor Roosevelt, "So, too, go the rape games". RapeLay is in every way a wonder of technology. It was a simpler time. Praise the Lord! You begin by stalking Yuuko in a subway station as she waits for the train. Finally, there is wee Manaka Kiryuu.